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April 24, 2018, 10:17:09 PM

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Author Topic: Some bondage 'n stuff (FxF, FxFuta or FutaxFuta)  (Read 383 times)

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Some bondage 'n stuff (FxF, FxFuta or FutaxFuta)
« on: September 01, 2016, 02:50:24 PM »
Hey, there and welcome :-) First off I would like to request that if we havenít written with each other before then before continuing further please read my O/o, skim through my preferences and check my writing style (post history or linked games in O/o) to make sure this is something you are looking for. I look for matching writers first and foremost and only after that comes the interest in any specific idea I may have. Heck, if you can think of something else that I might like rather than these ideas feel free to ignore them and just shoot me a message.

Anyway, there are a few things I would like to play. Iíll list them first and then offer some framework in which it might work.

Required elements

These are the things that Iíve sorta been craving to write and need to be there in the story.

My character (or at least my main one)

I really like writing cute creatures in sexual peril. I have written a few and theyíve always been my favourite characters (though maybe it was partially because the other players in those games were so awesome too). There area few different approaches I can take with them depending on what kinda setting we go with, but a few things are for certain.

She would be a rather pure hearted ball of joy who is all smiles and practically spilling encouragement to everyone around her when pursuing her interests be it something refined or just some simple common thing. When not smiling and trying to make others happy she would be constantly worrying if others are alright and what she could do better or shouldnít do. Iím not intending to really play her as a virgin, but she would have some sense of shame to make any explicit acts or implications of them cause strong reactions. My character might also be pretty easily deceived, though not necessarily dumb (but she might be that too).


I would like FxF or FutaxF, FutaxFuta activity be the main smut focus for this. We could add male characters there too no problem. While my character probably looks more like a sub I could play her as a switch too if we get the main source for peril and bondage outside of the character relationship.


Not just light cuffs here and there, but proper heavy bondage. I can help write the details for setups and such so you neednít worry about having to be the only one to get super creative all the time.

Flex ideas

These are things that we could include. Some are just story seeds we could use to build from.

Plot - As hilarious as it may sound. Plot is pretty flexibly optional here. I usually end up going with some grandiose save the world kinda deal even for smutty games, but we could go with anything from big world moving stuff to just street level. We could also forego any meaningful plot and do a slice of life kinda deal. Itíll likely end up a bit more comedic then, but I have no problem with that.

NC/dubcon - This pairs well with cuties in peril :P It doesnít have to be there if you want the smut to come from the characters themselves rather than the environment, but it could be there.

Romance - We could have it there or just have the pairing be more of a fuck buddy or some forced arrangement. Iím always up for adding sappy romance in my stories.

Druid is found - Fantasy
Always fun to build new fantasy settings. I would at some point really like to play this little druid called Autumn. She would be a kind well meaning creature living peacefully in some woodland cabin with just the potted plants and spirits of the forest to keep her company. Maybe your character would be some human randomly stumbling by and deciding to use her hut as a safe haven to hide from her pursuers or responsibilities. Maybe your character was hunting for the witch in the woods and instead found this kind little dryad lady. Maybe they are a vindictive member of the church and coming there to make sure no evil witchraft is being practiced. Maybe they are some kind of demon who wants to corrupt the druid or just toy with her? Whatever we go with I could really easily come up with stuff for this kind of tiny fantasy setting, though if you donít want all the smut to be character driven here we would need to take them out of the hut and introduce some obstacles.

If we go with some kinda scifi setting MC could be some kinda plant/slime girl alien utterly oblivious to basic human norms and customs and adorably awkward when navigating through human communities. Maybe she is having troubles adapting in some particular colony or in some space station community and your character is some kind kind human official ďhelping her outĒ or a devious crook helping herself to some relatively naive alien booty. I have a few pictures I could use for MC if we go with something like this.

Demon summoning gone wrong, gone sexual - Modern fantasy

I always liked the idea of dumb demons botching their contracts with the human and ending up as slaves themselves. I probably have the least concrete ideas to build this, but do have some pictures I could play ::)

Monstergirls or even anthro
Monstergirls are always fun. I think this could be some kinda fantasy or modern fantasy setting, either really works. It is always fun to play a monster-human relationship much like any alien-human dynamic with the monster bringing a lot of strange customs and habits to the relationship and a whole bunch of sexual tension with their inability to understand human norms. Of course monster-monster pairs are also so very delish :P Just, either works. I could play any of these:

Or something furrier

Some kinks that we could also include:

Slavery - Should be easy to squeeze in if you want it there. This could also be some kind of master-servant or master-pet thingy rather than traditional slavery.

Monsters - Cute monster girls, boys, tentacles, ugly orcs. Whatever you like we can add, though I am completely fine keeping it fully human.

- If you want we could add some gender bending or race transformations in there, though no hyper anything or balloon inflation :P

S&M elements - Pain can be super fun in addition to sexual torture. Iíd be okay adding this there.

Anything else that I might have forgotten. Iím generally pretty open to stuff. Nothing is sacred, everything can be sexy and possibly added to the story.

Sounds like you barfed out a bucketful of half cooked plot scraps without bothering to compile them into coherent ideas, sounds great! Where do I apply?

I'm glad you asked. Just PM me with any ideas, preferences and hellos you have and we'll look at getting the ball rolling.