Dark, filthy, beautiful cravings (F for M)

Started by Eliana, August 28, 2016, 10:06:03 AM

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So, elaborate introductions aside ... these are the things I'm craving at the moment. :-)

Other than these little fragments of each plot? I have no idea what happens in the story. That's for us to decide.

The key themes are just the most important ones for that plot, by no means the only ones. Please also check out my O/Os, everything there is - of course - fair game. :-)



Themes:  BDSM, rough sex, secret societies

He put his hand on her bare thigh. "We're here," he murmured, leaning a
little closer to her ear. Then he got out of the car and walked around to
the passenger side. He opened the door and helped her step out, making
sure she kept her balance on the grass in her high heels. With her wrists
tied behind her back, she walked a little awkwardly.
          The cold midnight air caressed her bare skin, making her break out in
goosebumps. Her lace panties and bustier gave her no protection. She
walked with him towards the house, drool pooling around her ballgag and
dripping on the fresh grass below. Radiant windows showed a bustling
crowd inside, and its noise and laughter filled the night.



Themes:  BDSM, rough sex, ritualism

She shivered a little, causing the food covering her breasts, belly and thighs
to tremble lightly. The leather restraints on her wrists and ankles felt
comfortable, warm, and completely immovable.

          She knew the guests would be entering any moment now. She could
hear them from the other room, talking and joking. Muted. Like from a movie
at low volume, like from another life. She couldn't know if their hands would
go to the food her body was abundantly topped with, or to her pussy or her
breasts. Or her lips, or the inside of her mouth.

          She heard the click of the handle and the creak of the opening
door, punctuated by a rumble of low laughter.



Themes:  BDSM, rough sex, pet play

"Put it on," he whispered, his deep voice darkly slurring the words. She
turned its silvery length over in her hands, the attached white tail swishing
through the air. She blushed so deeply, she was sure her cheeks gave off
heat. The knot of humiliation in her belly wound tighter. A human pet; that's
all he expected her to be. She looked at him, sprawled on the leather sofa
in his suit with legs spread out comfortably, and suddenly she noticed the
gentle prickling of the tufted rug on her bare shins.

          She turned the long plug over and over in her hands and felt the heat
from the knot in her belly slowly grow, spreading upward to her heart and
downward to her cunt.

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