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Author Topic: F Seeking M for Long-Term Romance RP (Ideas Within! Original and Canon)  (Read 475 times)

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Offline Naiad BurialTopic starter

So I have had stories for medieval fantasy and moderns that I would like to find someone to write with for. Looking for someone who can post fairly frequently, at least 1+ times a day and is invested to completion if we work well together. I don't know about most people, but I love to finish what I've started whenever I can and make RP a priority. Hoping to find like-minded passionate players.

My O/O's are not all applicable to one particular idea, of course. Ultimately, the romantic story-driven plots that I invest my time and energy in are the most memorable. But that doesn't mean we can't work plenty of nice steamy scenes in there.

These are long-term stories emphasizing character development and romance, but smut is definitely one of the goals. Looking to write with and against anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs per post. I've been RPing 10+ years and have a few opener/writing samples here from other RPs I've done recently. I also love playing by e-mail or messenger with Gtalk but this thread is here because I'm open to on-site threads as well. Message me if you might be interested!

The Android
Your basic android story. I just haven't had a chance to ever really play or explore one. Could use the premise where a wealthy and lonely girl receives the android as her caretaker and gift and follow that story throughout her growth and aging. Or we could reverse it and say a struggling teen or adult finds himself in possession of one, or maybe an inventor manages to create one that looks, thinks, and acts like a real girl with hard questions.

The Cat
A modern fantasy where a man adopts a cat, or rather, the cat chooses him. The main catch being that said cat can shape shift into a lovely elfin-like girl. Two different ways this can be played out is 1) a hurt/comfort story of a man who is having some sort of trouble coping with an issue. Maybe a death, or tragic past, PTSD, or some sort of addiction. If we bring various drugs into it then it would be like she is a hallucination, or so he might think at first. Or, 2) it could just be simple fun and light-hearted play, trying to figure out how to think, deal, or play with a cat that changes and is like a pet of a person.

The Fighter
He’s an up and rising underground cage ring fighter. Eventually he takes notice of one of his biggest supporters: a beautiful and sweet young girl that always picks flowers for him to throw into the ring upon his victories. As he takes the time to speak and learn about her, he discovers she is an orphan that admires him for his strength and beauty in a world of ugly things where the weak are trampled upon. Perhaps he adopts her? Or finds her company and kindness an inspiration to his matches. Maybe he becomes injured one day and requires more of her help just to get by. Or he becomes someone she relies on through his dangerous line of work.

The Wounded
A powerful dark warrior/being is mortally wounded and barely manages to escape. A simple human peasant girl finds and nurses him back to health. Maybe he ends up bringing the war he is a part of to her peaceful little world? Wherever it goes from there, goes!

The Fae
He's a fantastical/mythical being, elf, fairy, or anything else lovely, that she knew as a child. But only she could see or meet him. They could have become friends or lovers, but eventually other people were catching on that something wasn't quite right with her and took her away. Years later, when she's much older and a typical mundane adult, she thinks it must have all been her imagination after all and doesn't remember much. The medications and deprogramming have washed most of those lovely days away. She's living a boring and routine life where she's not completely happy. But now he's gotten tired of waiting for her, and starts to come back into her life by posing as a modern/mortal man just enough to blend in and reach her again. And to help her to remember.

The Pact
An angelic healer helps to fight a war eradicating the demonic race. At the last moment she spares the last demon prince and makes a contract with him. He will be bound to a human form until he grants her last wish. What is that wish, you ask? Well we can keep it a secret plot twist until then, or discuss it with the details. I would be happy to guide the story but would be more than open to working in any ideas you might like as well.

TAKEN - Criminal/Wealthy Girl
If you've ever seen Britney Spears' "Criminal" music video, this is pretty much the basis of it. It doesn't have to follow that or end the same way, exactly, just serves as a starting point.

Samples of my writing, though do note that one is a bit longer than usual given its an opener. This gives you an idea of what I'm looking for as well.

Sample for Multi Para

The young woman had been tending to the small fire in the middle of the clearing. Prodding at the kindling of moss after striking the flint, she made sure the spark had caught before feeding the tiny embers with wisps from a fan. A-Un was resting close by in the center of the camp after having pawed at the soft earth to create a temporary nest. His unblinking, vertical pupils were watching her attentively before shifting to the demon lord that had arrived and raising his head. At the movement, Rin looked up from her work to follow the mount's gaze just as Jaken announced Sesshoumaru's arrival.

Hurriedly, Rin had risen to greet him, though he moved so swiftly that she was barely able to catch up with Jaken while he bowed. Sesshomaru had already picked a place to be seated by then. Her bright amber gaze exchanged glances with Jaken before she looked back to Sesshoumaru, nodding enthusiastically while she answered his question. "Yes! Welcome home, Lord Sesshomaru!"

Returning to the fire that was now casting small flames among the twigs, Rin set a dry branch within the small pit while the warm light grew out of the shadows around them. Ensuring that the fire needed nothing more, she took a small wrapped parcel and brought it to the demon lord as she knelt among the thick grasses by his side. She took note not to be too careless where she sat now with her pink and white checkered kimono, for the more she grew the more she realized how valuable they were. Not just in make and material, but because they had all been given to her by the demon lord before her.

"The village here is preparing for their autumn harvest festival. Their crops grew really well this year," Rin informed him as she unwrapped the handkerchief that had protected a small stack of red bean pancakes. The center was still warm as she had bought them just as she was leaving for the evening. She presented these to him, along with the flower crown that she took from her head to set down next to the food offering.

"Did you find what you were looking for, Lord Sesshomaru?" She smiled as she regarded him, her hands in her lap. She didn't know what he sought for, and did not expect details, but she still liked to ask. If for no other reason than because she cared for him.

Sample Post 'Casual'
After several more minutes and joggers had passed, Sara finally relaxed a bit more from her straightened posture and leaned back against the bench, crossing her ankles before her. A small smile continued to play against her features. The smattering of dotted sunlight across her dark hair through the leaves warmed her scalp, but not uncomfortably so. The only thing she could think of that would make the quiet afternoon walk with the boy the next door anymore pleasant was music. Or so she thought in the back of her mind, suppressing her amusement.

"Oh, that reminds me, we should have brought a sketchbook!" She sighed a bit at the lost perfect opportunity. They had been looking at his doodling and talking about it all morning and she had failed to think of all the artists and muses that could be found in the very park that they were going to that day. "Hm. Well, maybe next time. Hey, this might sound kind of silly, but would you like to take out a row boat?"

Sample Post Opener

It was only proper that it should rain for funerals.

She had never come to realize that quite so acutely until the sunny autumn days leading up to the funeral service of King Philionel El Di Seirūn. The procession within the capital was everything it was planned and expected to be. Somber, formal, precise. A beautiful elegy cooing constantly as the mourning dove amid whispers and an occasional outburst of wailing. 

It had been exactly one week from the moment the royal servant found the king in his eternal sleep come the morning. No signs of a struggle, no clues, no warning. He was simply there, laughing at the dinner table as they recounted the days events, praising her for how far she had come, how well she had handled the trade negotiations with the Elmekian Empire. She kissed him good night then. And now she kissed him goodbye.

She had been told that her final part in the series of eulogies had been beautiful; that it did justice to the man of justice himself. Honestly, she could not remember it, or most of the week that had passed for that matter. All she could recall now was the strange feeling of the hot sunlight upon her skin contrasting with the cool chill of the fall breeze. That wind carrying the scent and petals of thousands of white chrysanthemums burying her father's casket. 

None of the subjects or servants at the funeral had witnessed the Princess shed a single tear. Odd, and slightly unexpected. She had cried when they had been unsuccessful in reviving him, of course. Through a haze of endless tears she had never cast more intense and powerful spells of healing, every single one she knew and some she didn't realize she knew how to cast. She had immediately and passionately ordered a thorough investigation and search for the culprit, already convinced that it was absolutely not a natural cause of death. Her intuition told her so. Her father was the strongest man she knew.

Since then, the shock had set in. Then the numbness. With the King's sudden departure Princess Amelia Wil Telsa Seirūn and his closest servants and workers naturally had to fill the temporary void left by his various business affairs and duties. She carried out those duties automatically, almost effortlessly, and she did it purposefully despite everyone's advice to rest and take her time to mourn. It was easy to lose herself in the work. She never realized how much there actually was. King Phil had always made time to help her in her royal duties, if not eat dinner with her, as much as he possibly could.

It was only hardest when there was nothing to do. Like now, the moment she was waiting to meet yet another chorus of visitors to give their condolences. The funeral had happened so fast that it was impossible for most people to attend. She did wish they would hurry. Because the longer she had to stay in the greeting parlor where her father's portrait hung, the more her heart burned.

Canon List

The following is a list of all the series and character pairings that I would hope to deepen and explore. These are heterosexual canon relationships as they are presented in various anime and games. There are a few original characters (OC) which are either based directly from the series or should be plausibly worked within an open pairing. Aside from those exceptions, I don't often mix original and series based characters in a canon RP.

I have, or can quickly create, a plot to match with any of these pairings, though the best I've found is when we can work on something collaboratively. You don't have to be an expert on any series. Just know the characters we're writing and have fun!

I always prefer playing the female role, and this will be noted on the right. Onto the lists!


Character Sought / Character Played / (Series)

Stein / Marie / (Soul Eater)
Soul / Maka / (Soul Eater)

Sullivan /Wolfram / (Black Butler)
Ciel / Lizzy / (Black Butler)
Sebastian / Meirin or Cat Demon OC / (Black Butler)

XingKe / TianZi / (Code Geass: R2)
Suzaku / Euphemia / (Code Geass)
Lelouch / C.C. / (Code Geass)

Zelgadis / Amelia / (Slayers)
Xelloss / Filia / (Slayers)

Hotohori / Houki or Miaka / (Fushigi Yuugi - Suzaku)
Nakago / Soi / (Fushigi Yuugi - Seiryuu)

Saitou / Tokio / (Rurouni Kenshin)
Aoshi / Misao / (Rurouni Kenshin)
Kenshin / Tomoe / (Rurouni Kenshin)
Sanosuke / Megumi / (Rurouni Kenshin)
Hiko / Okon / (Rurouni Kenshin)

InuTaisho/ Izayoi / (Inuyasha)
Sesshoumaru/ Older Rin / (Inuyasha)

Hakkai / Kanan / (Saiyuki)
Gojyo / Shunrei / (Saiyuki)
Kougaiji / Yaone / (Saiyuki)

Serpico / Farnese / (Berserk)
Guts / Caska / (Berserk)

Hatori / Kana / (Fruits Basket)
Ayame / Mine / (Fruits Basket)

Hameln / Flute / (Violinist of Hameln)
Clarinet / Queen Horn / (Violinist of Hameln)

Masanobu Hojo (Model) / Sakako ("Sadako") / (Gantz Ch 30-77)
Kurono Kei / Kojima Tae / (Gantz)

Sanjuro / Hotaru / (.hack//Legend of Twilight.)

Kakyou / Hokuto / (X/1999)
Kamui / Kotori / (X/1999)

Alucard / Integra / (Hellsing)
Pip / Seras / (Hellsing)

Gene / Melfina / (Outlaw Star)
Jim / Hanmyo / (Outlaw Star)

Mousse / Shampoo / (Ranma 1/2)
Ranma / Akane / (Ranma 1/2)

Jin / Shino / (Samurai Champloo)

Allen / Marlene / (Vision of Escaflowne)

Lantis / Hikaru / (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Kiba / Cheza / (Wolf's Rain)

Spike / Julia / (Cowboy Bebop)

Elios (Helios) / ChibiUsa / (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Ashram / Pirotess / (Record of Lodoss War)

Setsuna / Sara / (Angel Sanctuary)
Uriel / Doll / (Angel Sanctuary)

Touga / Utena / (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Shannon / Raquel / (Scrapped Princess)


Thranduil / Wife / (Lord of the Rings, Pre-Hobbit)
Legolas / Tauriel / (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit)

Sirius Black / Hestia Jones / (Harry Potter)
Bill Weasley / Fleur Delacour / (Harry Potter)

Jareth / Sarah / (Labyrinth)

Howl / Sophie / (Howl's Moving Castle)

American Comics

Gambit / Rogue / (X-Men)
Wolverine / OC / (X-Men)

Bruce Wayne / Selina Kyle / (Batman: TAS or Batman Returns)

Steve Rogers / OC / (Post-The First Avenger movie)
Tony Stark / Pepper Potts / (Iron Man Movies)

Video Game Series

Joel / Tess / (Last of Us)

Thane / Jane Shepard / (Mass Effect)

Geralt / Yennefer / (Witcher Series and Books)
Iorveth / Saskia / (Witcher 2)

Fenris / Marian Hawke / (Dragon Age II)

Mitsurugi / Setsuka / (Soul Caliber III)

Link / Zelda / (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Vega / OC / (Street Fighter Series)

Dante and-or Vergil / Trish / (Devil May Cry)
Nero / Kyrie / (Devil May Cry 4)

James / Mary / (Silent Hill 2)
Billy Locane / Miriam Locane / (Silent Hill 4)

Cao Pi / Zhen Ji / (Dynasty Warriors 4)
Zhang He / Sun Shang Xiang / (Dynasty Warriors 4)
Zhou Yu / Xiao Qiao / (Dynasty Warriors 4)

Mathias or Dracula / Elisabetha / (Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, or future.)
Leon / Sara / (Castlevania: Lament of Innocence)
Alucard / Maria / (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Richter / Annette / (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Soma / Mina / (Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow)
Hector / Julia / (Castlevania: Curse of Darkness)

Cecil and-or Kain / Rosa / (Final Fantasy IV)
Edge / Rydia / (Final Fantasy IV)
Edward / Anna / (Final Fantasy IV)
Setzer / Daryl / (Final Fantasy VI)
Edgar / Terra or OC / (Final Fantasy VI)

Squall / Rinoa / (Final Fantasy VIII)
Irvine / Selphie / (Final Fantasy VIII)

Kuja / Garnet / (Final Fantasy IX)
Amarant / Lani / (Final Fantasy IX)
Zidane / Garnet / (Final Fantasy IX)

Auron / Paine or Lulu / (Final Fantasy X)
Tidus / Yuna / (Final Fantasy X)

Balthier / Fran / (Final Fantasy XII)

Final Fantasy VII Series

Tseng / Elena
Sephiroth / Lucrecia
Vincent / Lucrecia
Cid / Shera
Cloud / Tifa
Zack / Aeris
Yazoo / OC

Final Fantasy XV


Kingdom Hearts Series

Axel / Larxene
Sora / Kairi
Roxas / Namine

Resident Evil Series

Leon Kennedy / Ada Wong
Albert Wesker / Ada Wong
Billy Coen / Rebecca Chambers

Ace Attorney Series

Miles Edgeworth / Fransizka Von Karma
Phoenix Wright / Iris Fey
Klavier Gavin / Ema Skye

Tales of Symphonia

Regal / Raine
Zelos / Sheena

If you enjoy writing writing for male canons or original characters, whether you are a male or female outside of the Internet, then please send me a message! I am very PM friendly. Hope to hear from you!
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