Unique interest. ( female for male)

Started by Blondebooklover, August 23, 2016, 05:33:57 AM

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So I wasn't going to post this but I have been craving a story that involves knotting.

I know odd craving and definately out of my norm. My orignal idea involved werewolves. I wanted to explore the wolf heirachy. Where maybe a omega is just coming of age or has been of age but has yet to transform. The elders decide to try to force the change from her. Pairing her up with an experienced alpha male wolf. I imagine the characters are human most of the time. But I invision maybe during sex they are more of half change. His goal is to use her and get her to change and hopefully impregnant her for the better of their tribe or group.

While I typically write in a more modern setting I am ok with maybe doing something more historical/ tribal/ sci-fi.

Also I am thinking this might work opposite of a fury if you wanted. I would still like the their to be some plot and character interaction not just a one shot story.

Please someone help me write this!
Close your eyes now and give up the fight
There’s no place for you to run and hide
Welcome to a fairytale where sinners come to sin
Drink up all your money to forget the world you’re in
Welcome to a fairytale where sinners come to sin
You know you gotta get back out but we just pull you back in