A Darker Shade of Black (Extreme, Marvel X-Men, TSxM/MxM, Gothic Romance)

Started by PaleEnchantress, August 07, 2016, 09:30:44 PM

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Laconic:  A gothic* story about the male bodied copy of Marvel Comics supervillian the evil goddess Selene. Focused on the clones sexuality,  gender and identity, trust issues, murderous cravings, the psychological trauma of instantly awakening to 17,000 years of memories, and his/her ultimate fight to survive when most would benefit from his destruction.  You play his lover (as well as many other characters) who can be nearly any man you want.

(*As in the literary sense of the dark and maccabre being presented in a form the reader is meant to find a pleasant chill in. Though the character fits the modern subculture as well)


The actual events in the rp are very customizable. The background though is that The Black Queen, Selene knew her plans with Necrosha would potentially turn just about every superteam in the world against her. Naturally she made sure a few ways to recover if something went wrong.  One of these ways was to create a controlled copy of herself that she could consume to revive herself if needed. (For simplicity we will call the copy "he" for now)

Her viewpoint of men being tools and desire to ensure there would be no mix ups made her copy male and his "default" age a few years younger than hers.  The simulacrum was active and conscious for most of "Necrosha".  Despite his similar level is power to her the magick of his creation ensured his devotion to her. He saw her as a dark mother figure.

He wasn't treated badly by Selene's other minions exactly but he was mostly ignored and treated like an object rather than the ultimate extension of Selene's will he felt he was. His attraction to Selene's lovers and his belief that he was Selene for the most part caused plenty of friction. They all wanted to disregard him for various reasons such as their own idea that they were Selene's second in command, or not wanting to feel anything for him due to him being made to die. Yet they couldn't ever disrespect him because of his own power and that Selene still saw him as part of her. Having two Black Queen's they could potentially offend was very stressful. He even fit Selene's clothes fairly well.

When Selene was destroyed the clone experienced a near miracle. The spell that kept him completely subservient to her broke. He stayed in her mansion for a day or two, trying to accept that at any moment Selene would be in him and his entire existence would be erased. He couldn't, he wanted to live, he wanted to feed, he wanted to remake the world in his image. He was Selene, wasn't he? He knew he was a clone but most of his memories were his existence as her. He had to survive.

Sadly he realized he had no allies. The few loyal to Selene would not help him. He couldn't resist Selene, the *other* Selene on his own. He knew what she would do to him even if she came back through other means because he knew what he would do to him in the same position. As much as he hated it he would have to hope he could convince their enemies that they would have to deal with one Selene or the other and that they were much better off with him. Many also had a conscience he could appeal to.  With little other choice he went he went to one of the people he hated the most because he knew he could count on her identity as a mentor for teens and her hatred of Selene to work in his favor: Emma Frost.


This stories narrative style will be different from usual. As the dominant partner I usually end up with more control of the environment and usually the plot itself. This tends to be a general trend I notice. This RP is highly focused on my character's mentality and how he reacts to others and vice versa. So you would need to control most (not necessarily all) the cannon characters.

The simulacrum is irredeemably evil but unlike his counterpart he isn't unable to form attachments to others. He is also an extreme sadist and megalomaniac at heart and could be a nightmarish "Yandere" type.

Emma Frost is an obvious important NPC but the rest of the X-men/whatever groups roaster varies frequently even in the comics so other additions depend on who you like. If you want a even more overt villain focus he could choose Sebastien Shaw to reach out to instead.  It depends on what character you wish to make your main protagonist and therefore his love interest.  If you choose a hero it's likely people will believe he might be a redeemer for the simulacrum when the guy is utterly devoted to evil due to his new love. We could even include a very dark love triangle where the simulacrum plays a deranged stalker to one man while also in a relationship with a man who shows nearly martyr like devotion. It might even be interesting if the Martyr is the stronger of the two.

Suggested  partners: Havock, Daken*, Wither, Joseph, Angel*, Mr Sinister, Blackheart, Dracula* Hellstorm*, Sentry*,  Colossus, Morbius, nearly any of the guys based on mythic gods, Omega Red.

And those are just ones that I find particularly hot by either plot relevance or general sexiness. Ones with a * are particularly craved. It's by no means a complete list nearly anyone could potentially work.  Just keep in mind this is an extreme game and the simulacrum might do any number of things to his lover for both eroticism and horror.  Let me know if you're interested!
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