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January 18, 2018, 06:15:10 PM

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Author Topic: A few new idea's - (M/F - Looking for both)  (Read 1783 times)

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A few new idea's - (M/F - Looking for both)
« on: August 14, 2016, 07:22:21 PM »
*Please do not post to this thread, I will only respond to PM's
*If you are a writer that requires a post a day or every other day, please stop reading here. My posting schedule can be daily or once a week depending on schedule and muse.
*Please read my On/Off page before you contact me
*All idea's are just rough outlines, I would ideally like to flesh them out with potential partners
*I am willing to write both Female and Male roles depending on the story
*For some stories, I am willing to write more than one version with different partners
*Stories are not first come first serve but based on compatibility
*I do not care what your actual gender is. I can write both male and female roles and will happily play with either playing either *role.
Please note that I am looking for a good solid story. No one shot requests please. 

*** Please do not start a story with me if you can't commit to letting me know if you lose interest. I have extreme stores of patience in waiting for partners to reply to story threads if I know you are a slow poster, however please give me the basic courtesy of letting me know that you will no longer be replying to our story. I am not clingy, I will not badger you for a reason why if you don't wish to continue (however always willing to discuss ways to adjust the story if it isn't working or discuss an alternate thread), but I would strongly appreciate that small bit of respect.

Ideas: Descriptions are intentionally left vague to leave room for plotting. I love plotting

* He's been in love with her since he met her. Perhaps they work together/ she shops at his store, their relationship is superficial at best. When she's attacked (could be a mugging gone bad/ rape/ etc.. blame my new hobby of binge watching special victims unit) he's there for her at every turn until she eventually falls in love with him. How could she know that he was the attacker?

(possibility for romance; dark romance; deception; violence)


* She was a runaway, living on the streets. He is well off and alone. Somehow they meet and he takes her in, cleans her up and makes her respectable. What does he want in return? Very open adn willing to write two versions of this from both F and M point of view.

(possibility for romance; possible D/s; Older man/ younger woman; very open)

* They met online and are finally going to meet in person. She's got a secret, a hidden past. He's been searching for someone specific for a long time; is she the one he's after? - Very open on direction for this.

(possibilities for N/C; Dark Romance; True love)

*Craving* In the papers they talked about priceless pieces of art being stolen, various cities across the country. Entire collections being taken one at a time and now that one of the most prized collections in history was going to be shown in his city, he planned to catch this thief once and for all. Before the Feds, before Interpol, he would keep his city safe.  She is one of the worlds most renowned art experts and though its not in the cities budget, he reaches out to her for help in catching a thief. How could he know he was falling in love with the enemy? - Seeking a partner to play the Detective - Taken

(Possible NC; Possible Romance; Possible power struggle; Deception; Game of cat and mouse)

* He's the head of a drug cartel in South America. She's the daughter of a DEA making his business quite difficult. To make the DEA more compliant to his wishes, he takes the daughter to use as leverage.

(Possible NC; Possible Romance; Age difference) - Taken

* They had been high school sweethearts, each others first everything until one of them got bored of the small town life. Years later, they come back for the lover they left behind without saying goodbye to. - Looking for either role to fill (will possibly write 2 of this story from each point of view)

(Love story; Possible power struggle; possible NC)


*A woman has a happy life, a husband who adores her, maybe a new baby at home, they are the perfect family. She has a past though, and now someone from her past has found her and caught up with her threatening to take away everything she has. - Looking for someone to take the male role in this story.

(NC; Blackmail; Possible D/s; Dark Romance)

*She is on the run for a crime she didn't commit. He's been searching for her for two years to collect the bounty on her. Will he believe her? Still take her in? Help her prove her innocence?  Looking for the bounty hunter to write against

(Possible NC; Possible Romance; Possible Age gap; very open) - Taken


Craving -  *A good relationship gone bad. Friends and lovers but something changes, insecurities grow. Tenderness turns to pain and laughter turns to tears. Love's highest points and lowest. - Looking for someone to write the male role

(NC; Dark Romance)

*They were HS Sweethearts in a small town. They left town to make it big in the music business. She succeeded, he failed. Does he ride her coat tails? Become jealous or resentful? Have a slice of life where he fully supports her? Looking for the failed musician for this story.

(Possible NC; Possible dark romance; Love story)

*A young woman's family has arranged for her to marry someone of a suitable station, the only problem is, she doesn't love him. (I see this one set in the 1800's or earlier perhaps) With the wedding plans underway, she's left with desperation. She sees a man on the street that she's seen many times without paying him any mind. He plays music for the change that people will throw him, she offers him a more lucrative position, husband.

(Possible NC; Love Story; possible age difference; possible D/s or dark romance)


*Craving - She came from a poor and broken family living in a trailer park. He was older, a little mysterious, maybe even dangerous. Things at home got bad enough taht she got scared and ran, he was on the run or so he said and took her along with her. Where do they go from there? *Looking for someone to play the male role in this.

(Dark Romance; Possible NC; age difference)


*As children, they were playmates, as teens, they had been rivals, as adults, she'd put him in the friend zone. One after the other he'd watched as she went from one bad relationship to the next. Picked one man after the other who were wrong for her and listened each time to her cry on his shoulder. He listened until the last time when he decided she could no longer make the smart choices and he would make them for her. She would be his. - Looking for someone to play the male role

(Dark romance; possible NC; possible D/s or Domestic Discipline)

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Re: A few new idea's - (M/F - Looking for both)
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2017, 03:45:13 PM »
Updated with new plot

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Re: A few new idea's - (M/F - Looking for both)
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 07:41:48 PM »
Updated with closed and opened plots

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Re: A few new idea's - (M/F - Looking for both)
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Updated with new story