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Author Topic: Solo Campaign on R20 (Gothic Horror System game)  (Read 911 times)

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Solo Campaign on R20 (Gothic Horror System game)
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:23:19 am »

I vow to share my light with the world
To illuminate the night so others won’t have to see the dark
To Ignite the flame in others so that they may join my war
To give my entire life to the order’s cause
From now, till the day I burn out
~The vow of the society

Arana is a holy city in the nation of Olan. It is the headquarter of the church of the light father, the dominant religion in the world. The church teaches that in the beginning of the universe, everything was dark and demons ruled the world. This all changed when the light father descended from the heavens, recreating the world with his radiance and bringing forth the age of men, banishing the demons away into the abyss.

Thousands of years later, in an age where mankind prospered from the rise of science and logic, these scriptures are viewed as nothing more than tales. Unknown to the public, however, demons still exist. They have been hiding in the dark corners of the land, and some even managed to exist amongst humans without being discovered, preying upon god’s chosen people from the shadows.

Humanity, however, is not without its defenders. Among these guardians are members of the Candlelight Society, a secret organization that recruits and trains people from all walk of life who hunts demons. The Candlelight Society’s reach is far and they are sponsored by some very influential members of the church and the government, providing them with the best means to fight their adversary, from the finest weapons and firearms to ancient tomes of magic kept in their hidden chapter houses all across Olan.

This is their story as they try to desperately live two lives, one in a world of ignorance, where the lives of men and women are governed by the oppressive laws of culture and propriety and another of freedom and truth, yet one where death lurks in every corner.


Hello, I'm Godfang and I'm looking for a partner to rp in a setting I've been using for a while.  The type of story we can do in the setting is varied, I merely want to explore the setting some more and nothing is better for that than actual roleplays. Here are a few suggestions for scenarios, but if you have something in mind do let me know.

1. Memento Mori (male hunter x female hunter)
Knowing you may die at any time is a powerful aphrodisiac. Two hunters are just returning from a particularly bloody hunt. As they return to the society's safehouse, the two decided to celebrate life with a little no-strings-attached sex

2.The pine-forest man (male hunter x courtesan)
Being a high class courtesan in the red light district of Arana means one has to deal with many clients from the upper crust of society, most of them old and wrinkled, but recently a young lord has frequented the brothel, a widower. He proved to be a devastating lover, leaving the courtesans in his employ utterly satisfied. Eventually, the madam of the brothel herself decided to give the man a ride. He didn't give his name, but the courtesans all mentioned that he smells like a pine forest

3.A pleasant interogation (hunter x cultist)
A cultist had been captured and the society needed information from them. The cultist refused to speak so the guildmaster decided to use a different approach, they send in a young hunter to use his charms and sexual prowess to loosen the cultist's tongue.

4.A match made in heaven (male hunter x civilian woman)
A noblewoman is matched with a young nobleman. He was nothing like what she is used to, openminded, adventurous and respectful. He also doesn't seem to care about social stigmas, consumating the marriage long before the wedding day. She was a virgin once who believed that sex is nothing but a mean to reproduce, he changed that. Now, he is poised to teach her everything there is to know about pleasure.

My preference is R20>Forum>PM
Pathfinder > DnD 5th Ed> Fate Core

I prefer players who enjoys roleplay over action and a victorian england-esque setting. If interested, send me a pm to tell me where you like to play, what system you like and your availabilities. Bonus point if you have a character concept ready