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May 13, 2021, 02:48:23 pm

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Author Topic: Scifi/New world order.... M/M  (Read 819 times)

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Scifi/New world order.... M/M
« on: July 23, 2016, 01:37:45 am »

I just want to say I’m looking to play in a top (master)/bottom (slave) relationship, and at the moment I am looking to play the bottom. I only play M/M, I post at least once a week and will post more often if I have time. PM me with your interest  ;D

Heirs of the blood Relic

Far future, scifi, apocalyptic, virus, evolutionary leap.

It’s several thousand years in the earth’s future. Humans have long sense taken to the stars and spread across the universe (although space travel is restricted to only those of wealth and power). Some of humanity has split, genetically speaking, with the other. The split was caused by a virus that ripped through humanity, ravaging cities. As the death toll climbed even higher those who could afford gene therapy effectively treated the virus but those who could not were left to fend for themselves. Millions died but some survived and became immune attesting to the human resilience of the natural world. When the dust settled the split was complete. These newly evolved humans call themselves the Apt. They are smarter than the Relics, whom they had split from. They are also intensely beautiful, although a bit more fragile than their predecessors and they are gender-less in a way. The side effect of splicing genes ended up making most of the population sterile and in an effort to save themselves they merged male and female, which seemed to solve the problem. All of the Apt are male bodied with a full set of female reproductive organs inside them. Once a month they experience a cycle in which the reproductive track opens inside them and they are able to become pregnant. The Apt live in the few cities left on earth. Truly massive cities that tower into the clouds, and from their lofty perch they govern the earth and impose their rule over the Relics, who are to them little more than animals that can speak.

The Relics are the underclass of the city. The poor, the mistreated and if they were lucky, the servants of an Apt. There were those Relics that lived outside the protection of the city, claiming the abandoned wastelands of the world as their home. These were a wild people who’s pride and spiritual culture ran deep. While they can not overthrow their overlords they will not kneel and be subjugated to the cruel yolk the Apt enforce within their cities. The children of these wild Relics are valued for their pure genetic history and amazing ability to fight the virus. They are often hunted and stollen from their parents, the antidote pulled from their blood, killing them in the process. The Relics attack supply ships, raid and loot and have become incredibly efficient at it. In large enough numbers they are dangerous enough to make an air ship change course. Even in small numbers they can easily take down small ships. The Relics value weapons, technology that can be of some use or sold off, medicine, food, and any lone Apt they catch as the enhanced genetic material seems to produce strong and wise leaders that help to lead them out of the dark and closer to victory over their oppressors. Not to mention the Apt are intensely beautiful and are a status symbol if one were to own one.

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I will be playing Petra, the very spoiled, bratty and outspoken offspring of an aristocrat. He had never known life outside the total luxury of the city and, like most views the Relics as, beneath him, stupid and dangerous. He’s in for the shock of his life when his transport aircraft is targeted, shot down and he is taken captive by the wild Relics. A slave to his captors he begins to learn of their way of life and slowly comes to realize how unfair it is and how freeing it can be to walk your own path in the vast wilderness.

Looking for: Wild Relic to capture Petra  >:)
Content: Slavery, physical restraint, some light bondage, spanking, caning, Non-con, possible pregnancy (we can talk about it).
Wish list: I’d like you to help me build the world and culture. I want to see Petra go from a spoiled, selfish, racist brat, to understanding their point of view and changing his own naive, and misguided views about his captors. While the Relic are not necessarily book smart they are very clever when it comes to survival and gorilla warfare but there is a deep spiritual side to them as well that Petra finds appealing. There is a huge and very changed world they can explore and I would like to have Petra try to escape at least once.