Even Demons Have Secrets

Started by Saleen Shadows, September 03, 2016, 10:50:50 PM

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Saleen Shadows

Setting: Modern Earth

Time: In an alternate version of present day. As demons, dragons, angels, pixies, unicorns, you name it, exist openly amoungst humanity.

Story Possibilities: As there is so much that can go with this I'm willing to turn this into a group RP if needed,  due to the large setting of the world. However,  I can also keep it as just a Solo game.

Characters: I kind of want to play out the whole, "Try and save the demon, while she corrupts the angel bit," but even cliches need a twist. Every race has a large governing agency with a strict set of laws to follow. These rules not only pertain to the race themselves, but also to how they are to interact with other races. So what would happen,  if the princess of darkness fell in love with a member of light? As the rules strictly forbay a union between the two,  it would seem as it would never come especially when Serenia (my character) absolutely hates him (hopefully your character). These two had always been at odds,  so why would she suddenly fall in love?

Note: I want to make this a casual story that slowly builds to them realizing that they are indeed in love with each other.  Perhaps something happens to where they have to rely on each other or something along those lines. I do realize it a cliche story, but please help me out?

Questions? Interested? Pm or contact me here if you're interested or have any questions. Thank you!