Tale of Two Stories (Scifi and Fantasy)

Started by Tick, August 03, 2016, 12:00:14 AM

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Welcome to my semi rushed proposals.

So first, I work.. a lot more then is probably healthy. I work as a system engineer who is on call a lot, which means some nights I get next to no sleep or pulled 14 hours plus 2 hours of driving. So I haven't been able to rp in a while. I have had the craving and need to rp growing more and more, both ideas being something I have been toying with for probably over a year.

I will be at most taking two rps, as I tend to get attached to my rps and reply quickly when I can. This might mean me typing it up on my tablet during lunch or while waiting to die after work, which may mean some typos, so do be aware of that. And because of this, I don't want to leave my partners waiting very long.

Next, I like to play flawed characters. So most of my characters will be usually flawed and focus on mental flexibility to overcome them. They also usually are "good" morally characters that struggle with their desires and what they believe to be the "right thing to do". I find that dynamic interesting.

Now, if I still have your attention, here are the two ideas. Both are going to be "semi" vague, because I want to hear your ideas. I have dozens of ideas for each, but I don't want to define how you play in each world.

Chains of the Gods
Genre: Science Fantasy
Pairing: M/F, for a really good idea, maybe F/F
Setting: Several thousand years from now, after humanity has colonized multiple worlds and mutations have begun to take place to better assist with survival on remote worlds. War has evolved to the point of biological weapons on a scale never before possible. In the midst of a large scale war, where the damage done was beginning to segment worlds, a top secret science division of the Last Human Empire's military designed artificial humans with the power to manipulate the forces that comprise the world in ways that had not been practiced before. It was nicknamed Project GOD, in an attempt to create a living artificial being that could only be compared to the gods of the old world. Each one of the original generation was given a nickname based on the original Greece, Egyptian and Mayan gods, the first being Zeus. What ended up happening was not a grand victory for the Empire, but every branch of the science division using their own creation to take control of the universe. Even after dominating all other governments, the Empire proceeded to enter a civil war that ended over half the planets, destroyed over a dozen of the first generation and lead to a separation where each god and their creators started to taking control of different planets. Most gods were built or later upgraded to include systems to download copies of their conciencness to a backup factory that produces secondary bodies for them. These are slow however and usually can only produce a new body every five years at soonest. However they can store the mind of the God for long periods. Some Gods have multiple backup bodies ready. This gives them to illusion of immortality.

Jump four hundred years, the gods had reduced humanity, other then those still controlled by the Creators, to various stages of pre-Information Age. Rogue factions of the Science Division continued to make new Gods, trying to assert dominance.

Summary: A newest generation god is completed, finally leaving his virtual life teaching him to enter the real world. As he awakes, for whatever reason(perhaps another God made by the same group) released the restrictions forcing obedience to his Creators, allowing him to rebel and flee. Like most of the Post 3rd Generation Gods, he drew psychic energy to use his extreme power from humans who willingly gave it to him. This meant faith, loyalty or any other reason. Thus why many of the gods still retain the "myth" of being a god. However, due to his rebellion, he is marked as a rogue god and never given a name, his backup factory disabled.

This could go towards them making another god to hunt him down, his "sister" perhaps. Perhaps the one who helps him rebel is also his "sister" who can resist the obedience restrictions just enough to free him.

Genre: Fantasy
Pairing: M/F or F/F
Setting: The Magic Universe or something similar. Multiverse theory is real(sort of). There are individuals who undergo massive trauma ignite their "spark" allowing them to planeswalk. This generally means they can jump between planes, and all of them generally have access to magic in one form or another.

Summary: It was never suppose to be real, it was stories, a game. When he found a book to cast spells, he thought it was joke. Then after a couple experiments, he found it to be real. From the non, he began to study it, the spells more massive then anything he had imagined. The book was old, he knew that much, but no signs of a mage had been seen in thousands of years. That was, until the game ended.

There was a spell, something he didn't believe was real. Instructions to create the Philosopher's Stone. There was no mention of this in the game, but that didn't surprise him at this point. This book was written by someone he had never heard of, but someone he did know came for it. After he started to notice that the structure of the landlines, satellites and various cables that ran through the world created an enchantment to create it, the spell he never even considered casting. The forging of the Philosopher Stone. By this point, he knew what it was. The Stone was a near infinite source of mana created by breaking down an entire plane, an entire universe, into a single point. There was limits to how much it could release at once, but it would always keep releasing more and more mana.

When the Dragon from the game appeared, the most feared villain of the time, moving towards the apex of the spell sigil, he knew what was to come. Rushing to the capital of the US, he was forced to watch as the military was ripped asunder before the Dragon, one of the last two planeswalker dragons. He knew quite well, what would happen if the monster reached the spell and cast it. Unfortunately, he also knew that as a mage, he was far from the monster's equal in intelligence or power. His odds of winning were near zero, the military was barely making him pause. There was only one safe option, to reduce the damage.

Rushing to the sigil, several military members stopped him, before he explained as fast as he could what was going on, demonstrating his own attempts at magic, forcing them to understand there was more to this then anyone thought. When he reached the center of the spell, he started to question what his options were. Could he destroy the spell? No, not enough to prevent the dragon from casting it after a few months of work. He would only stall the inevitable. There was only one way to stop the Dragon from getting hold of such absurd power. Casting the spell, he destroyed his only plane. Everyone he loved, his family. The core burned itself into his eyes, giving him a pair of iris that never stayed any color too long.

But... was power his actual objective? Was it to prevent the dragon from getting it? As he planeswalked away. He realized the Multiverse was almost a year behind where the game was story wise. He had advanced knowledge of where, when and what everyone was doing. On top of that, he knew that the dragon was still out there. There was no way the dragon wouldn't have cut his losses and left before the Plane collapsed. But, he wasn't a natural planeswalker, he knew he could only Planeswalk because of the Stone. Guilt eating away at his insides, there was only one proper course of action. There was a character, or rather since it was all real, a person he knew from the story had horrible morals, had been through hell and still did what she believed was right. Perhaps the way to prove he wasn't grasping for his own power and perhaps to allow to judge him, was to give the Stone to someone who was better then him, and deserved it.

Edit: Fixed title cause I can't spell. I wish I could say that was suppose to be a pun. This is what I get for rushing. I do apologize for all typos in this post.