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Author Topic: Recruiting-The Re-claimers ( extreme)  (Read 1379 times)

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Recruiting-The Re-claimers ( extreme)
« on: August 24, 2016, 09:46:17 pm »

Game Type: Freeform/GM driven
Recruitment status: OPEN
Character Restrictions: No fantasy or supernatural creatures
Category: Extreme


They are the cleaners, the boogeymen who hide in the shadows waiting to grab the unwary and drag them off, they make people vanish with out a trace and are spoken of only in hushed whispers. Countless theories and rumors surround the secretive group.

The group was started many,many years ago and is not affiliated with any known government entity. Their basic function is to kidnap targets, torture them and usually kill them. On occasion they do keep victims alive or even turn them loose. its not as if any one will ever believe  the victim. Will these characters be haunted by nightmares or will they seek revenge? The aftermath is just as important
Their victims range from political to military to every day people.

They know no mercy.

They call themselves the Re-Claimers and their primary purpose is to kidnap people and torture\rape\humiliate them and its all paid for by the victims parents\family\an ex\significant other. The group kidnaps wayward adult child\ex wife\ex husband and so forth during the night, throw them into the back of a large unmarked vehicle with blacked out windows and take them to a small well hidden building and proceed to torture, rape and humiliate the victim.



-Respect a players Off\Ons
-Characters have to be twenty or older. This is for the comfort level of all involved
-There is no posting order
-Use the tagging system and use headers
-This game is open to every one
-If you choose to leave the group, please inform the GM and anybody you are RPing with so we're not left hanging
- IC Posts should have substance, no one-liners.
-Communication is key,talk to your fellow players
-This game will contain non-con and extreme elements.
-Please try not to keep anybody waiting on a post longer than one week. Real life happens but inform any one you are RPing with that you will be longer
-While not a rule, interaction is not only a good thing, its encouraged. Don't exclude characters because you don't know anything about them or don't want your character to screw them. Go TALK and interact with other characters, it helps build the story


Yes it will happen. But I don't want this game to center around smut and don't let smut be the only thing your character does.

Game Info

The location is an Abandoned three story factory complete with a basement that is located some where in Nevada. Deep in the wild lands and surrounded by scrub-land and dessert that gives way to forests. Water is scarce and the day time temps reach 100+ and night time temps drop to freezing. So if any character escapes, they typically don't make it too far before the terrain and sun get to them.

There is no posting order and Re Claimers don't have to stick to one victim, they can move around from victim to victim. When in doubt, just ask. 

If you are not into torture and mutilation then thats fine. You do not have to have your character tortured or mutilated. There's always nonsexual humiliation, forced pet play, medical experimentation, psychological torture, and more.   Its limited only by your imagination.

Characters wanted:

No supernatural or fantasy characters. Both original and fandom based characters are welcome, any orientation, any gender, human, cyborg and anthro. While the Rp is largely torture driven, your characters path/story-line doesn't have to be torture or mutilation based, you can choose it to be more smut based or humiliation based or what ever you choose.

In the notes section, give us an idea of what the Re Claimers can and can't do with a victim. It'll help stpo the constant messaging each other back and forth with questions of, "Oh, can I do this?", "Can I kill them or no?", "Is this ok, or no?"

If there was something specific you wanted to happen to them like victim to be  humiliated and broken, but not mutilated or killed. Or the character is to be feminized or castrated or what ever have you before being dumped some where or once the character has been humiliated, they are to be sold into slavery make sure to put it in the Notes.

Victims can be kidnapped for a massive amount of reasons:

-jealous ex\Bf\Gf,
-victim tired to blackmail someone,
-victim pissed off or rejected someone in power
-victim saw something they were not supposed
-escaped experiment
-escaped PET

Use your imagination. Victims should come form all walks of life, all races and genders. Same with the Re Claimers.

-You can have up to three characters, any gender, any sexuality, any race

Player Name:

Character Name:

Occupation: Victim or torturer



Sexual Orientation:

Bio / History:

How did your character get into this mess?: (if a victim, jealous ex or significant other? Maybe your character was running away from someone or did something the parents didn't agree with. Was there something different about them? If a re claimer, how did they get the job)

Link to you On\Offs:


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Re: Recruiting-The Re-claimers ( extreme)
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2016, 10:24:57 pm »
Interested but far too tired to make a profile at the moment.

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Re: Recruiting-The Re-claimers ( extreme)
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2016, 10:38:40 pm »
Player Name: Yugishogun

Character Name: Sakurako Miyazaki

Occupation: Victim

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Bio / History: Sakurako is your typical wallflower, preferring to avoid the scary world of social interaction and keep her nose in a book. This habit, however, had made her a very avid learner and thus she had worked hard to become a straight A student. This unfortunately though had increased the various bullying problems she already had, as such traits made her quite the easy target. Having gotten to the point where she developed a natural stutter from her built up stress and anxiety, she eventually isolated herself and completed high school online. Since she actually feeling rather safe on the internet, Sakurako had become quite adept with computers due to her avid learning skills. While self-teaching herself coding skills for her stay-at-home job of being a web designer, she eventually stumbled upon how to hack. While it was as cool as the movies, the meek girl had all the time in the world to improve her skills to make some jobs from it on the side.

How did your character get into this mess?: Sakurako had gotten another gig involving hacking, though she would soon regret it. The solitary girl gasped in shock as viewed the information she had stumbled upon...only for everything to go black as she felt a dart in her neck a second later. The Reclaimers weren't going to let some twenty-something expose them.

Link to you On\Offs:

Notes: Please, no physical torture or mutilation. Otherwise feel free to humiliate and experiment on her as you see fit. Definitely include the pet-play, possibly even giving her modifications to be more animal-like.

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Re: Recruiting-The Re-claimers ( extreme)
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2016, 06:16:53 pm »
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