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May 25, 2018, 04:21:39 AM

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Author Topic: TransFemale LF F for Romantic, steamy 'Old Friends to New Lovers' story (Taken!)  (Read 546 times)

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Offline Brooke SatoTopic starter


Your character can only be female in this scenario. My character will be a pre-op/non-op transsexual woman who is also a lesbian - a trans lesbian.

Growing up, he was always the sweet, cute boy next door who had the silly crush on you that made you smile and glow, but the two of you only dated briefly before your character realized that she was not very attracted to guys -- and definitely not to blonde, gawky, gangly teenage Brandon Glover. You became best friends instead of high school sweethearts, although you would catch him looking longingly at you from time to time and felt a pang of sympathy for the great guy whose feelings you could never return.

After the two of you went off to college, some distance entered your relationship, and the two of you began growing apart in various ways. You learned from Brandon's brother, before you ever heard it from him, that Brandon was exploring his gender identity, seeking gender transition counseling. When Brandon finally came out to you and all of your mutual friends from high school, you pretended it was a shock, but really, you were just a little confused. How could the guy you grew up with really have been a girl underneath for all this time? You read his e-mails, respectfully agreed to change the pronouns and name you used for HER in your mind once she introduced herself to you as Vanessa, and you saw a couple of photos in which she didn't look half bad. But --- somehow, it never really clicked in your head that the person you had grown up with, whom you remembered as a guy, was actually becoming a girl.

But in the spring of your second year at graduate school, you suddenly receive an invitation from ... Vanessa ... to accompany HER on a spring break vacation to Ibiza, the beach pleasure Island in the Mediterranean. Your character took some time responding to the invitation, torn between the desire to spend time with your old friend and enjoy an amazing vacation together on the one hand and your slight confusion and discomfort with the new person who took your old friend Brandon's place on the other, but eventually Ibiza wins out over reservations, and you agree to meet her on the Island in a few weeks time.

All through the flight there, you try to prepare yourself for what might be waiting for you when you get off the plane: will a strange looking female person that vaguely resembles Brandon be greeting you, or someone who looks a lot like Brandon in drag? Will you be able to handle the differences? You start wondering whether or not you should have reconsidered this trip. However, once you get off the plane, an absolutely drop-dead GORGEOUS dark-haired beauty launches herself out of the crowd and wraps her arms around you, and laughs in a beautiful melodic voice "Hey stranger! Is everything alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

Suddenly, your mind starts catching up to your body, and you realize that you find your old friend's new form VERY attractive, and new concerns and possibilities and questions regarding the week begin to emerge...

I'm looking for a really talented, skillful writer to handle this plotline. I would like this story to be a fun, passionate romance. I would prefer that you play a character who romantically meshes with the character I will create for Brandon/Vanessa -- which we can discuss together. If the initial rp - a single encounter, or perhaps more - is enjoyable for both of us, I am open to continuing into a longer storyline.

If you would like to write this story with me, I have an appearance in mind for your character already, based on this picture of 'Vanessa' and your character together:

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Offline Lunaris

Re: TransFemale LF F for Romantic, steamy 'Old Friends to New Lovers' story
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2016, 02:54:54 PM »
Huh. I think I rather like this idea and I'm very amused by the sheer irony of it in comparison with my real a trans person who went from being super quiet and secretive to someone who is ultra-outgoing and compulsively open. So playing as the person who runs into the 2.0 version of their old friend is intriguing because in a lot of ways...I *am* that old friend in this story!