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Author Topic: Lexie's wants and needs. [Open to Requests]  (Read 1635 times)

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Lexie's wants and needs. [Open to Requests]
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:12:00 am »


Accepting any and ALL new RP request. Shoot me a PM and I will get to you as soon as I can.
As of today: 27/09/2016 I have all my characters listed here. Any and all are open to AUs and being inserted into other universes if that
's your need, I am down to re-shaping them to fit into other settings.

Hi there, As the thread dictates and my screen name. I am Lexie, You can call me that or Lex. I am okay with any of that.
So, Apparently it is all the rave to make a thread like this? So here I am jumping on the bandwagon and making my own thread!

So as the rest of them go I shall be listing out my wants, needs, desires, characters I play and so on and so forth.
I have a lot of OCs so please bear with me. Hopefuly we don't forget anyone but I will update character lists when new muses' crop up. :3

Here's a little more about me if you're interested first, though.
I am an Australian and because of that have a whacky time-table. Right now [July 17] I work in another call centre as a Customer Resolutions Expert.
So I get verbally abused on a daily basis from the scummiest people in all of Australia. So if you wanna start drama or beg for my attention there's the door.
I do not stand that kind of behaviour. I will get to you when I can. This is a hobby, not my job!

But I have a few rules I would like to outline here:

> My On/Off thread is here [Soon to be updated w/ Link]

> I am not fussed on your IRL gender.  I role-play with any and all people as I am a slut for RP. I play females AND males and really.
    I'm not bothered what you play. I am always open to ideas and prompts/requests. 

> I try my best to attend to my partner's needs, but I need partners to realise that I have needs too.

> I prefer action/adventure RP but I won't say no to romance RP. I like a good 60-40 mix of the two.

> I will try my best to get at least 1 reply a day per person, But that isn't always guaranteed to happen. So don't cry if I got to
   someone else but not your RP.

> Again, Please PM me ideas instead of posting here, Thanks.

Active Rp's:

Beauty and the Beast - Rotochron
Survival of the Fittest -  Yobo
Colliding Differences - LeSane
Wild Hunt - Lesane
Mass Effect: Awakening - BlackJack
Get out of here, Stalker! - IrishBAMF88
Patient Zero - Lowfoam
UnsavedInfo - Soregold

That's all I have for now, I can't wait to see what else I can write with everyone.


Original Characters

Lexie, Out.

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Re: Lexie's wants and needs. [Under Construction]
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2016, 10:21:19 am »
Original Characters

Leviathan Broadstorm
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Leviathan Broadstorm
Age: "32"
Orientation: Straight... Ish.
Race: Huan
Home planet: Earth - New York
Height: 6'2"
Eye colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Silver - Dyed from Blonde

Yeah, This will be filled depending on which universe I put him into.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Kitsune, Urin
Age: 23
Orientation: Demi-sexual
Race: "Human" Fox spirit shape shifter
Home planet: Earth.
Height: 4'6"
Eye colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black

I know, I need to add more here. But it can lead to multiple different stories branching into the universe I wanna put her into.

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Re: Lexie's wants and needs. [Under Construction]
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2016, 10:22:41 am »

Alyxandra Hanify
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name:Alyxandra Hanify
Age: 28
Gender:Androgynous (Biological female but hides it well)
Alyxandra or Alyx as she prefers to be called is a thief. Slight of hand has kept her alive in the streets for the last 10 years. She had grown up with her mother, a pilot, who had gone missing tragically one day leading to Alyx being placed in a foster home which she later run away from.
She had hopes to grow up just like her mother and be a pilot. But because of her mysterious disappearance she would never get that chance to see how far the sky extends

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character name:
Hernandez, Garcia, Fernando. Doesn't go by this name, Prefers Code name: Dex.
Hetero-ish [Very comfortable with his sexuality]

- Blank for now
Sniper - Simple long range weapon which has been by his side since he started out as a Hunter. Belonged to his father and was passed to him when he died. It has notches scratched into the side of it for noting down big-game wins. (Hasn't added to it out of respect for his old man)

Fists - The usual sniper always has a back-up short range weapon. This Sniper does, His own two fists.

'Dex' as he likes to be called is a bit of a cocky soldier type. He knows how good he is at his job and that is why he was hired to do what he does. He's quiet most of the time and focused like a laser when it comes to his work, but once you get him talking about his achievements it's hard to get the man to shut up (One of his weaknessess). He's rather serious but when one on one with someone he can trust Dex would be more than likely open up a bit. But most of the time he keeps his personal life to his chest and is a bit of a hard nut to crack. He's a shameless flirt and given the chance to make a comment or a smark alec remark he'll always pounce on the opportunity.

Garcia was born in Mexico to an American Father and a Mexican Mother, His herritage is something he prefers not to talk about as it can be controversial and can cause a bit of a conflict (aka his Fist in someone's face if they talk bad about him or his family). He was born into a not very poverty stricken area but people weren't throwing pesos in the air like they'd just won the lottery. He still had to work hard for his mother growing up to help make ends meet and is what ingrained his focused personality trait into him. If he didn't work he didn't eat and if he didn't eat he would have starved. When he wasn't helping his mother his Father, a retired veteran soldier was training him in marksmanship with the Sniper he carries with him to this day. The gun is precious to him and is always by his side. Eventually when he became of age Garcia wanted to join the armed forces and prove his families worth. But because of his mixed heritage he was allowed to join neither the American or the Mexican (or lack there of) armed forces. So taking up the mantle of his father after his passing during the cataclysmic event the man became a Mercenary; A problem solver. But the kind with morals. He wouldn't kill for killing sake, He wasn't an assassin. No matter how many times he was approached to use his marksman skills to take someone out he always refused as Assassination was below him (Or so he believed).

Garcia's goal was to join the armed forces, so when he was contacted by the special ops for something that his expertise would be handy he was cautiously optimistic at first as he wondered if the organisation wanted him to take out a few prime targets so he outright refused at first. He was always the kind to want to help but also kept positive situations at arms length for fear they would fall flat on their face. He never trusted the idea that there were hidden sects of the government or even private militias that were funded by unknown benefactors because of the stories of gangs in Mexico that had been funneled money and guns to keep the people down and money rolling in for war-mongerers. But eventually the man's will was ground down by HR and he threw his kit in with the rest of the group and made his way to the HQ where the others were being held, Possibly one of the last members to join the force Garcia still wasn't happy with his decision and will take a little convincing he wasn't placed in this team to just be an overpaid babysitter.

1. Daughter - Unknown name - age - Location
2. Mother - Mexico - In hiding after event

Theme: Yasha's theme - Asura's wrath soundtrack


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Re: Lexie's wants and needs. [Under Construction]
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2016, 10:23:50 am »

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Gallina
Age: 105
Orientation: Straight
Race: Elf/Bosmer
Home planet: Earth
Height: 5'6"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown


Laris Slendertree
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Laris Slendeetree
Age: 90
Orientation: Straight
Race: Wood Elf/Bosmer
Home planet: Earth
Height: 5'9"
Eye colour: green
Hair Colour: Brown


Zalinka Pendah
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Zalinka Pendah
Race: Human
Class: Oracle/Necromancer
Age: 21
Height: 5'9
Occupation: Wandering Mystic.

Zalinka has always been an odd person, She didn't get along with many people growing up and because of that was labelled an outcast by those she called friends and family because of her odd tastes. She preferred to spend her time sitting in graveyards reading books on Necromancy. She's quiet and keeps most of her opinions to herself but has a nasty problem when it comes to getting into trouble because of this. If someone gets in her way or causes things to not go her way she will not hesitate to remove the block from her way.

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Re: Lexie's wants and needs. [Under Construction]
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2016, 10:26:17 am »

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Maximillian Geir
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 28
Orientation: Demi-sexual/Bisexual
Race: Human Male
Home planet: Earth
Height: 6’2”
Eye colour: Emerald Green
Hair Colour: Ginger


Max as he likes to be called is the single male Heir to Geir Industry multi-billion dollar company. But that was nothing for him. He didn’t want riches even thought he was bought up with a gilded spoon in his mouth. He had always been after the simple things; Affection and knowledge. He was a natural when it came to anything mechanical. If it was broken he could always fix it and if not could probably build you something better from the parts he yielded from the left over scrap.
Due to unforeseen circumstances while on the job in the mines fixing turbines there was an incident where the young man of 27 lost his left arm in the ‘accident’ and started to spiral his life off in a direction he had never accounted for. As the day of his wedding drew closer he felt himself falling more and more in love with his beloved Clementine. What the Ginger didn’t know was the woman had been building their relationship up over years and years to only watch Max’s life topple around him but what she didn’t account for was the Engineer stumbling onto her plot before she had a chance to play her ace in the hole. He found out she had been cheating on him with his best friends and the Ginger went into pull panic mode.
After finding out most of his family had been in on Clementine’s plans and was hoping to cripple the single heir in hopes for him to give up his birthright to one of his sisters Husbands in hopes to merge the company with Hyperion in hopes to latch onto another company to keep their heads above water as the company hadn’t been doing so well in recent years. Max withdrew his life savings and anything he could get his hands on and decided it best to bolt the planet; the only one he knew in search for a new home. It was then he was swindled into thinking Pandora would be the best new home for him with old pamphlets talking about Dahl’s mining facility on the desert planet looking for workers. Spending all of his money on a one way ticket the Ginger soon found out Pandora wasn’t as much a Paradise that had been sold to him. Armed with a make-shift pistol and a Jakobs shotgun the Ginger hopes to eke out a living on the place he now calls home.

Story ideas:
> I was thinking Max could arrive on Pandora and meet another Oc/Canon character that helps him adapt to his new life on the deadly planet.
> There’s another story I would like to run. Max has already been on the planet for 3 years, He found a ‘new love’ but to only find out she was exactly the same as Clementine and found he had been duped. He’s retreated out into the Dust and started a scrap yard of his own and is handing out missions and requests by the dozen.
> Hyperion!Max, An AU where instead of becoming a bandit, Max is bought into the fold of Hyperion and becomes an Engineer for them working on their new gun technology. This can be with another Hyperion OC or a Handsome Jack RP?

Alyxandra 'Alyx' Hanify
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 28
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Human – Androgynous Female
Home planet: Artemis
Height: 4’2”
Eye colour: Hidden by goggles 90% of the time. But… Blue?
Hair Colour: Chocolate brown with a green streak.


Alyxandra suffers from a condition colloquially known as ‘Split personality’ or if you want to get technical ‘Dissociative identity disorder’ which came about due to a massive trauma she experienced.
The woman was born and bred on the planet Artemis and was born to fly. At a young age she had always wanted to spend her time among the clouds and when she found out she could get her wish by being a pilot she signed up for the Air-force as soon as she was old enough.
By the time she was 21 she had a high ranking position in the air-force and a soon to be wife, Zoe, Another captain in her brigade. As every story goes there was an issue. Alyx had endured the loss of her wife, But it wasn’t because of someone murdering her or someone taking her and torturing her to death. It was the small Pilots own inability to save her.  The two had been on a plane to extract soldiers from a known warzone. It was simple enough; the Pilot had done it more than a hundred times. But there was always that one in a million shot that something would go wrong. The plane had been tampered with, internal issues with higher-ups not approving of their top captains fraternising with one another.
Artemis was the kind of planet that if someone didn’t like what you were doing things were put into action to take you out. At times it could be a dangerous planet.

Story ideas:
> Alyx has just arrived on the planet of Pandora unsure of how she had gotten here, where she is and who she can trust. Can be either a Friend or Foe.
> Alyx has settled in and has picked up a Buzzard that she can fly and lives out of it, doing odd jobs for fuel and credits to get off the dustball. Willing to accept any and all jobs if it encumpases taking down Hyperion.
> After a freak accident Alyx has been fused with an Alien, An Eridian, But it isn’t just any type of Eridian, It’s a Hunter. The Hunters seek out unstable Sirens to absorb their power to avoid a cataclysm. Can either be with a Siren OC or a Canon Sire [Possibly Lilith]
> Vault hunting plot: Another Vault has been discovered on Pandora/Another planet close by and it’s a race to see who can get there first.

Koen "Ko" McCarthy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 28
Orientation: Straight
Race: Human
Home planet: Eden 5
Height: 5'7"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde

Koen is smart, so smart that people don't believe she's a natural blonde. The stigma of blondes being idiots still clings to her time period. A double degree in Behavioural science and Zoology is the title she had acquired after years of hard work. She now calls Pandora home in hopes to meet up with Sir Hammerlock, her childhood hero after being placed there by her university. A gentleman and an anthropologist much like herself. She wants to help in noting down the wildlife on the wild planet in hopes to get noticed.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Hyperion have a hand in her universities pocket and all info she is gathering is being syphoned off and fed straight into Hyperion to be used against the vault hunters.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Abigail M-F Moore
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Abigail 'Abby' Moore
Age: ?
Orientation: Asexual
Race: Exo
Home planet: Earth
Height: 4'2"
Eye colour: Blue/Pink
Hair Colour: Has no hair but wants some badly


Helmet: Tengu Operant
Chest: Tengu Operant IX
Gauntlets: Tengu Operant V
Boots: Tengu Operant
Shader: Aurora Blur
Bond: Skorri’s Iron Bond.

Primary: Hard Light [Kinetic]/Suros Reigime [Kinetic]
Secondary: Perin’s fire [Solar]
Heavy: Joulders Hammer [Void]

Level 30:Helmet: Apotheosis Veil/Facade of the Hezen lords/Iron regalia helm
Chest: Iron regalia chest
Gauntlets:Iron Regalia gauntlets
Boots: Iron regalia boots
Shader: Thunderdevil/Chadderwhite
Bond: Skorri’s Iron bond
Subclass: VoidWalker

Primary: Hard Light [Kinetic]/Suros Reigime [Kinetic]
Heavy: Joulders Hammer [Void]

Level 32:
Helmet: Apotheosis veil/Iron regalia helm
Chest: Deathsingers mantle/Iron regalia chest
Gauntlets: Deathsingers grip/Iron regalia Gauntlets
Boots: Deathsingers herald/Iron regalia boots
Shader: Thunderdevil
Bond: Skorri’s Iron Bond
Subclass: VoidWalker
Primary: Suros Reigime [Kinetic]/Oversoul Edict [Arc]
Secondary: Murmur [Arc]/ Secret Handshake [Arc]
Heavy: Song of Ir Yut [Arc]

Level 34:Helmet: The Ram
Chest: Kellbreakers cloak
Gauntlets: Kellbreakers gloves
Boots: Deathsingers Herald
Shader: Queens Web
Bond: Felwinters Iron BondSubclass: VoidWalker
Primary: Suros Reigime [Kinetic]/
Secondary: Her Courtesy [Void]/Vestian Dynasty [Arc]
Heavy: BTRD [Void]

Level 40:Helmet: Scalicen Fen
Chest: Salicen Fen 1
Gauntlets: The Impossible machines
Boots: Kallipolis Legs
Shader: Queens Web
Bond: Bond of the Queens Guard/Ebonthorn bond/Stormcallers bond
Subclass: Stormcaller
Primary: Apple of Discord [Kinetic]
Secondary: Susanoo [Solar/Arc]
Heavy: Diluvian 10/4x [Solar]

Background: Woke up in the middle of Old Russia with no memories and no abilities and on the wrong side of the wall like many of the other Guardians that had awoken recently. Making her way through it all the smaller than normal Exo had to learn how to use guns and use them quickly to protect herself from the onslaught of Fallen that were trying to rip her apart for scrap.

Upon arrival in the Tower a smart allec Hunter informed her to pay a visit to the Vanguard to see if she had any special abilities that would be of use to the speaker and the Traveller but upon inspection called her a “Floofer” and should hit up Ikora first. Upon closer inspection the little Exo had no special abilities and has been sent on a quest to find out who she is and what her purpose is. Touched but untouched by the Traveller the little purple Exo augmented her own body to fit in.

She just wants to be friends and find her place in this dark world.

Leviathan Broadstorm
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: "32"
Orientation: Straight... Ish.
Race: Awoken
Home planet: Reef
Height: 6'2"
Eye colour: Amber
Hair Colour: Silver


A Royal from the Reef, Not as high up as the Queen. Considered a ‘Duke’ in the hierarchy of Awoken. Cousin to the Queen Mara Sov and her brother Uldren Sov. No one believes him when he claims to be apart of the royal branch family because of his boastful nature and ability to bend the truth ever so slightly.

The cocky Awoken Hunter has joined the ranks of Guardians to “show he’s not some ‘Usless royal’ and can actually help push back the darkness” when in reality he was exiled from the Reef by the Queen herself for accepting the light of the Traveler.

Racist towards the Exo’s race he despises them due to his run in with a Vex at a young age while on a Fallen hunt on Venus with his Father and eventually the fall of his entire clan, He is the soul member of the Broadstorms left alive, or so he thinks.

Believes he’s all that but in reality he’s rather simple and average. But won’t hesitate to show off at a moments notice. Slowly the snide and self centered Awoken has started to open himself up to the belief that maybe Exo aren’t as bad as he thought they were and that he might actually forgive them. But still rather snippy.

Before his exile from the Reef Leviathan had been training to join the Crows, But when he found a dying Ghost in the royal throne room and nursed it back to health it promised him power and glory appealing to the heroic side of the otherwise nerdy and awkward Awoken.

He now resides in the tower looking to expand his family and hitting on Women and sometimes Men.

Frejah MacDougall
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 32
Orientation: Lesbian? She's not even sure
Race: Human
Home planet: Earth - Scotland
Height: 6'1"
Eye colour: Green
Hair Colour: Ginger

Class: Titan - Striker [Soon to be Sunbreaker]
Frejah doesn’t remember much of her life. Waking up in the middle of Scotland with nothing but her ghost and a dead fire-team, The event had left her with a severe case of Amnesia due to her re-re-awakening from her Ghost. She’s an odd case, When most Guardians were downed thanks to the Darkness their light is devoured but a small speck stayed even though her Ghost was destroyed something still lived on inside her body.
Like most Guardians who are given a second chance; She takes up the light presented to her and works to push back the Darkness. In a previous life she believed herself to be a Military field medic. Running into the heat of battle to patch up her fallen friends and to sometimes bury the dead.
A bit of a lone wolf at times, But mostly because others seem to steer clear of the lumbering Titan with the fists that break noses and bring calamity wherever they go.

Helm: Insurmountable skull-fort/Helm of inmost light/Spearhead Type 0
Chest: Holdfast Type 2
Arms: Holdfast type1/Ruinwings
Legs: Holdfast type 1/Mk 44 stand asides

Primary: Strangers Rifle/Mida Multi-tool
Secondary: Invective[Solar]/Two to the morgue [Void]
Heavy: Hezens Vengance [Solar]/Dragons breath [Solar]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Tobias Sirel
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Tobias Sirel
Age: 19
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Human – African American Male
Home planet: Earth - Capital Wasteland.
Height: 5’7”
Eye colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black

Tobias had always been the kind of 'Lone wolf' character growing up in the smothering and sheltered life in the Vault of 101 found beneath the ground of the Capital Wasteland. At least what was left of it after the bombs fell causing it to spiral into chaos. Tobias had always felt he never belonged in the Vault and that he was meant for bigger and better things. So he thought to himself to break out of the Vault, But that wasn't easy till he had stumbled into the break out of the century.
The one known as the lone wanderer had left the Vault in search for their father who had also managed to escape the confines of the underground hell. So in the scuffle and the confusion the small boy had scooped up his belongings, A small 10mm pistol his father had left him, a silver locket containing his mother’s picture and all the bottle caps he could find as he heard rumours that they had been the new on-going currency top side when collectors had returned from the surface after getting more supplies to keep the underground community going.

Little did the boy know what was waiting for him at the surface and the adventures he would fall into while looking for his place in the world.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Mei-Ling Zhou
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 38
Orientation: Bicurious
Race: Human
Home planet: Earth
Height: 5'2"
Eye colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown


A Scientist who has taken the fight to preserve the environment into her own hands. Though many blamed the planet’s escalating, unexplained climate phenomena on the advent of new tech and the rapidly growing Omnic population, and drastically increased consumption of resources, the true cause remained unknown. To find a solution to these problems Overwatch established a series of Eco-Watchpoints at remove, critical locations worldwide.
Mei-Ling Zhou was a member of a team introducing cutting-edge technology in the field of climate manipulations that would in-turn protect at risk areas in Asia and beyond. When disaster stuck the Watchpoint in Antarctica. A catastrophic polar storm hit the base cutting it off from the outside world causing damage and leaving the scientists stranded. Eventually when supplies dwindled the great minds were piled into cryostasis in a last ditch effort to survive.
But rescue never came.
It was only years later when the Cryogenic chambers were found with the only survivor being Mei. When the small scientist awoke she was bought back to a world that had gone through significant changes: Overwatch had fallen and the serious climate issues had worsened over the years.
This is when Mei took it upon herself to continue her work on her own. She equipped herself with a portable version of her climate-manipulation technology and now travels the world hoping the re-establish the Eco-network and track down the causes of the threats to the planets eco-system.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sylvia 'Syl' The Breeder
Age: 28
Trainer type: Breeder
Pokémon: Eevee and Pichu.
Orientation: Bisexual leaning more towards men.
Backstory: from a family of elite pokemon breeders Syl as she likes to be called is trying to prove herself without the help of her family. Usually her head is buried in pokemon textbooks and if not she's tending to her eggs. She left the farm to go on an adventure and seek out what she was supposed to do in life. If she was meant for the breeding life or if she's meant for something bigger and better.
Syl is the type of trainer who others wonder how she had made it this far in life without getting eaten by a Tyranitar or being kidnapped by whatever bad guy is in the area she’s dwelling in. Mostly spending her time in Johto region she’s frantically trying to breed the perfect pokemon that will make her famous.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Abigail Mary-Francis Moore
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Call-tag: ApSci-AMFM
Age: 548 Robot years
Race: Android – Female
Height: 5’0
Orientation: Asexual


Abby was an odd creation. A roboticist by the name of Dr. Nesbit built a core, an amazing invention that was to assist Cave Johnson in living out his years in an android body but attempt to keep his humanity. But before it could be implemented on the sickly and dying CEO it needed to be tested. Lucky for him Aperture was not in short supply of test subjects.

Enter Abigail.

She was young, No older than 13. She had been born in the facility, Daughter to one of the test subjects and their illicit affairs. She was raised by robots and kept in a sterile environment for most of her life. Her body was weak and lacked any kind of immune system because of her living conditions. She was not raised to be a test subject in a sense for testing but was going to be an experiment resource. She was to be the first and only test subject to undergo their soul being fused to a machine; or at least have attempted to be.
It didn’t take long for the Experiment to fail and due to cut backs for cash flow reasons the experiment was cancelled and shelved for when the company was back in the money making era. Fortunately for Abby, Nesbit had managed to syphon off her soul into the core and keep it for himself. Unfortunately for him he had no chassis to install it in. Over the years he collected old Radios and discarded robotics pieces and slowly built a new body for the soul he had taken. Stricken with grief he felt bad that he had torn this girl from her humanity and fought to get her something she could call her own. So he does that; unfortunately most of the parts are pulled from old Radio’s but lucky for her she’s a fan of music of any kind.

Story ideas:

> I was hoping to run some kind of ‘Awakening’ storyline where Abby wakes up from a extremely long power-saving nap that Nesbit had put her in when he knew his days were limited. He had been chosen as the next Test-Subject and knew that he wouldn’t survive the machines constant need for scientific tests and didn’t want to break her heart. But the little bot still wants to know where her creator has gone and what her past was and why every now and then she feels like she’s forgetting something and has flashbacks when she was human.

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