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Started by Alive Until Dead, September 13, 2016, 10:37:31 PM

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Alive Until Dead

ONE-OFF/SPECIAL REQUEST- Tarzan-like character!
** If you're ALREADY playing with me, and are cool picking up another story/plot with me, specifically this one, let me know!!
** If you're NOT YET playing with me, and want to, please check out my O/O before contacting me, and not a bad idea to review my Recent Posts.  ;D

So... I recently watched the 2016 movie "The Legend of Tarzan" and I wouldn't necessarily give it 5 stars, there was one scene in particular that really tripped my trigger in so many ways. Plus, I did like his portrayal of a somewhat civilized jungle man, so, yeah. Below is a GIF I made to show the scene the best I could; it doesn't actually match the movie sequence but you get the idea. With it, is a bullet point list of what I liked most about the wild-man portrayal, and other tid-bits because I'd love to find someone who'd like to play such a character and cook up a scenario to suit! Yes, totally willing to customize a female for the right player!!!

  • The GIF represents a time shortly after their first encounter, and the part I didn't get, was her running through the jungle, tripping and falling, about to be beaten by a Gorilla! As you see, the Tarzan character swoops in over her, to take the beating for her, thus, protecting her in a super intimate and unmistakable way.
  • Yes, to be clear, I'm hoping to cook up a plot with this kind of thing (her impending beat-down by local wildlife, and his saving her thusly) as the opening scene and first face-to-face of our characters-- though it can be whatever animal/alien we may choose, and we'll certainly write our own script so to speak.
  • Whether or not he's naked (as suggested in the movie) makes no difference to me, or longhair/short hair, because the sexiness, to me, is all in the lack of hesitation, brute strength/endurance to take said beating without squashing her, and of course the noteworthy protectiveness/animalistic claim potential.
  • Overall, I also LOVED the way he'd walk up behind her and tip his forehead into the back of hers-- super hot to me. I'm a big fan of the primal instincts and tendencies, and that intelligent yet border-line savage awareness, mixed with enough humanity to pass as "civilized."
  • I also liked that he had seen human females/women before, even if he never engaged one until her, so feel free to play up on that, or as far on the spectrum as her being the first human female/woman he's ever seen if that arouses you.  ;)
  • Plotwise, my initial thought was a ship or plane wreck, as to how the woman ends up in the jungle (or wherever,) but I'm also keen on a Predator-Game-Preserve type plot, possibly a LOST (TV show) kind of plot with the unique island and local inhabitants my character, the female, can happen upon any number of ways-- depending on what sort of woman you'd like to play with/against. xD Or more wild, I could play an alien/woman sent down to collect him for study, if you're not hip on leading on his home turf.
  • I prefer plots that are on the sci-fi/fantasy side of realism, so if we can incorporate paranormal/supernatural/alien elements, <3  :-*
  • A few kinks I'd like to play into, are: size difference, him being larger than her (though no giants please);erotic discovery, which could be as simple as him learning about arousal and such, or more complicated with alien/supernatural/fantasy elements (such as alien/supernatural anatomy differences, though nothing extreme please); and culture clashing, in this case, his primal nature with her more sophisticated/refined nature (not that she won't also be highly capable and intelligent!)
  • For the record, no, you don't have to use Alexander Skarsgard, who portrayed Tarzan in the movie, it's more about playing into/with the personality and demeanor than replicating the scene; e.g. I want us to decide the details and plot around such an impactful first impression. So, feel free to choose your own male picture base likeness to portray your character!

If I think of anything to add to that list, I'll update this post. For now, I'd like to conclude by saying this is a CRAVED idea, considering I'm giving it a thread of it's own. I do NOT want anyone to play "Tarzan" like a cannon, the male main character should be YOUR original idea, even if he has background similarities to Tarzan, like being raised by animals/in a jungle. Totally cool with that, but I want him to be yours, and I want you to be thrilled about playing him, so when you message me, be sure to let me know what tickles your fancy best, with respect to a plotline, and the kind of woman you'd love to introduce him to! (I do not need a dossier on him, unless I'm playing the scientist sort, who's been studying him. :p)

Many thanks for  reading and your serious/thoughtful consideration!

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Alive Until Dead

TOTALLY OPTIONAL plot bits for the wild-man type plotline!
I can't stop thinking about it, so I thought I'd lay some ideas on the table and see if any of them are favorable to a prospecting partner.

STORY plot ideas/tid-bits (all optional)
*no particular order, different plot ideas for a wild-man + female pairing...

  • POST-APOC "The Last Man" - this concept idea is set in a post-apocalytpic, overgrown, perhaps radiated Earth, where what little humanity that survived all these years, is rapidly dwindling due to mutated animals who inherently see humans as threats. In the last twenty years, all but one man on the most inhabitable continent, has died or been killed by the local wildlife. A small team is sent down from a space station, to test the soil, plants and animals for confirmation of the possibility of the continent. The three scientists are unprepared for what they find and the primary predators in the area, split the group up, getting the men first- as they stand their ground to fight, and chasing after the woman who chooses to run and live than fight an unknown animal and die; thus opening the scene for her run-in with the only man still alive on the continent... 
  • HISTORIC "Island of the Damned" - set in a time where the technology is of the industrial period, with steam engines and basic rifles, pistols and swords. There's an Island in the ocean that is known to claim ships and the lives of those unfortunately enough to hit it in their crossing. Years ago your character was born on the Island, from a pregnant woman survived by the sacrifice of the men on the ship, only to die a few months after giving birth. He was raised by the indigenous animals, however unlike anything else in the world they might have been. He's seen many ships crash, and many people die because of them, in his life time, but a small ship, chartered by a savvy captain, gets caught in the rocky shoreline, rather than crashing and destroying the ship all together. Unlike the other ships, this one seems to only have one crew-member aboard, a woman, who has to venture onto the Island for food, and scavenge the other ships for parts to repair the damages to her own.In her search for food, she not only learns the Island isn't a friendly, peaceful place, but that there's a man who apparently lives there, and wants to protect her her harm... 
  • SPACE/ALIEN "Test Subjects" - out in space, an alien race has built a station with a maze of massive habitats for various experiments on species found all over the universe, and their co-habitability. Long term tests to observe species evolution, has put your character in a cage so large, it'd take him a day, at a full run, to go from one end of the dome to the other, totally closed off from everything but what the habitat was seeded with. Plants and animals to test his survivability and adaptation. On day, without warning, his habitat is connected to another one which has a small village of women, and when the barrier between them is removed, is causes instant upheaval as the wildlife in both habitats clash, and the human villagers struggle to adapt to their new challenges, lead by a fearless woman who seems to know more about what's going on, than anyone else. In her efforts to explore the new territory and find weaknesses in the more savage wildlife, she gets herself cornered, and finds out there was a man in the other territory, and he knows everything she needs to know about what they're up against...
  • MODERN/SUPERNATURAL "The Portal Place" - over thousands of years humans have accidentally and intentionally found a portal to another planet, one full of alien life, none of which are human. Many of them die not long after crossing the threshold, some getting sick, others hurt in accident and the rest hunted and killed by the beasts that rule the planet. A few decades ago, one such beast got out of the portal, and great efforts were made to bury it as soon as they got the beast back where it belonged. Despite the best efforts to also bury all references of the portal, one woman, determined to find her father, sets out on a quest to find the portal, and go into it to see for herself, if he's still alive. Unfortunately, the only way to get to the portal, is too small for her to bring any equipment, with her, so she crawls through with little more than the clothes on her back, determined to cross to the other side and find her father. As soon as she crosses however, the beasts know, and can smell her, smell the world she came from, which makes her an immediate target, before she even gets her barrings...   
  • SCI-FI/FUTURISTIC "Escape Convict" - Blackrock is a small penal planet with a massive compound in the middle of a dense jungle of ferocious wildlife, the only guards on the perimeter are there to keep the animals out, not the prisoners in. To the knowledge of those who maintain the prison, no one has ever survived in the jungle alone, so when a female convict makes her escape, no search party is sent after her, even though her rap sheet indicates she's a survivalist and arguably, a butcher. No one expects her to survive the night, though nor did anyone realize there was indeed a man, living outside the perimeter, interested in meeting a female of his own species...
  • ANY GENRE "Head Hunter" - she's been all over the world, killing people and beasts most would say are unkillable. Whilst taking a break in a remote village on the edge of a jungle/mountain/forest she overhears all the talk about another hunter dying in an effort to kill the demon that plagues them, no one discussing how they provocated it by trying to claim the territory as theirs, to mine its resources for trade. So accustom to being the solution to such problems, she doesn't hesitate to volunteer to be the next hunter, for the same price as the last offering, but with inclusion of goods for her departure when she returned victorious. Some laughed, but the village elder, with the council of a foreign trader, accepts her offer, and warns her the demon isn't the only thing she should watch out for when she goes in. With a kill or be killed mentality, she goes on the hunt, crossing the animal threat before the demon, only to find out the demon isn't a beat or wild creature of damnation, but a man... a man who protects her from the animal, and the animal from her...
  • HISTORIC/FANTASY "The Sacrifice" - every ten years, for centuries, a civilization has sent a person into the jungles as a sacrifice to the beasts which roam them, believing that doing so is the only thing that keeps their people alive when they travel in to gather food and medicines. In the beginning, these people were the purest, kindest the civilization had to offer, but as time passed, it became a punishment for the wicked or those perceived as treasonous to the empire. This year, the sacrifice was a woman, who refused to bed the ruler and was accused of trying to poison his council. Shackled and given only a tunic to wear, she's sent in to the beasts to die, like all those before her, but there's something else, someone else, a man in the jungles who decides she must live... 

SMEXY plot ideas/tid-bits (all optional)
*no particular order, specific scene ideas we may want/like to incorporate..

  • "First Woman, Naked Woman" - so, on the idea she may be the first female who looks like his own species he's crossed, I very much like the idea of him (at some point) stripping her to whatever level of dress he's in, so he can see her in a similar state as himself-- which, if naked, means making her naked. Depending on the type of female I'm playing, she may try to fight this, or be stunned/aroused into letting it happen and watching him react to seeing her in such a way. Whether she fights, or lets it happen, this appeals to me in the action-reaction aspects of the scene. e.g. him being aroused for the first time, her noticing this and being aroused by his arousal, for example.
  • "Caught Staring" - for this one, it could be the man or woman who's caught watching/oogling the other. I like the appeal of unspoken observations, taking note of one another, and or noticing the subtle differences of how they're being looked at from one scene to another. Could be a scene of making food, or more sexually tense, like bathing. No matter the scene, or how many times we want to play into them staring at one another with lust and intrigue, it's a subtler way to build sexual tension without direct contact or closeness.
  • "Nightmares" - again, I can go either way with this, but I do have a kink/desire to play into sexual/erotic ways to pull someone from a bad dream/nightmare/nightterror. In the case of the man being the afflicted sleeper, I very much like the idea of her sliding her body over his, and or kissing him in an effort to change how he feels and thus how he's thinking-- in this kind of a scenario, I'm not at all against a little violence before the arousal/mind-shift takes place! e.g. her touching him make him strike out and grab her throat, or throw her onto the ground/into a wall etc, before he actually wakes up enough to realize what he's doing.. or her if she's the sleeping one.
  • "Hello Sex" - again assuming she's the first woman he's ever seen/been attracted to, I'd love to play into her introducing sex/pleasure to him. Everything from kissing to sex and in time, oral sex (which he may never have even thought about.) Specifically, this appeals to me in the various ways he may react to all of it, I like exploring the sexual buttons of others, so most of my characters do too, and this is a perfect scenario/idea to capitalize on that. We can discuss the specifics if you're interested!
  • "Bath Time" - maybe he's never taken a proper bath/shower, not even in a river/lake more than splashing water and rubbing off some dirt; if such is the case, I'd absolutely LOVE to play a scene where she makes an effort to clean him up, either by washing him herself, or washing herself in demonstration, maybe both! This is an idea based on the desire to play into the culture clash, as much as their relationship developing on various levels and interactions of intimacy.
  • "Personal Space" - because, for me, nearness in of itself evokes a sense of intimacy, I'd love to play into the notion he doesn't know what personal space is, and gets as close to her as he wants, when he wants, even if there's no obvious reason to be that close. Depending on the type of woman you'd prefer I play, she will either try to establish personal space with him, or use his invasion to push his buttons and learn more about him (and in either case there will be elements of increased heart rates and unintentional arousal.)
  • "Silky Hair" - this one may be a little silly, or it's right up or alley, but with the notion of him being a wild man, who either has never brushed his hair, or not for a long, long time, so it's easy for him to notice the difference of her hair to his, and how silky and soft her hair is by comparison (whether he keeps his cut short and out of his way, or lets it grow/knot-up in a dread-like fashion.)

I will undoubtedly have more ideas pop into my head, when/if someone PM's me with interest in playing a wild-man. If YOU are interested, and want to know what ideas may come to mind for the character you'd like to play, please PM me with a bit about him and the kind of plot you'd like to play overall, and or the time of woman you'd like him to run into, WITH a mention of wanting my creative ideas. I will most certainly give you a list of whatever comes to mind specifically for you and your character!!

Last note!

While my posting rate isn't as quick as it has been in the past, rest assured, I check E several times a day, so if you PM me, you should get a reply within 24 hours with a few exceptions of RL getting in the way.


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