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March 05, 2021, 12:17:58 am

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Author Topic: Floating One-On-One INTEREST CHECK: horror, magic, sex, good stuff!  (Read 887 times)

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Offline AmandaWhoTopic starter

EDIT: A story has been landed upon, so this interest check is now closed.

I got ideas in my head, too many ideas, so I'll just dump them out on the page here like tipping a plate of spaghetti and see where the meatballs land. This is an interest check, so please feel free to post in this thread your thoughts on any of these ideas, if they appeal to you, and what your take on it might be. I don't have oodles of time, so I'm just looking to start one game. I just can't decide what yet ... damnit ... so I'm hoping someone inspires me and you get inspired as well, and then we make magic together!

So, story ideas/fragments/whatnot:

• Dark, evil, horrific Jumangi: This is one of my faves, taking the concept of the movie Jumangi and playing it out here. My version of the game usually involves horrific and sexual things happening. Maybe we're a couple of people playing it during a cruise (which could draw in everyone on board), or a brother/sister playing it, etc. The game could be populated with NPCs to provide extra characters (i.e., victims). When I do this, me and my writing partner will come up with a list of possible outcomes each turn, and then when a turn is taken a random outcome is generated. Great fun!

• Hey, who's that?!: Your character is a voyeur who loves watching the girl next door get undressed at night. Perv. You don't think of yourself as a creeper, because you've never done this before, but ohhhh goodness, she's a hotty! One night while watching, you realize there is someone else in her house. Someone who should not be there. This is a moral choices story, where you decide what to do about the girl and the intruder. I would likely toss an NPC or two into this, but the ultimate outcome would be uncertain.

• Hell's Law Firm: You are a lawyer in a prestigious law firm. You are hard driving, willing to do anything to get to the top, like everyone in the firm. Thing is, this firm uses black magic to achieve its results, and the top partner, the enigmatic Mr. B, only wants the best to make partner. You are in competition for one of the coveted partner's position's with another lawyer in the firm, a tough woman who is your equal in every way. Both of you must employ black magic in an attempt to ruin/kill/incapacitate the other. The last one standing wins. This would be a semi-system game in the sense I would incorporate some dice rolling to determine success for fairness sake. This is urban, modern magic, mostly along the line of curses. Each character comes up with curses and machinations for the other, while concocting magical defenses for themselves, and then we role-play out the results. We would do this in rounds until one, or both, of the lawyers fail to survive the round, in which case the other wins.

Ok, those are all my ideas for now. If any of this piques your interest, lemme know below (please do not PM me, I want to gauge interest first before running with a game). We can discuss these ideas here until me and one of y'all go "Aha, that is fucking fantastic!" then we play :)
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Offline ShimapanMan

Re: Floating One-On-One INTEREST CHECK: horror, magic, sex, good stuff!
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2016, 05:38:03 pm »
Hello there, I was hoping to discuss your "Hey, Who's That?!" idea. For my spin, I'm imagining there would be someone who snuck in, noticing she left her door unlocked, or even knowing where her spare key was hidden outside. The man wouldn't be your ordinary burglar, instead being a 'friend' from work, a guy who's had a crush on her that she refuses to reciprocate. He has the plan of raping her, and my character would watch for a bit. Only a family member or significant other would know where the key was, after all. However, after seeing him start to pin her to the bed, he knows the truth, and hurries over without thinking of the consequences.

Offline AmandaWhoTopic starter

Re: Floating One-On-One INTEREST CHECK: horror, magic, sex, good stuff!
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2016, 10:50:07 pm »
I like that idea, of the intruder being someone other than a straight up burglar. I would think that would increase the confusion and moral ambiguity of the situation for the observer, until it becomes clear what is really happening.

Ok, good twist on that idea!

Offline ShimapanMan

Re: Floating One-On-One INTEREST CHECK: horror, magic, sex, good stuff!
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2016, 11:51:00 pm »
I'm glad to hear that you like it. :) Do you have anything you'd like to add?

Offline AmandaWhoTopic starter

Re: Floating One-On-One INTEREST CHECK: horror, magic, sex, good stuff!
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2016, 03:52:09 pm »
Just that I like the setup, but I don't want it to be too scripted where we know the whole thing ahead of time. Right now, that whole scenario seems pretty simple and straightforward, so I think it needs some hidden curve balls and twists. That kind of thing could be developed in-game, but I wanted to throw that out there now so it doesn't look as though we are setting up a story outline to follow.

A couple of directions this could go:

• He rushes to the house to help her, only to be stopped by the man who has a gun, and coerces him into aiding him.
• This turns into a "hunt in the house" kind of thing, with your character and the girl trying to escape from a madman.
• The intruder could be more nefarious, perhaps a mobster here to collect a debt. He may also have friends who show up after your character enters the house.
• Maybe your guy rushes to the house, but pauses at the bedroom door, enjoying watching what is going on and hesitating on whether to intervene.

I'm just brainstorming ideas to think of places where the story could go after your guy shows up.

What is the appeal of this story to you?

Offline ShimapanMan

Re: Floating One-On-One INTEREST CHECK: horror, magic, sex, good stuff!
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2016, 05:13:59 pm »
I agree. I think a definite end point would be nice, like would they end up together or otherwise.

I will say I enjoy all four of those ideas, preferring the first and last. I like the idea of him getting close, maybe sneaking in and about to pounce the guy, when he pulls the gun.

I would like at some point during the story for her to find out that my character was watching her, whether she ends up thinking it's sexy to have a perv being watching her or not is up to you.

The appeal to me is, as we've noticed, just how varied the story can get. I'm also like that it's not just a typical 'voyeur with girl next door' idea. That ends up with one focus, but this could go anyway. Having the intruder be a coworker, or even her boss, gives so many options. Do they somehow turn the tables and get him arrested, and if they do, is it before or after the damage is done?