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May 23, 2018, 08:08:13 AM

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Author Topic: M/M Extreme: Stuck In An MMO Needs Submissive!  (Read 688 times)

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Offline XurtanTopic starter

M/M Extreme: Stuck In An MMO Needs Submissive!
« on: July 21, 2016, 07:58:13 PM »
Hey guys!

Not sure if this will draw any interest, but figured I would post and see if it tickled anyone's muse. First let me state that I only play M/M, and that I'm looking for a mouthy, arrogant and back-talking submissive character. This will probably go in Extreme and will definitely include non-con, and I'm pretty much open to trying or including any kink, no matter how rough; I love a bit of (sometimes a lot of) pain with my pleasure. Take a look at my O&Os to give you an idea, but don't take it as a strict guideline. If you have something you want to give a shot, ask! I'm also open to furry/scalie, pokemon (I would love you forever if you played a Lucario), or monstrous characters for one or both of our characters. Realistically I'm fine with more or less anything, normal humans or fantasy races work as well.

What I'm looking for is a stuck in an MMO RP. Probably fantasy of some form. I will play a Summoner, and the twist is that either through intentional design or accident, your character (another PC stuck in the world) ends up as my pet. Forced to obey my commands. Perhaps Summoners pull their power from their pets, which is a very sexual sort of ritual. Perhaps my character is immediately attracted to yours. Either way, he's perfectly willing to take what he wants by force. After all, they're stuck here for the foreseeable future, and normal rules don't apply. It's every person for themselves, and society is quickly collapsing as human nature takes over, realizing they're stuck.

We can make it as smut or plot heavy as we like, and I'm definitely open to ideas. It can be a short one-shot, or a long, epic campaign. Our characters against the violent, unfriendly world. Maybe they stay reluctant allies, maybe your character hates mine but doesn't have a choice, maybe they eventually form an actual romance. I mostly just have a rough idea, and am hoping to work out the rest with a partner. We can do fully freeform or even a system game of some form, I'm up to discussing anything.

Feel free to PM me! Would rather keep replies out of here to keep it from getting cluttered. If you have questions or ideas, just let me know. I would also be curious about turning this into a threesome/moresome if there was interest, but regardless thanks for reading.