Trapped in your wife's body (M seeking M)

Started by allenlinger, September 03, 2016, 12:57:30 PM

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I'm looking to play a scientest that has developed a DNA process with animals that can change their gender. The process involves extracting the DNA from a hair sample altering it into a sample that is ingested by another subject. The process works perfect on white rats, except since they all look the same, I don't realize the subject male rat has taken not only the gender, but the complete body.

One day I decide to try it on myself so I go through my neighbors trash to find hair samples from your wife. After I ingest her DNA sample I discover the mistake. It's totally changed my body into hers. At this point I realize it will take a couple weeks to clone mine if it's even possible. I'm stuck inside her body.

From here the plot can go in different directions.
1. I sneak I to your house to borrow clothes from her so I can go to the store etc. I find a note that she left for you saying she is going to her mom's for a week. Before I can get out of your house you return home to find me thinking I'm your wife.
2. I decide to see what it's like being a woman while I culture my DNA to change back to my body.  This could go into all sorts of twisted ideas where you would play males I encounter.
3. Other ideas you might have.

Please PM me if your interested in fleshing this out into a roleplay.