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Author Topic: Cuckolding Ideas  (Read 1615 times)

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Cuckolding Ideas
« on: August 31, 2016, 06:13:00 AM »
This is my first One on One/Solo Roleplay wanted thread  ;D

I have a couple of ideas revolving the lives of different couples, these are just ideas of the characters so that we can build something out of them, so here goes: (PS these should be long term ideas and not one-shots, and we could substitute the husband for a boyfriend, a father, a brother, or a best friend (or even a combination))

1. A man marries a woman who should be way out of his league in terms of looks, because she doesn't realize how hot she actually is. She comes from a very conservative background, never wears revealing stuff, and a virgin at marriage, and that is exactly what he wanted.
Or that's what he thought he wanted, but after time he found himself being attracted to girls who acted slutty, the kind he wished he had a chance with before being with his wife, heck he even dated some of them. He decides he wants to use her potential and make the world know how hot she is.

2. He couldn't believe a girl this hot would date him, she couldn't believe he's head over-heels for her, who would love a girl as slutty as she is? Well in less than a year he proposed, and they got married. As time passes by, he realizes how insecure she makes him feel, with all her hot guy friends, co-workers and whatnot. 

3. For some reason the wife doesn't feel confident about her looks, though she is smoking hot, but never saw herself in that way. Her husband tries convincing her in different ways, until he tries to show her how many guys would be interested in her if she was available. Could be by setting up an online profile for her on a dating website, or just showing her off on social media.

4. The husband goes on some sort of health treatment that has all sorts of side effects like premature ejaculations, loss of sexual desire, or is not allowed to have sex for medical reasons. He's a few months in, and still has at least another year to go, and he notices that his relationship with his wife is deteriorating due to the lack of sex that the wife gets, though it was a tough decision, he knew that he should convince her to cheat on him.

5. The husband finds his wife's old pictures folder in either her old laptop or hard disk. Curiosity gets the best of him and he starts looking at them, mostly admiring her slutty friends, until he finds a folder that has her most intimate pictures, and it his surprise it turns him on knowing she was such a slut back then, and realizes how hot/big the guys she slept with used to be.

6. The economy is bad, the husband just lost his job/business. Three months into that, and the couple are burning through their savings and he still has no income. He finally decides that his wife should also try getting a job, though she's never had a job before:
       A. She can't get a job either, she has a few interviews but they never call back, and he knows that its due to her lack of skills/experience. She has an important interview coming up, its her first follow-up interview and she told her husband how bad the first interview was, the perverted interviewer was practically flirting with her. She thought that her husband would tell her that its ok to skip this one, but to her surprise he buys her something sexy to wear and tells her to do whatever it takes to get the job. It would be a male dominated industry, where her looks and flirtiness would be her only asset, and her husband loves hearing how she manipulated coworkers/clients/managers.
       B. During the husbands research, he couldn't stop thinking about how much money those damn escorts make, and he wants that kind of easy money. He convinces his wife to try this career path, which turns him on too.

7. He finally convinced his wife to a threesome, in his attempt though he said "you can choose anyone you want" except that he meant another girl, surprise surprise the wife picks a guy (either she blurts out his name too quickly or takes her time), and the husband can't back out now. When they go through with it, its hard not to miss how much better the other guy is at satisfying his wife than he is.

8. He has started to doubt his wife, and decides to spy on her in some way. He finds the truth, she's cheating on him, but to his surprise, he gets mad but is also very turned on, how does he handle this?

9. The husband is sort of a pervert, and decides to take his wife to a nude beach, so that he can stare at the girls there. What happens when guys are very attracted to his wife, and they have hotter bodies and bigger cocks?

10. The couple are joking and having fun together, when the wife asks "why do black guys have bigger cocks?" and the husband wants to refute that theory. He uses the internet to show her that there are "big" white guys, she likes what she sees, and he can see the desire in her eyes.

11. The wife decides to come clean about her cheating, the husband starts asking her details about it, and to both of their surprises, his anger/hurt is turned into lust the more she tells him about it.

12. The couple were traveling, in a remote island somewhere, and it was pretty boring. They decided to play a few games, until they played truth or dare. Stupid and harmless at first, but things started to get more interesting, the questions got more sexual, the dares too. What does he ask? How will the answers shock him? What does he bet her to do? Was it a test?

13. She's from a small town with a pretty conservative background, and he's from a large metropolitan area. They met in college, he's dated a few girls, but she's by far the best he's ever dated in terms of looks and personality, and to top it all off she's crazily in love with him, and he's the only guy she has ever dated.  Once they're about to graduate she's supposed to go back to her small town, so he decides to put a ring on her.
       A. The sex is bad, and he encourages her to sleep around to gain some experience. Learn from other girls, sluttier ones, how to dress and act.
       B. The more she interacts with men, the more she realizes what else is out there, and also realizing that she is so much better than him or she can do so much better, be it finding someone more attractive, richer, more romantic, and maybe even more intellectual.

14. The couple come from a pretty liberal background, and for work reasons they move to:
       A. Somewhere that is either more conservative, and what she wears always turns heads which makes the husband proud.
       B. Somewhere more male dominated, where the number of males is much greater than the number of females which makes her very popular quickly.
       C. Both  :P

15. They were dating for about a year and he was head over heels for her, he couldn't wait any longer to make her his, so when he popped the question she was a bit surprised as she's been casually dating him and a few others, though to him this isn't a deal breaker and he wont mind her dating others casually even with the ring on.

16. They were perfect for each other since highschool, he was a 5 and she was a 5 too, but that soon changed, she started to mix and mingle with different people, excersice and take better care of her looks, and shes finally a 10 or close to it, guys start approaching her, hitting on her, doing whatever to be with her, how would he handle this?

17. The wife works in an overly sexualized environment, like a hooters waitress or some other restaurant/coffee-shop/bar where she's required to wear very revealing outfits, and flirting with customers is encouraged. Another option is that she's a sex worker, a street-walking hooker maybe? A masseuse that gives happy endings? A stripper? Whatever it is, she likes her job. How does her husband feel about it? Maybe he married her in the first place because of her job and how sexy she is? Maybe he met her at her job, and dated her, always asking her about her day at work and what she did with her customers, loving the naughty details? Maybe he had a wife and kids that he left to be with this slut?

18. He just saw "Pretty Woman" (the movie) and the idea of hooking up with a hooker sounded romantic. He went out in his fancy car, went to that side of town, and picked the hottest one he could find, booked her for the entire week, the first couple of days he tried his best not to have sex with her, he just wanted to get to know her, and obviously that would include asking her about sex, and it turned him on like crazy, he became addicted to her, to her sexual powers and energy, to her ability to have casual sex, and that gave him a very different ending from the movie.

19. They were young, in love and from a third world country. What happens when they move to a more developed country, where her exotic looks give her a lot of admirer's and she realizes that there are men much better than her husband out there?

20. She's a stripper/hooker/hitchhiker (choose one, two or all three) and he's travelling across country, a road trip, he takes her along, which makes the trip much more interesting. Would probably involve him enjoying seeing her sluttyness, and might even set up a few challenges for her (think sexually charged dares)

21. She's a cam model/social media whore/amateur pornstar (choose one, two or all three) and he's crazy about her, she's the hottest thing he's ever laid eyes on, or maybe she's not but there's something about her that makes it hard for him to think of anything but her and he has to have her, he starts off by giving her tons of gifts, they get more expensive over time until he out-right asks her to marry him, giving her an offer she can't refuse. Obviously he'd have to be filthy rich for this to work.

22. It was a stupid question, he just had to know her sexual history. What happens when she's way more experienced than he is? What if there are a couple of guys in there that he knows? Are they his friends? Celebrities? Has she been paid for sex before? Has she ever cheated? Been with more than one person at a time? The answers drive him wild and he can't stop thinking about her past, and it turns him on.

"Cuckolding Picture Inspirations

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Re: Cuckolding Ideas
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