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July 07, 2022, 11:58:43 am

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Author Topic: The Problem is the Solution (Futa for GM)  (Read 862 times)

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The Problem is the Solution (Futa for GM)
« on: September 03, 2016, 11:36:51 am »
Madeline Geldritch has a problem. Lots of problems, actually.

There's the general stress of being a seventeen year-old high school senior. That's problematic enough, without adding any details at all: hormones, boys, girls, hormones, tests, expectations, hormones, independence (or lack thereof), social minefields, get the picture.

Oh, if only that was the sum total of Maddie's problems. But it's only the beginning.

Two years ago her dad remarried. Maddie's stepmother is a horrible bitch. Even worse is her stepsister,
<snip> ~Staff
. Allison makes Maddie's home life a living hell, constantly sabatoguing her attempts to please her stepmother, leaving their shared bedroom and bathroom a mess, and fucking her boyfriend Carter in her bed, leaving Maddie to discover the wet spot.

Did I mention they share a bedroom? It's a nightmare.

School isn't much better.

Lakeview high is ruled by
. She's a queen absolute, and she has it out for Maddie, constantly bullying and tormenting her. She has an entourage of three girls who follow her everywhere. There's
<snip> ~Staff
, the athlete, who is almost a foot taller than Maddie,
, the crazy goth-girl, and
, the sweet but dumb one. She just goes along with whatever.

Also vying for the rank of most intimidating in Maddie's mind is Dean of Girls
Ms. Carlyle
who reinstated paddling as a form a discipline when she first came to Lakeview High and has an inexplicable fixation on Maddie, and Maddie's aloof and brilliant chemistry teacher,
Ms. Kennedy
, who is always asking Maddie to stay after class.

All of this is tolerable. After all, she's just starting her senior year. A few more months of this, and she is off to MiT. Madeline could endure; she's got grit. Could, if it weren't for the problem of being trapped in a body that doesn't seem to work right. She never hit that growth spurt that most other girls hit at puberty. At seventeen, she is just under five feet tall, and weighs about 95lbs. Her chest is so flat you can see her sternum and ribs. She doesn't own a bra. What's the point? Her hips jut out, her ass is laughably flat, practically concave. She's crazy smart--and knows it--but would love to trade just a teeny bit of that brain power for some boobs, or maybe a perky little butt. Anything!

Even worse is the lack of sex drive. If a person could have negative sex drive, it would be Maddie. She's tried to have an orgasm, even saved up for a magic wand to test if the power of technology could bring her to that elusive nirvana, but no. And of all her problems, this is the one she's convinced she can fix. Crazy smart, remember?

The plan? Create the female version of Viagra. She'll cure her own atrophied libido and make a cool mint before she's twenty. She has Ms. Kennedy's lab at her disposal, and has been working nights and weekends to make it happen. She tested a sample of the serum on some mice, and they humped each other like crazy! Even the male mice were banging each other! Nuts, right?

She was so excited that she took the serum herself last night.

Which brings us back to the beginning. The Problem. See, the male mice she observed banging each other didn't start off as males. They started off as females. She takes the serum, only to wake up to
(nsfw). Her life just got much, much more complicated...

Still with me? Great!

In this story, I will take the role of Madeline Geldritch.

What I am looking for is someone to take on the role of the various characters she interacts with as she tries to come to grips with this terrible new problem in her life, to act as GM. Don't feel like the creative burden is all on you. As you can see above, I've done a lot of the plotting work. Also don't feel like there's no room for you to add your own characters.

Themes will naturally include kinks that go with roleplaying a futa. Madeline goes from being underdeveloped and emaciated to
(nsfw). The transformation isn't overnight, but it does happen. Her libido also skyrockets. Expect plenty of awkward boners and blushing faces.

The general arc of the story will go something like this...

At first, she tries to hide it. There will be lots of awkward scenes where she is called up to the front of the class and has to squeeze her cock between her thighs to keep from being discovered. Sneaking off to rub one out when she gets too horny to control herself. Perhaps getting caught!

Eventually she realizes that her new unit comes with some interesting new abilities. For one, her cum is addictive! The more you get, the more you want. Soon, those guys and girls who once tormented her will be on their knees, begging for more...

So what happens how?

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, PM me. Please do not post here. Hit me up with your ideas. I'm in for a busy weekend, so it might be as long as Tuesday or Wednesday before I can reply. Please be patient.

A few other things:

This RP will take place on the E forums. I do not rp via chat or PM.

Please be literate and considerate.

I can't think of anything else, but if I do, I'll post here.

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