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Author Topic: Looking for 1x1 Fandom SEMI-LIT+ Open to all  (Read 644 times)

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Offline PrincessOfTheNight1988Topic starter

Looking for 1x1 Fandom SEMI-LIT+ Open to all
« on: August 17, 2016, 04:41:00 AM »
I'm looking for one maybe two roleplays just to get some creative juices flowing.  I do apologize for length.
Post 1: Basic About Me(You are here)
Post 2: What I have going & Craving
Post 3: List of Pairings & Fandoms & Non-fandoms
Post 4: Random Plots

Hello, I prefer to do fandom roleplays. Now to cover what fandom is before I get the fifty million questions about it. Fandom: A roleplay based off an anime/manga, movie/book/TV show, or game. While doing any kind of roleplay I like the characters to be on equal terms or at least close to equal terms. I understand if this does not happen because some people like to play the dom and others the sub. This is fine because I have characters that fit either role, but my sub character takes a lot of work for me to play because I am more of a dom personality.

I have a long list of pairings and shows for what fandoms I like to do. If you want to my character information and plots that I have for some pairings please just ask, I am happy to share privately. As far as my literacy level that I prefer to play at is semi-lit to lit. I can post more based off of what I'm given most times. If you give me a detailed post that even includes what my character does...well expect to read what you sent to me with a few minor changes. These kinds of roleplays annoy me and if this is what the roleplay becomes you can expect me to drop out of it after the first five replies or so.  I don't mind if you put in a reaction that you think would come from my character that is fine if it keeps the RP moving and makes it so you can post.

Now if you are wondering if I do anything other than fandom or cross over things on my list. I do I am open to any other type but I will tell you now if you want a better roleplay with me it has to be something I enjoy doing. So if you ask me to do one where my character is getting raped constantly then you won't get much out of me. I also don't mind playing as a male character but I ask that if I play something you like and its something I don't like please play something I like at the same time. This will keep me interested and also get you better responses.

I want my partner not to be a fangirl/boy.  Meaning that the character I play isn't going to fall madly in love with your character after the first few meetings.  I want things to be kinda realistic.  Now I know that I have a few characters that I personally would love to have fall in love with my characters right away but that doesn't always happen.  If you also want me to play a male because I've never played a male before or I'm not comfortable playing a Male.  Please do not request a roleplay with me unless you are willing to try.  I wasn't comfortable playing males before and I got a bunch of fangirls who wanted me to play males so I got used to it.

One of my biggest requests is that if you are bored with the roleplay, wish to stop roleplaying, or going to be gone for a while. Please for the love of the Goddesses please let me know. I understand if life gets in the way or if you get bored but I don't want to be left in the dark with no notice. I feel like its a big "F You" to me. So I wonder what I did wrong and it starts to affect my other roleplays.  I know I am horrible with this so I do want to say I am sorry if I do just poof.  I don't mean to it's normally due to my lack of time and I try to give heads up when this happens but sometimes it just happens.

If you are wanting to roleplay with me only based on where I am willing to do them I will save you the trouble of messaging me. I will roleplay any were, but I prefer not to roleplay on messengers if I can help it. Why? Well I'm a detailed poster when I really get going and so because of that I have to post four or five messages in the IM just to get out one post then having to put (Your turn) and such after it as well just annoys me more. I have just been turned to Google Docs and this is an okay place to RP at but again it requires some kind of (Your turn) after every post. So emails and them done on here are my ideal places to do them.  I have found though on a shared Google doc they do have a chat on the side that keeps the document itself clean of any (Your turn) clutter.

If you would like to see some of my old rps you can ask for them but I will warn you now that they just stop because life got in the way and the person who they were done with and I agreed because so much time had passed that we would just leave it there.

Please if you request to see a plot of mine.  Let me know if you are not interested.  I sit and check my in-box on here and if I have sent a reply to you and you do not reply to me when it concerns a roleplay I think you are going to steal my plot or have found something wrong with it that I didn't realize and it insulted you.  Just let me know if you don't want to do that plot.  Just thank me for my time and send me on my way.

If you see something that you want to play that is stroked out I am sorry but once I get two of the same plot going I do not leave it open.  Thank you for understanding and if you want to do that still leave me a message and if one of them falls through I can let you know so you can start it up with me.

I have added a section of rolepalys that are most likely going to end.  Why?  Well if I do not hear from my partner on them with in a week I start worrying.  That is if I don't get any notice or its around a holiday/my birthday(I'm December 19).  I am really okay if life gets in the way but if you are on and can only send messages let me know you wont be replying for a while.  I check my partners to see the last post and last log in.  If you posted and logged on between the last post made in our thread I will just assume that you are not interested and shoot you a line asking what is going on.  If I need to fix my post so you can have more to go off let me know right away and I will see what I can do.  Don't like my opening, okay we can delete it and start over with yours or let me rewrite it and send it to you first for approval before I edit the form.  I just want to know why you don't want to continue.  So if the thread becomes in active for a month I am considering the roleplay over.  I will then delete it from my list and try to find someone else to do it with or someone who is willing to give it a go with what we had started with.

With my life starting to pick up I'm no longer doing unlimited roleplays.  I am now doing roleplays with ten people.  This could mean more than ten roleplays but only ten partners.  Now you are probably what is going on that will make me limit my partners.  Well that is simple I am almost finished with school.  As of this update I am two classes from graduating.  When I do I have a job that I will be starting.  Things when I start that job will slow a little but only because I will be training for the job and my mind will not work.  Maybe after a few months I will be able to take more than that but until then I will keep it at ten people.  Thanks for understanding.

I just started my job because I finished school.  So my availability is going to be cut down to only night hours and weekends.  I might, if we don't have much to do at work, be able to post during the day or at least during my lunch hour.  I'm sorry if this is a problem for any current or future roleplays.

Newly added and will stay, "Perma Spots". What are these? They are people that I love to roleplay with and will always have a place in my list of roleplays. This has come around because my sister has returned to the site. Few people will be on this list because few people have been able to keep going with me through everything. So far these people are only on this site. There are others that will be added but again it will be a long wait to be updated.
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Offline PrincessOfTheNight1988Topic starter

Re: Looking for 1x1 Fandom SEMI-LIT+ Open to all
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2016, 04:43:54 AM »
Please note they are in order of my Google Docks that I use for tracking my posts.  It is ordered by the usernames of the person that I am doing them with.  Not all of them have usernames, I just started doing this the last 6 months so I don't have them all with usernames.  I will try to figure out the usernames but if I don't I'm sorry.  For finished ones they are in order of where they fit, meaning as they finish I will put them in the folder acording to the catagory that they belong to.  So anything marked for example Batman will go into the Batman folder when finished.

Current Roleplays:

Roleplays on Hold:

Potentialy Ending:


Assassination Classroom
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Offline PrincessOfTheNight1988Topic starter

Re: Looking for 1x1 Fandom SEMI-LIT+ Open to all
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2016, 04:46:49 AM »
Things with plots I like:
Ah My Goddess

I have pairings:
Assassination Classroom
Avatar The Last Air Bender
Black Butler
Black Widow
Code Geass
Death Note
Devil May Cry
Dragon Ball-Dragon Ball Z-Dragon Ball Z Kai
Fruits Basket
Harry Potter
Howls Moving Castle
Ouran High School Host Club(OHSHC)
Period Setting(Past/Present)
Pirates of the Caribbean(POTC)
Real Life
Sailor Moon
Saiyuki-Saiyuki Reload
Supernatural(TV Show)
Supernatural Creatures
Teen Titans
Trinity Blood
True Blood
Vampire Knight
The Vampire Lestat/Interview with the Vampire
Winx Club
Yu Yu Hakusho

I have watched/read/played:
Black Blood Brothers
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Holic xxx
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolf’s Rain
Fairy Tail(5-10 episodes)


Me Playing OC/I want you to play Cannon:
Assassination Classroom:
Karma Akabane/OC
Professor Bitch/OC

Avatar The last Airbender:

Poision Ivy(or Poision Ivy like character)/OC(Or Harley Quinn)
Joker/Harley Quinn(Me as Harley) or Joker like character/My Harley OC

Black Butler:
Alois Trancy/Ceil(Me as Ceil)



Code Geass:
Prince Clovis/OC

Death Note:

Devil May Cry:

Dragon Ball-Dragon Ball Z-Dragon Ball Z Kai:

Fruits Basket:
Akaito/OC(Male Version Akatio)

Harry Potter:

Howls Moving Castle:


The Goblin King/OC



Captain Jack Sparrow/OC

Sailor Moon:
Prince Diamond/OC

Saiyuki-Saiyuki Reloaded:

Supernatural(TV Show):

Trinity Blood:
Able Nightroad/OC

True Blood:

Vampire Knight:

The Vampire Lestat/Interview with the Vampire:

Winx Club:

Yami Yugi(The Pharaoh)/OC
Yami Bakura(Bakura)/OC

Yu Yu Hakusho:
Yoko Karama/OC

Characters I play:
Assassination Classroom:
Professor Bitch

Harley Quinn

Black Butler:

Code Geass:

Harry Potter:


Captain Jack Sparrow


Teen Titans:

Trinity Blood:
Caterina Sforza

Worker/Bosses Child
Worker/Bosses Significant Other


Band Member/Fan
Band Member/Band Member
Band Member/Non-Fan
Band Member/Fan who becomes Band Member
Band Member/Band Member’s Family Member
Movie Star/Fan
Movie Star/Movie Star
Movie Star/Non-Fan
Movie Star/Co-Star’s Family Member
Sports Star/Fan
Sports Star/Sports Star
Sports Star/Non-Fan
Sports Star/Teammate’s Family Member

Friend's Sibling/Sibling’s Friend
Friend’s Parent/Child’s Friend

Neighbor/Neighbor’s Child
Neighbor/Neighbor’s Relative that doesn’t live at the house

Please have a time and idea for this. Although I do have a character that could work here.


Supernatural Creatures:
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Offline PrincessOfTheNight1988Topic starter

Re: Looking for 1x1 Fandom SEMI-LIT+ Open to all
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2017, 03:33:10 AM »
Contract Marriage 1(Boss): Character 1’s family owes money due to a failed business venture.  C1 has decided that they will be the one to take on the debt.  Character 2 needs a partner and doing some checking into the employes they find that C1 has this family debt.  They propose a business deal a marriage that will benefit them both.  It is supposed to only last for a couple of months to a year.  This is to prove the marriage is real and after they will pay the debt and give them extra money for the months they were married and some extra to just make it go away quickly.

Contract Marriage 2(Pimp): Character 1’s family owes money due to a failed business venture.  C1 has decided that they will be the one to take on the debt.  With what C1 sees as no other option they go to the Red Light district in hopes to find a second job as waiting tables or bartending at a “shady” joint.  As they are on the way they find Character 2 walking from their business.  C2 needing to get approval from his father to get his mother’s inheritance.  They need to have a partner for about four months to prove that the marriage is real after that they will pay off the debt and give them extra money for the months they were married and some extra to just make it go away quickly.

My Sweet Prince(Princess): During a trip to another country Character 1 is run over as they are walking down the street.  The person who had run them over, just knocked them over and left a piece of jewelry that gets C1 taken into the palace.  After arriving at the palace they are threatened with death for stealing from the royal treasury but are spared because the king believes their story about being left on the ground with the the item.  He then explains to them that they must choose the next ruler of the country.  As they look at the heirs they make a choice to get to know one of them and see if they would be a good choice.

Destiny Ninja: Character 1 is found in the woods by a ninja who saves them from an attack of the ninja from a feuding clan.  C1 doesn’t remember anything from before they were found by Character 2 in the woods.  C2 is asked by their leader to keep an eye on C1 because they may be a spy from the other side.

Angel or Devil: Character 1 is involved in an accident and isn’t injured more than a bump on the head.  The only problem was that they find out from three beings that they really only have a week to live. (Time can be changed to longer if wanted.  This is just by the story.)  So C1 has to stay pure and spend time with the Angel in human form to become an angel as well. Stray to the dark side as it were and let themselves be corrupted by a Devil and become one because they didn’t stay pure.  Or finally spend their time with a Reaper in human form and have them take their soul off to Hades.

Ninja Love: A Ninja Princess/Prince has to help save their country with the help and training of a more experienced ninja. The more experienced ninja had a few things they had to do and used the Princess/Prince to assist them.

Mononoke Kiss: Character 1 is the child of a demon woman and a human man.  C1 is of royal blood and watches their father die in their arms.  An old friend of their mother’s shows up at their castle and tries to kidnap C1 after killing their father.  The thing standing between the old friend and C1 is a group of familiar people that C1 has seen around the castle grounds at random moments passing them off as workers.  They pick one and Character 2 now helps them escape and will attempt to take them to a safe place.

Magic Sword: Character 1 is the Princess/Prince of a kingdom who guards the famous sword Excalibur.  One day as C1 is walking through the garden outside the kingdom a stranger King Arthur had come for the sword.  C1 is left on the ground watching Arthur running away with the sword.  It is up to C1 to go off with three people to take back the sword.  Who will C1 chose?

Scarlet Fate: A young woman/man gives pieces of her/his soul to keep an evil spirit bound to a sword.  Character 1 is engaged to be wed to a demon to keep the powers in the line there.  Even though C1 is engaged to the demon there is other temptations.  A demon who C1 protected and now vows to protect C1.  A guard who is always looking after C1 and finally the new arrival in the castle an officer from the nearby village who amazingly knows about C1.