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December 02, 2016, 02:07:55 PM

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Author Topic: Male seeking Female for romance / passion / lust or perhaps Fm  (Read 300 times)

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Male seeking Female for romance / passion / lust or perhaps Fm
« on: September 01, 2016, 10:28:42 AM »
Main Guideline

Story, plot, muse, whatever... The better to sink my teeth into, the better the experience!


Although I'm more familiar/comfortable with the Contemporary/Modern genre, I am open to suggestions or ideas and am willing to consider all genres if the story is good... I have tried Werewolf / Vampire and they can be entertaining. I have tried futuristic, both SciFi and the more gritty Cyberpunk, and they capture my attention. My motivation for fantasy has dwindled over the years, but if you have a good concept I could dust of my sword and armor...

General Pointers - Romance/Vanilla

I am looking for romantic themes, vanilla, plain old sex or spiced up sex with a story or plot. Pitch me your idea and let's see what we can come up with! Also, although I'm not good at playing a dominant player/character (see next heading) I can play an Alpha type character, someone who knows what he wants and can take it if his partner is willing, but not to the point of being a full on Dom... Not even sure if that made sense... PM if you have a question!

General Pointers - D/s

I admit it, as far as D/s is concerned I'm mostly a submissive, I can play a spirited submissive who needs to be brought into line, sometimes somewhat harshly I'll admit that too, but do not ask me to Dom, I'm just not cut out for it, and it would make for a bad experience for all concerned I believe... With this in mind I'm open to ideas for stories involving Fem Dom, Bondage, perhaps NC though ideas of the extent of that would be nice. My Ons & Offs state few boundaries and this still stands, PM me if you're not sure.

Movie/Series Ideas

Lethal Weapon Open
I'm talking the original movies, not any remakes. Always loved the movies and though not necessarily looking for someone to play Lorna Cole versus my Martin Riggs (though that would be appealing), the idea of a slightly crazed, lonely (due to some recent loss), hurting detective who gets paired with a female detective who's supposed to bring him down to earth (in other words potentially a female version of the Roger Murtaugh character) is intriguing.

The Underworld Taken
Loved the initial movie, though the third one had lost some of it's appeal to me...  Looking for a Selene type character (can be original) to play opposite my character, possibly Michael Corvin or another original character, either while he's human or during/after he was transformed. PM me with your ideas if interested!

The Bourne Series Open
Jason Bourne the amnesiac assassin... A particular passion of mine that I have been craving to have fulfilled...  Perhaps the amnesiac assassin (could be my character or yours) is found by our other character and nursed back to health, and then things start happening as the forces gather to make him/her disappear, and the other character gets pulled along with them...

Star Wars Open
Tempt me with a story... There's so many possibilities...
For instance, has anyone considered a more intense pairing between Ahsoka and, perhaps, Obi-wan?  Open to original characters.

Star Trek Open
Again, tempt me with a story... There's so many possibilities, impossibly to list them all!!

Babylon 5 Open
Open to original characters, or canon character pairings. Ivanova and Sheridan, or Garibaldi, or Marcus...  Or similar pairings? Perhaps a new Psi-Corp operative falls for the latest commander of Bab5?

Battlestar Galactica - Reboot Open
Again open to original characters, or canon character pairings. Perhaps Apollo and Starbuck get back together, perhaps Boomer & Helo hook up...  Not as interested in the whole human-like cylons thing, unless perhaps she (or he) is a defector looking to help the humans.

Other Sci-Fi Related Open
There's so much Sci-Fi out there, what would you like to play and let's see if we can come up with a good story!

Post-Apocalyptic Open
A tabletop pen & paper game called Twilight 2000 details a world after the Third World War, kind of like Mad Max, or The Postman...  Though the Twilight 2000 game itself focuses on remaining military units and their struggles to survive, I've been thinking of circumstances where a loner, perhaps ex-military, is struggling to survive on his own, fending off bandits, bartering a small communities that have sprung up in the aftermath, and meets someone.  Either they meet in town (while she is being sold as a slave, or while she is bartering for her own goods) or out in the wilderness (when one of them gets attacked by bandits or animal predators or whatever), perhaps they meet in the wilderness during a storm and have to work together to survive.  Few possibilities, chances for many kinds of female characters here to play alongside my loner/survivor.
Other ideas for post-apocalyptic include:
  • Aftershocks Open
    Much of the civilized world has been destroyed by a string of powerful earthquakes, leaving many to survive in what's left of the world. Gang's pop up as a means for people to survive by banding together, perhaps our characters find each other in the hell that follows the quakes and try to help each other survive?
  • Falling Skies-esque Open
    Aliens exist and they've destroyed most of the government and the military of every country in the world, leaving a scared and greatly reduced population to survive. And the aliens aren't content with just the destruction, the need resources and are enslaving humans...

Sharpe / Napoleonic Open
1812 - The Pennisular War during the time of Wellington and Napoleon, Sword, Musket and Cannon... Perhaps my character is of the British millitary, a Rifleman maybe, your character could be a partisan leader, or a lady of the aristocracy.

Vanilla-ish Plot Ideas

The Bodyguard Taken
A male Bodyguard is doing his best to protect his charge, a high flying actress/dancer/singer/celebrity/daughter of important personage, and though initially their personalities clash they find a way to work together, ultimately falling in love. This is the vanilla / romance version of the story below.

D/s Plot Ideas

The Bodyguard Open
A male Bouncer turned Bodyguard is doing his best to protect his charge, a high flying actress/dancer/singer/celebrity, and is doing his best to resist her charms, her flirtations, her advances, never knowing her darker desires as she is always careful to hide her darker side. Until one day she decides she's had enough, she wants him, this Bodyguard who has saved her life several times, the Bodyguard who's quiet, reserved, dedicated and resistant to her charms. Is he really resistant? Is there a deeper passion hiding behind that suit and kevlar vest? Is he truly the silent type, or can she make him scream with pleasure? Or perhaps beg to climax? One day, soon, she will find out, and he will end up on the ride of his life as the true depths of her darker side reveal themselves to him...

Looking for the Female Domme who has had enough of the resistance this loyal and dedicated bodyguard shows, she would be dead if not for him, and this makes her excited, he's been shot for her, hospitalized for her, he would do anything, wouldn't he? Except, he's so proper, always careful to keep the level of decorum around her, never doing more than smile slightly at her flirtations... If anything, this has made her her hotter for him...

While he (me) is soon going to learn the meaning of pleasure and pain, of domination, and of dedication, of loyalty...

The Long Legs Of The Law Open
I saw a thread on here a while ago that had a concept that was pleasing, a guy runs afoul of a small town female sheriff, something like he'd had a drink in a 'dry' county where alcohol is not permitted, so it's quite serious, add to this (as perhaps he's rich) he tries to bribe his way out... Deciding to make an example of him, the female sheriff decides to enact punishment, at first there by the car, and then back at the sheriff's office jail... Thinking possibilities for multiple (though preferred female) officer present (maybe at least two) to provide 'justice'...

The Hitwoman Open
A top class Hitwoman, the female equivalent of number 47 from the movie Hitman or better, is tasked with killing another target...

My character could either be the target or the InterPol agent hunting the Hitwoman down, either way their paths cross and whereas she might have been able to simply kill the target/agent before, she finds she cannot.

Perhaps having observed the target she finds herself falling for him, to solve the issue she decides to break in and kill him and be done with it, but standing over him, helpless (for whatever reason, either he's drugged, bound, whatever) she has a change of heart, and instead takes him back to her lair to toy with him, which forges a bond between them.

Conversely the agent tracks her down, almost captures her, but then while trying to call for back up she turns the tables on him, but, having temporarily dealt with him she finds she can't finish him off, just as he has been observing and hunting her, she has been keeping track of and observing him...

Other ideas or tweaks to these ideas welcomed...

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Offline TyCaineTopic starter

Re: Male seeking Female for romance / passion / lust or perhaps Fm
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2016, 09:58:41 AM »
Monthly bump...  :-)

Tweaked for content, added a little embellishment here and there...

My O&Os are noted, however, please do not reply here, PM me if you are interested in RPing with me.

Thank you all for stopping by!  :D

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Re: Male seeking Female for romance / passion / lust or perhaps Fm
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2016, 02:13:57 PM »
Monthly(ish) bump...  :-)

Tweaked for content...

My O&Os are noted, however, please do not reply here, PM me if you are interested in RPing with me.

Thank you all for stopping by!  :D