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Author Topic: DarkPrince's Story Lusts! Especially Magipunk!  (Read 3053 times)

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DarkPrince's Story Lusts! Especially Magipunk!
« on: July 29, 2016, 01:28:32 AM »
Please do not post in this thread. PM me if interested.

What I Am Looking For In A Partner:

Literacy - I need a partner who has at least a moderate grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting perfection. I'm not perfect and I'm going out on a limb to say that you probably aren't either. Spelling and grammar just have to be in the ballpark. You don't have to write a novel but let's not do a one liner.

- Talking to me about our story lets me know you're interested. That you're excited. That gets me excited. Excitement gets my muse up and running.

Understanding - My health is not great right now and my posting rates will fluctuate. Sometimes I can respond multiple times a day. Sometimes I will only be able to respond once a week. Just depends on how badly my body screws me over at any particular moment.

Females, Futas, and Traps! Oh My!

I'm not being very specific on what kind of characters I want to play across and that is intentional. I am pretty open here. I want you to play whatever will be the most fun for you. If that means being a badass human woman - awesome. If that means being a lamia - cool. If that means being a big dicked Amazonian futa - fine with me. If that means being an effeminate man in women's clothing - I am down with that. Now that last one is kind of specific but I am only interested in M/M scenarios under certain circumstances.

Here are a few links with picture inspirations:

Futas - &

In fact just go to my picture thread ( It's NSFW but there is a lot of good material there. Using a source picture from there would make me very happy.


Halfling Women - Thanks to InCase and several talented League of Legends fan artists I have a serious need to play opposite a cute little halfling woman. Craving Hard
Monstergirls - This has been a craving for a while. See KS's excellent Monstergirl thread for inspiration. I'm open to most.
Smut - I would like a story meant more to explore smut and kink. Taboo and new experiences and all that.
Taboo - I would like more chances to explore taboo concepts (nonconsensual, incest, shemale, etc)
Magipunk Inventors Fair - I really, really want this.
Magical Zoologist - I have a lifelong love of zoology and biology that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has stirred up. Playing a Newt Scamander type would be fun. Especially with my love of monster lore and creating my own monsters.
Manhunt - See fandom ideas. Could really use a game as cathartic as this right now. Craving Hard


The Kaladesh Inventor's Faire! - M for M/F/Futa/Monstergirl/Hafling/Damn near anyone, Craving Hard

Isn't that awesome? A whole magipunk world that celebrates arcane science and invention with massive beautiful cities and a cool upbeat vibe to it. Now this is the teaser trailer for the new Magic the Gathering set Kaladesh but I don't care about that. Well I do but not when it comes to this idea. I just really want to play in the setting presented here in this video without outside influence.

I mean unless you are really into Magic the Gathering. Then sure.

What I am imaging is simple in premise but infinite in potential. You and I playing inventors heading to the inventors fair seeking to prove themselves. That's it. Where we go from there is entirely up to us. Does an invention go haywire and create a real threat? Espionage like battles between inventors? Military or terrorist groups seeks to use one of our inventions for intentions? Invasion from another world? Political intrigue between guilds? Anything and everything is possible. I almost hear the Pokemon theme for this setting - I wanna be the very best/Like no one ever was - with young inventors leaving home to seek their future.

Who are we? Anyone we want to be. Races, towns, families, and histories are fully ours to play with. I just want to escape this world for a time to a world where knowledge and creativity and invention are celebrated. I want crazy magipunk vehicles and wondrous inventions and automanous works of art. I want a sense of wonder and adventure. Something a little brighter. A place where we can make a difference and explore a world so very different from our world.

And, being E, maybe some sexy shenanigans along the way.

Women I'd Love To Play Across From in Kaladesh:

- See this NSFW post:

Story Seeds for Kaladesh:

- Two inventors (rivals, friends, or friendly rivals) heading to the Faire to seek out fortune, fame, and fun. Basic and most versatile of seeds.

- A race team (driving something what you see at :48 of the video) competing to be the best. Sabotage, pulse pounding races, race fixing... lot of cool things.

- One of us is the invention of the other. A magipunk automaton with free will. Something to stir up some excitement. The kind of thing someone might want to steal the designs for.

- Two young geniuses who have been rivals for years. Always trying to one up each other but when it comes time for the Faire one of them comes to the other for help with their grand invention. See one of them has been working on a prosthetic heart for themselves and they need the other help implant and perfect it.

Mandatory Naughty Seeds:

- One or both characters are from relatively sheltered backgrounds before arriving in Kaladesh and finding themselves smack dab in the middle of the libertine celebrations. Drink, drugs, and debauchery as they struggle balancing the Faire with their new found appetites.

- Our characters are siblings who ran off together to the Faire to escape their home life. There - far away from the bad memories of home - they discover each other in new ways.

- One or both of our characters invent something that has non-perverted uses (a cloaking device, a machine for changing species and looks that can make monsters and futas - or go into almost any kind of gender transformation story, etc) and get caught up in the debauchery as they test it out for the Faire. Craving.

Honest Statement - I am open to almost anything here. I'm in love with the world and the concepts. You want to play clockwork woman, a halfling with a penchant for going fast, a monstergirl with a fascination for human men, a futa looking for love at the Fair or you want me to do those or be a monster or an anthro - that's all cool with me. I just want to play in this world. I want adventure and invention and creativity. In and out of bed.
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Re: DarkPrince's League Lusts! (M f F)
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2016, 04:29:08 PM »

The Court of Night - M for F

Cihuatlan is the fantastic echo of the dreams and terrors of the Aztecs. Dark jungle and temple pyramids. Sacrifices for the favor of the gods and monsters in the shadows. Priests with the power of life and death alongside warriors that call upon the strength of spirits to do battle with their enemies. Weapons of razor edged obsidian and sultry women. A world ruled by an Emperor's whims.

The princess has died having finally lost her long battle with illness. She was young - not yet having seen twenty years - and the toll it took on the Emperor was terrible. She was his favorite. His sun and moon - and he watched her waste away unable to be saved by any art his priests or magicians knew. In his grief madness grew and he turned to terrible sources. He learned how to raise her from the dead but he needed her soul to do so. That is why
was summoned to the Emperor's side. One of the greatest and most loyal warriors of his Empire. A man who's name is known far and wide. One skilled enough and brave enough to go into the lands of the dead - into the Courts of Night themseves - to bring back his daughters soul. But he could not go alone. He needed a guide. For that a priestess (or magician or the like) was called to lead him. Equally skilled and fearsome in her arts as he in his.

Together they must brave the lands of the dead to bring back a princess' soul. Horrific monsters, gods, surreal worlds, and all to do something that may set the world on fire. For what man can see what disrupting the way of the world may bring? I can see intrigue in people trying to stop them as they head for the entrance to the land of the dead, epic battles, dark magics, questions of loyalty in the face of madness, and more. Lot of potential here. And below I will post some inspirational images for the priestess (or whatever you want her to be).

With No One Else To Turn To - M for F

was the Queen of an Empire dating back two millenia and stretching from one edge of the world to the other. Her warriors were the stuff of legend.
from the frozen north...
from the endless steppes...
exotic assassins
from the islands of the East...
forged in countless battles... and even
answered her call. Her armies were without count or equal. So much so that generations ago her line had instituted a tradition. When they came to a country to claim it they gave them a fair chance. A tournament of champions from their land against the champions of the Empire. It was as fair as they could make it - and they never believed their warriors could lose. And they didn't for centuries. Swalling up nation after nation without a battle being fought.

Till they came to the distant nation of Lamphun. A place of lush jungles and aged waterways and magnificent temples. A land where combat was both entertainment and religion. When the Empire made its challenge it was met with applause. When the Empire presented their 8 greatest warriors the king of Lamphun presented
. A warrior blind since birth and considered touched by their mysterious gods. The champions of the Empire laughed till one by one he defeated them all and for the first time the Empire tasted defeat. The Empire left but the bitter taste did not fade quickly.

The Queen never forgot the nameless man who had defeated her champions but the memory took on new significance when she was overthrown by a new faction among her nobles. Now targeted for death by the greatest assassins and warriors her empire had at their command her only hope to live was to find the only man who had ever defeated them in battle. Once she could stop the assassins she could turn her attentions to reclaiming her Empire with a new ally.

I see this as being high action fantasy with exotic warriors and monsters and magics. Politics, blood, and ancient religions. Martial arts and bone crunching combat. Plenty of room to explore with scenery porn and whatever we want in it. The world I left vague to give us free reign to make something that will stand out to us.

Fall of an Emperor - M for F

The Emperor is dead. Slain by an assassins blade at the celebration of the New Year. His young son is to young to truly rule and the tentative peace of the Empire is at risk. As the court mourns and nobles begin eying each other for two are called upon to find this killer - and exact justice.
- one of the greatest warriors of the land and a member of the Emperors own guard.
- a blind monk whos skill in the martial arts is second to none.

Together they must find the assassin and the hand behind him before the Empire burns. To do so they must face monsters, blades in the dark, dark magics, and worse with only each other to rely on. Drawing inspiration from Wuxia and the whole plethora of Chinese fantasy & myth. Martial arts with cool names and over the top action.

The Witchbreed - M for F

Their kind were looked down upon by the humans. Called halflings and runts and other names too rude for civilized company. Seen as weak and conquered by the kings of men. Humiliated and considered barely people by their lords they are considered a non-threat. A joke but their are a few that are not laughed at. The ones with magic in their blood. The ones called the Witchbreed.

is the strongest of these. A mage who had mastered the darkest arts after the abuses he'd suffered broke the once kind man he had been. After breaking free of the prisons they had bound him in he knew what he had to do to save his people. He would gather others like him - the other Witchbreed - and bring the kingdoms of man to their knees. It was the only way to free his people. The only way to save them.

Your character would be one of these Witchbreed. One of his first recruits. Maybe even the first. From there they would find others and wage war against their peoples oppressors. I am imagining almost a fantasy X-Men kind of story. really a Brotherhood story as my character is more of a Magneto kind of character. The one who will save his people by any means necessary. Darkly humorous with racial themes and a terroristic war against a dispotic kingdom.

For ideas of what I am imagining their race to look like follow this NSFW link:

And here:

And here:

Witchbreed 2 - M for F

Their kind were looked down upon by the humans. Called halflings and runts and other names too rude for civilized company. Seen as weak and conquered by the kings of men. Humiliated and considered barely people by their lords they are considered a non-threat. A joke but their are a few that are not laughed at. The ones with magic in their blood. The ones called the Witchbreed.


was one of them. A bandit and murderer they called her when she emptied their coffers and killed the men abusing her people. At first it was all just a game. Give the kingdoms of the big men a bloody nose while ganking a little coin. Fun and laughs, right? Then she killed a noble who spent his free time with unwilling ladies of her people. A noble with a lot of friends and family in high places. In time despite her skill she was caught and sent to what laughingly passed as a trial. Guilty they inevitably judged and sent her to await her death in the cells.

That's where she meets
. Another Witchbreed. Another jailed for crimes against the big men. Crimes involving his supernatural talent with explosives and his joyful use of them against those who oppressed their people. Admittedly he joyfully used his explosives on most anything given the right day. Together they can escape the prison and delay the executioner another day. Hunted by the armies of man, possessed of magic in their blood, and bound by a desire to fight back can they survive or will they be another cautionary tale whispered to the young of their people to save them a trip to the block?

Witchbreed 3 - M for F

Her village was distant enough from the cities of the big men that it was peaceful most of the time. Till last night when the winds howled and the skies cracked open with a storm who's fury shook the foundation of their homes. To the west though the skies burned with unearthly colors. By morning the storm and the lights had passed. When she ventured out to see the damage done she found
badly injured and clinging to the edge of life.

Soon she would learn the truth. He was one of them. A Witchbreed and not just any Witchbreed but him. The one who waged war against the kingdoms of the big men. One of the most dangerous and powerful mages in all the lands. A legend shrouded in rumours, stories, and accusations. The lights the night before? The hunters of the big men had caught up with him and their battle had sundered the skies and left him near death.

Where this idea goes from here is negotiable. When I was imagining the idea I envisioned her nursing him back to health and him in turn teaching her magic. Build a relationship as she is slowly dragged into his world of hunters and hunted. But those are just ideas. Negotiable.

Original Settings:

Furious Wastes - Post Apocalyptic Scifi. Heavily inspired by Fury Road and Warhammer 40k. Crazy vehicles, bloodthirsty bandits, ultraviolence, black smoke belching weapons, ruins of fallen civilizations, metal religions, horrible mutants, and deadly environments. Chases through the wastelands, scavenging the broken stone remnants of the cities of the Old Men, and vicious battles for survival.

The Hammer - Prison Planet Scifi. Stolen shamelessly from my roommate. A junkyard planet where the universe dumps its criminals. Terrorists, thugs, gangbangers, unlicensed psykers, drug dealers, and more thrown into a cauldron of violence. Alien ruins, junker technology, and dangerous xenos. No chance of escape and no chance of a boring life.

Original Plots:

Victorian Nightmares - Steampunk Victorian Horror. Inspired by Bloodborne, Nightmare Creatures, and Frankenstein. A madman has melded science and occultism to unlock the very spark of creation hiding within humanity. A maker of monsters. Aleister Crowley meets Hydra. Our characters were "guests" of his. Burdened now with Lovecraftian Superpowers or Psychic Abilities or the like they must confront the evil growing in the heart of the Empire.

It Walks Among Us - My character does his best to look like just another guy. Maybe he has a low profile job or is a student. Keeps to himself but isn't a hermit. Dates some but nothing serious. But he has a secret. He's not human. Maybe he's something predatory feeding off of those nobody would miss or the last of some ancient species or an angel banished from the heavens or an old god weakened by long years without worshippers or something else entirely. Someone learns his secret.

That's where your character comes in. You learn what he is - and are absolutely fascinated by it. So what follows is kind of a blackmail scenario as he is forced to deal with someone who knows his secret. Think of it as a really fucked up courtship. Then your character gets to enter his world. A world of monsters and hunters. Maybe some who won't like their relationship.

Warlock's Apprentice - The base idea is that my character is a warlock. A bloody handed purveyor of black magics. Urbane, sophisticated, and neck deep in the dark side of the magical world. One who trafficks with demons and spirits and old gods. Your character is his new apprentice. How and why you came to be so is up for discussion. Mayhap your parents came to him to save from illness or possession and he took a liking to you. Maybe he bought you from the slave block because he saw something in you. Maybe you sought him out. Maybe a lot of things but the point is you are now master and apprentice - and embroiled in a new world of dangers..

Now this is meant to be dark but how much is up to us. Honestly he could even be a lighter mage but I will be more interested in the warlock. Setting is also flexible. Could be our fantasy world, the right fandom, or modern fantasy. Whatever.

Warlock's Apprentice Alternate #1: Magician's Assistant - Urban Fantasy. MC is a stage magician passing through smaller venues and clubs. He's the guy other stage magicians talk about but you'll never see his name headlining a Vegas show. But his show? Not an illusion. He's the real deal. A sorcerer plying his trade in plain sight and using his job as an excuse to travel. YC would be his new assistant. Maybe you answered an add or maybe you figured out what he could do and convinced him to take you on or maybe you were just someone who needed to get away from their life and he remembered what that is like. The point is you get embroiled in the world of magic thanks to your connection to him. The kind of magic and supernatural is up for discussion. The exact relationship is up for discussion.

Sorcerer's Academy - Two students at a magical college dealing with life, love, and the certifiable madness that comes with such a place. Less Harry Potter and more High Fantasy. The kind of magic, the world, and the school are all things we would make together. A very flexible idea.

Broken Mentor - The base concept is simple. My character is broken. A once great insert idea specific thing here who was crippled. Left bitter and something of a sociopath. Think House... which is very much the inspiration for this idea. Your character is his new protege. Whether he sees something in them or is forced too take one on by his job is something we can decide. This idea is about their growing attraction as well as the adventures they have.

Now this idea is particularly flexible. So much so that I am going to list some different versions of it. Feel free to send your own versions. Basically a pairing list for this concept.

- Former MMA champion/young fighter
- Former Gladiator champion/young fighter
- Court wizard/noble apprentice
- Detective/young investigator
- Damaged Monster Hunter/scholar or aspiring hunter

Sex, Drugs, and Dragonslaying! - Imagine a world built on the ruins of this one. I'd call it Post-Apocalyptic but our world is their ancient past brought to an end by the rise of the dragons. An endless variety of them under the command of the Great Dragons. Now humanity lives in a steampunk, alchemy driven world where Dragonslayers are celebrities. Whined and dined by nobles whilst courted by the rich. Bards tell tales of them in song and over the vox broadcasts. Priests tattoo alchemical runes made with dragon's blood on them to grant them a measure of their power.

Our characters would be some of these dragonslayers. Maybe young ones working for fame and glory.

Craving Level:
* = Would be fun
** = Actively looking for
*** = Will love you for taking it up


Cthulhu Mythos*
The Hyborian Age*
Nightmare Creatures***
Legend of the Five Rings*
DBZ (preferable AU or with OCs)**
Warhammer 40k***
Mass Effect*
Legacy of Kain*
Manhunt (same premise with OCs would be awesome)***
Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra (OCs)***

Fandom Ideas:

Dark Days - Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, OC's

I do not have a lot for this idea at the moment but I like the thought of an Avatar gone rogue. One who is possibly mentally ill due to trauma or maybe a more spiritual illness. Maybe in the quickly advancing Industrial world managed to create a pollutant that damaged the spirits themselves and the backlash from the spirit world world affected the Avatar driving the Avatar to start a war. Our characters could have been some of the Avatar's training partners or even teachers. Could even start the story before she goes rogue and do a whole story arc to build connections.

Bonnie and Clyde - Manhunt, OC's, Extreme for violence, Just Dark as shit

If you're not familiar with Manhunt it is a game based around the concept of a Director setting Death Row inmates loose in a controlled environment filled with vicious gangs to film a snuff film. The first game is a brutal, atmospheric masterpiece. It's dark and tense and deliberately perverse filled with gangs that would feel right at home in an R-Rated Gotham. It is not a game for the faint of heart nor would this story be.

My idea is basically a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Two lovers who went on a hell of a crime spree - just what that crime spree would be is up to us - and ended up on death row set to be executed on the same night. Maybe they even requested it. Instead of dying they wake up on set as it were - that could be a derelict walled off section of city that resembles a post apocalyptic hell or a privately owned oil platform 40 stories high and 80+ miles out from the shore buffeted by hurricanes or a jungle island ruled by tribal gangs and poisonous snakes or anything else we can come up with - and have to play the Director's game to try and survive while the wealthy and perverse watch.

We can play it straight as per the game or play with out own ideas. Maybe the wealthy patrons can pay the Director to send in their own specialized hunters like the Running Man but less cheesy and more maniac for hire. Storms could buffet the set. Gangs could go to war with each other. Outside infiltrators could be trying to expose what is happening. Our characters could go after the Director or set themselves up as the leaders of a gang. It's all up to us. I am open to everything from who we are (with the lone caveat that we are not innocent) to the setting to what kinks are involved to even pushing this to the sci fi edge and doing something with the same theme but a really different environment.
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Re: DarkPrince's League Lusts!
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2016, 02:51:20 AM »
Stories Needing Rework
The Joke's on Her - M for F

is the ruler of the islands. A woman of power who earned the recognition of her god by bringing peace to the sea reavers, islanders, and outcasts that called the islands home. Smart and strong and unwilling to bend knee to anyone. Then the Empire came calling. First they made offers of alliance that were merely veiled demands to become part of their nation. Then the threats came. When those threats were rebuffed the war began in the tropical seas. While the empire could not bring their full force to bear they had numbers and technology on their side. In their eyes victory was only a matter of time and history would support that. Till one fateful day she captured a ship that was acting strangely. Fleeing battle but heavily armed and armored. In the hold behind a wealth of locks and chains she found
. From his chains and bindings he looked up at her and said, "You want to beat them? I can help. All you have to do is set me free."

I see a dark, dangerous alliance between these two as she must make a deal with a devil to save all she loves. I imagine him being a charming sociopath with a mean streak a mile wide. Someone the Empire decided was too dangerous to keep around but too important to kill. Maybe a prince of the realm. So naval battles, warfare on jungle cloaked islands, strange magics, blood soaked conflict, and an attraction between the two that could lead to disaster or redemption. Of course this is all just ideas. Nothing ironclad. Feel to send me your ideas.

The Queen of the Jungle - M for F

The men from the mainland thought hey could tame the jungles of her country with fire and blade and a military fat from conquering weakblooded men. They had heard legends of the fierce Queen but paid them as much attention as they would warnings of any fairytale bogeyman. After all with all the men they had conquered what would one primitive woman be able to do? But she is more than some primitive. She is a warrior queen who earned her place and the right to call upon the creatures of the forest - including him. Her King. The hunter and warrior who answers to her and her alone.

You would play the Queen and I her King but he is not a ruler. He is her sword. The beast warrior she calls up to lead the strikes against the invaders. This is meant to be a story of violent action set in a deep rainforest kind of setting. Very Sword and Sorcery in style. Black magic and violence and passion as the two of them fight the foreigners off.

If you don't fancy a full on, old school beastman as a mate we can go the shapeshifter route. A skinchanger perhaps or we could the Nordic route with a berserker of ye old mystical variety. When the rage takes him he becomes the monster above. Honestly I'm flexible. I just love this picture.
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2016, 12:21:26 AM »
Taboo Pairings:

My role/Your Role

Any of the above pairings with your character as a Futa

Women I Would Love For Someone to Play:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Men I Would Love to Play

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Cleaned up and updated!

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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Updated with a spectacular story seed for the Inventor's Faire.

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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Still looking for a halfling ?  >:)

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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Big update!

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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts!
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More Kaladesh love!

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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts! Especially Magipunk!
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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts! Especially Magipunk!
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Hello there. ARe you still interested in rp with a halfling?


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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts! Especially Magipunk!
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I'm really interested but I'm not sure what to pick form your RPs. Take a look at my thread below and see if you like anything there?

Thanks for your time!

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Re: DarkPrince's Story Lusts! Especially Magipunk!
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I am not actually looking for anything from this thread at the moment. It's why I had not bumped the thread in 2+ months. That and almsot dying twice in that time period but that's really neither here nor there.