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December 08, 2016, 02:18:59 PM

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Author Topic: Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)  (Read 546 times)

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Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)
« on: August 25, 2016, 08:20:00 AM »
Welcome! After quite a long Hiatus from the Site I'm hoping to jump back into things once more...Below you will see an Update on Plot Ideas/Stories I'm hoping will spark some interest. Thank you for taking the time to have a look. If you see anything that interests you please do NOT reply to this thread, send me a PM.  -smiles-

***Just to put this out there since there's been some confusion in the past. I only play by post on the forums or EMail. So don't ask me to play via messengers or PM.***


This is where you can find what you can expect from me... And my expectations from my writing partners.


What you can expect from me:
(1) I'm a female and I will only play female roles. Yes I have tried to play male characters, sadly... It was a joke lol. BUT to enhance RP I WILL and CAN play multiple characters.
(2) I also only participate in M/F scenes. With that being said, what your gender is behind the screen doesn't bother me. Male playing a male, or female playing a male.
(3) COMMUNICATION! I'm big on communication. I tend to talk OOCly to my partners. Either by PM here on E or by using Skype. I like meeting new people and making new friends. And in my opinion I feel a game goes much better when you have good communication with each other.
(4) I love plot and character development. Yes sex is good, but not with it as the main focus.
(5) My posting rate varies. Sometimes I can post multiple times a day, or sometimes it's down to once a day or every other day.
(6) When I post I tend to be as descriptive as possible. Like painting a picture with words. My usual post length can range from two to three paragraphs. Sometimes more depending on my mood.
(7) I also like to use images ALOT with my posts. To kinda help give a better example of the current situation...If you don't like this..Just let me know.
(8) Again this kinda goes along with communication. If I'm not liking something I will get a hold of you via PM or Skype to work through it.
(9) When it come to D/s, BDSM type of scenes I prefer the submissive role. I'm naturally submissive. BUT that doesn't mean I'll play a puppet on strings. I like spirit, fire, the breaking process of those kind of scenes.


What I expect from my partners:
(1) Honesty and open communication. If you don't like how something is going or are loosing interest in a story, let me know so we can work something out.
(2) Please don't do one liners. Those are a HUGE turn off for me. I put a lot of work and emotion into doing good decent posts. Please be able to at least match what I can to.
(3) Plot! So please make sure you're the type of person who can put a story before sex.
(4) If you don't like the use of images in a game, tell me ahead of time so I know not to use them.
(5) Please respect that I won't partake in any kind of sexual F/F scenes.
(6) Be someone who can contribute to the story. Add some plot twists of your own. I hate being the only one building the world and/or story.


Name: The Boarding School
Catagory: Bondage
Inspired By:  (Original Idea)
Plot: I was thinking my character would be a troubled teen. Got mixed in the wrong crowd and got into the drugs, alcohol, illegal activity. Her parents unsure of what to do anymore ship her off to an all girls boarding school. She ends up pissed off at her parents sending her away, she acts up..then with one of the few male teachers she finds quite hot, as does most the students..acts out in class, teases innocently..but in the end this teacher tries to straighten her out in his own way


Name: Desecration of Innocence
Catagory: NC or Extreme
Inspired By:  (Original Idea)
Plot: my character is a college rich girl who's in medical school studying pathology. She was raised in a devout catholic home..very much a goody goody and daddy's girl. However her best friend whom attend the school with her and is her room mate has more of the wilder party side. One night the two of them are up on the dorm roof drinking and her friend convinces her to try Esctasy for the first time. Things get wild and out of control. My friend accidentally pushes her friend off the roof and lies to the cops. This incident causes her to fall into a deep hole of drugs, sex, and murder. I'm looking for someone to play the man that will help drag her down.. If we want we can put a supernatural twist to it where this guy is a creature of the night, vampire..


Name: Sins of the Father
Catagory: NC or Extreme
Inspired By:  (Original Idea)
Plot: My character is an all round church girl, a devout catholic. Her family cast her out cause they see her as a being of evil. She carries a special gift with her, the gift of visions, seeing things before they happen. Sadly she has been told only God is allowed to see things before they happen. Eventually she runs to her church where many of the parishioners fear her for sanctuary. Staying at the church's convent for protection she goes to confession to seek forgiveness. But perhaps the young priest has a plan of his own for her penance.


Name: Into The Madness
Catagory: NC or Extreme
Inspired By:  (Original Idea)
Plot: My character has been on the police force for a while as a profiler. Perhaps she has seen some pretty bad stuff that has been effecting her personal and professional life..and your character is the departments psychologist and she is sent to him to work out her issues..the current case has been taking a toll on her. She starts feeling like she's loosing herself, fearing she will get to far into the criminals mind while profiling him that she's afraid of becoming like him. At first she doesn't realize that the current criminal is actually him, but in his dark twisted mind he tries to manipulate and twist her to get her leaning more into the darkness using any means possible..


Name: The Ward
Catagory: Extreme
Inspired By:  (Original Idea)
Plot: I kinda pictured my character as a mental patient, I've always had an interest to toy around in the 'mental' side of things. I was picturing her perhaps suffering from delusions and multiple personalities. Cause of her condition she was incarcerated at a mental institute for the criminally insane for killing her parents. While in the institute she had an incident with her Doctor (psychiatrist) where she almost killed him and she gets transferred to a new facility where she meets you her new doctor. As for the personalities, I have a few in mind but I'd like to keep that a secret for the thrill of rp plots

As for the doc...I kinda pictured a background where he got banned from practicing in a foreign country for unconventional treatments so he comes to the States to resume his work

But in the rp I see perhaps manipulation coming from both sides, aggression, drugs, sexual stuff, dangerous things, violence....I don't want to give away to much cause things will come from the different personalities she has.


Name: The Salem Witch
Catagory: NC or Extreme or Bondage
Inspired By:  (Original Idea)
Plot: In 17th-century colonial North America, the supernatural was considered part of everyday life; many people believed that Satan was present and active on Earth. This concept emerged in Europe around the fifteenth century and spread with colonists to North America. Peasants used a kind of witchcraft to invoke particular charms for farming and agriculture. Over time, the idea of white magic transformed into dark magic and became associated with demons and evil spirits. From 1560 to 1670, witchcraft persecutions became common as superstitions became associated with the devil.

Men and women in Salem believed that all the misfortunes could be attributed to the work of the devil; when events such as infant death, crop failures, or social friction among the congregation occurred, the supernatural was blamed. Bridget Bishop was the first person executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials of 1692. She had been caught performing a ritual sacrifice while doing blood magic. And blood magic was considered to be one of the darkest forms of magic. Sadly such ritual cost the lives of two villagers. The wife and small child of a well respected man of the town. But no one knew she left behind a daughter.

The Bishop family sometime in the late 1700's fled Salem and New England to the south for sanctuary. They eventually settled in the thriving Louisiana city of New Orleans in the section that was known as the French Quarter. A place where those who claimed to be psychics or know all forms of witchcraft could be found.


The year now is 2016, centuries have passed since the Bishop family settled in the big city. Eventually changing their last name to Perkins so there would be no connection to them from the historical events. It didn't take them long to realize they were being hunted by someone, or something due to the ritual performed centuries ago. So changing their name was also a way for them to hide themselves.

Ginger Perkins, a thriving young woman at the ripe young age of only twenty five was a proud descendent of Bridget Bishop. She knew her family history despite her family being against her knowing cause they feared for her safety. As decades passed the Bishops/Perkins stopped their use of magic. Trying to deceive not only others but themselves that they were just normal everyday people like everyone else. Ginger however learned the truth in school growing up. And then decided to research her history and bloodline.

New Orleans however wasn't like it was centuries ago. Witchcraft now seemed more, well, Hollywood than real. The French Quarter more a tourist location than anything. True witchcraft in the eye of the human race didn't seem to truly exists. Except for a select few, and Ginger was one of those few. And if a person truly wanted to find a witch, they'd know what dark corners of the French Quarter to go too. And the small group of true witches considered Ginger almost their leader. Not only cause of her bloodline history, but she also seemed the most powerful. Delving into both white and black magics.

I'm thinking your character would be the Vampire. Perhaps the man who's wife and child were sacrificed and now through the centuries he's destroyed or tried to destroy the Bishop family bloodline out of revenge. I kinda see this as a game with bdsm, power struggle, perhaps eventually turning into a dark romance over time.


Name: Dark One's Prize
Catagory: NC or Bondage
Inspired By:  (Once Upon a Time AU)
Plot: Astarte Travers, a poor peasant girl within a Kingdom that is ruthlessly ruled by a King who has a greed for power. Her and her father produce grain and deliver it to the castle each week for a very small wage that can barely feed them both. But each time Astarte goes and delivers the grain she is constantly spat upon, treated like dirt by the royals and made to kiss their boots in front of everyone in humiliation. One day at her farm she gets a visit from a strange man that claims he can make all her troubles disappear and even help her get revenge on those who humiliated her. Rumplestiltskin offered her a deal to give her the beauty and power she so desired to become greater than those who humiliated her. But in exchange, in one years time he would come to collect her and she would belong to him. Desperate for what he was offering though not realizing what she's gotten herself into she makes the deal. Sealing her fate with the dark one himself.


Name: The Slayer's Fall
Catagory: NC or Bondage
Inspired By:  (Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU)
Plot: Buffy Summers..Also known as 'The Slayer'..After the Fall of Sunnydale the Slayer and the 'scooby gang' slip over to London to set up base..All the slayers around the world have been activated..But Buffy...With a select few baby slayers along with her Watcher "Rupert Giles" and Friends: Willow and Xander help train and fight where a new "Hellmouth" has been discovered in the White Chapel are of London. A new Evil is brewing and an old 'love' creeps out of the shadows. Angelus... No longer the Vampire with a Soul..He seeks out revenge on the one person that made him feel anything..With a new game in play..Drusilla was once his toy... his prized creation.. Now... Now he sets off to destroy the head slayer and drag her into Darkness and ultimately make her into the one thing she kills most.....Vampire


Name: The Devil's Game
Catagory: NC or Extreme
Inspired By:  (Lucifer)
Plot: Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. After abandoning his throne and retiring to Los Angeles, Lucifer indulges in his favorite things (women, wine and song) Lucifer is faced with a surprise when he meets an intriguing homicide detective who appears to possess the ability of not being affected by any of his tricks or charms. Leading the Devil himself down a determined path to lure this woman into his darkened world..But the longer he stays on Earth.. His mortality starts to kick in.


Fandom's I Love
[One's in Red I'm CRAVING to do something with, One's in Bold are the roles I'd play.]

* Batman Universe

* The Vampire Diaries
- Elena/Damon - Katherine/Elijah - Bonnie/Damon - OC/Stefan - OC/Damon

* The Originals
- Katherine/Elijah - Caroline/Klaus - OC/Elijah - OC/Klaus

* Hannibal
- OC/Hannibal

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
- Buffy/Angel - Buffy/Spike - Drusilla/Angel - Drusilla/Spike - OC/Giles - OC/Spike

* Harry Potter
- OC/Snape

* Gotham
- OC/Jerome(The Joker) - OC/Penguin

* Once Upon a Time
- Belle/Rumpel - OC/Rumpel

* Lucifer
- Maize/Lucifer - Cloe/Lucifer - OC/Lucifer


Random Pairings
[Bold is my role]

Priest/ Parishioner

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Re: Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)
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Added: The Devil's Game

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Re: Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)
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Re: Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)
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Available Plots Updated

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Re: Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)
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-Bumps to Try and get back into things..Yet again... :( -

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Re: Drusilla's Updated Cravings (F seeking M)
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* Added Fandom's and Pairings.