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Author Topic: F for M Seeking long term and exploratory RPs!  (Read 1724 times)

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F for M Seeking long term and exploratory RPs!
« on: July 20, 2016, 11:48:56 pm »
Not currently seeking partners

This page is and will remain a work in progress.

About Me:

I'm interested in character driven stories with a rough and generalized idea of where an RP should go.  I like seeing where a character takes me and going with the natural flow of a story.

I like well thought out posts and if that means I have to wait a couple extra days for it, I am completely fine with that.

Communication is key! I expect a lot of private message conversations OOC not only while hashing out an RP's details before starting, but consistently throughout.

I will not rush into a steamy scene just for the sake of it. I want it to come naturally... teasingly even. Sex scenes should be the cherry on top of an already delicious literary sundae.

See my O/Os for more information.

Story Ideas

** I'll be filling this section out as ideas grace me with their presence.  I am also currently looking to acquire a full time literary muse. If anyone knows where one can be found, I'm willing to go halfsies on what it would cost for equipment to trap one.**

* A girl, hard up for money, answers an online ad for quick money with the option to earn more - all for the entertainment of the mystery employer, who sends her odd jobs for cash via text or phone call... what the jobs are range from the mundane to the extreme... each one harder to complete than the next. How far is she willing to take this, and who is the mysterious man on the other end of the phone?

* Think The Truman Show - a woman has been raised unwittingly in front of the camera. Her whole life has been broadcast around the world, with viewers having the option to choose some of the things she encounters, some of the choices she has to make, etc.  What happens when she discovers her entire life is a lie? When she learns the people she loves are merely actors earning their paycheck? Will she choose to stay and surrender the rest of her life to her viewers, or take the world on herself for the first time?

* He's just purchased (or won) one of the hottest luxury products out there. His very own android humanoid. She's completely customized - exactly what he would choose in a woman if he could - and he has.  The interesting features this new model has include the ability to heal itself of any damage it may take, as well as the ability to either retain or erase any memories it has, in whatever way suits it's owner. This allows for some very interesting interactions, and he is planning on exploring them all. (This is obviously inspired by Westworld and it is that type of "do what you want with the 'hosts' " attitude that I am hoping to attract.  Fall in love and have her fall in love, live out your most depraved fantasies and then erase all memories of the night.... I'm willing to take this in almost any direction as no true permanent damage will befall the robotic character)

* A mirror to a parallel world - They've each lived on a side of it for their entire lives, discovering each other when they were small. Now that they are grown, things are changing. They love each other and long to be together. There has to be a way to cross over. Read this RP here!

* An accident brings on a coma and while inside it, she lives an entire life with her soulmate. When she awakes a few days later, how can she reconcile the life she's just experienced with the reality of her true existence? Can she get back to the love of her dreams somehow and if he does truly exist, does he even know who she is?  (Roles in this could be swapped as well with the man in a coma and the woman in the dreams) Read this RP here!

* They were friends as children but his family moved away. All grown up, she's off to the city and her mom, who's stayed in contact with his, suggests meeting up. They do and spend time catching up, however his move wasn't as simple as it seemed as children. There's something he's hiding and now her curiosity is piqued.  Read this RP here!

* A semi-skilled hacker, bored, makes his way into the network of a young woman's home. Through her own phone, computer and security system cameras and microphones, he watches and listens.  At first it was curiosity but now there's something else there. He wants her - might even love her - and she doesn't even know he's there. Read this RP here!

* A survivor of domestic violence is rescued by a first responder and must relearn what true love and relationships actually are. Read this RP here!

* She's always wanted more than just a vanilla relationship. Her husband has never been open to experimenting with kink and he's never really shared why. Feeling desperate, she enters a kink club and leaves with a lot more than she bargained for. Unfortunately, pictures are posted on the club's website and someone she knows sees them and shows them to her husband. It's enough to jolt him to reality and that long dormant side of him... the one he swore he'd never let loose again, comes roaring back to the surface.  She's in for it now, exactly what she wanted and more. Her husband has been hiding a lot from her and he's going to make her pay now. (Looking for this to turn into a serious D/s scenario, 24/7 slavery, collaring, loaning and swapping, etc) Read this RP here!

I am ALWAYS open to suggestions and coming together to figure out an idea with a potential writing partner. Have an idea you think I might be into? Send me a message!!

If you've read this far, like what you see and have an idea you'd REALLY like to explore with me, even if I'm currently not looking, please let me know... if it's really too good to pass up, I'll gladly make room if I think I can handle it.

**If you are interested in responding to this, please do so via a private message rather than directly on this thread. Thank you!
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Re: F for M Seeking long term and exploratory RPs!
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2016, 09:13:37 pm »
Monthly bump and ideas added!  <3

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Re: F for M Seeking long term and exploratory RPs!
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2016, 01:03:32 pm »
A bump and new ideas

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Re: F for M Seeking long term and exploratory RPs!
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2016, 01:30:20 am »
might have room for one new RP. Fresh stories, fresh writers, let's try something new!

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Re: F for M Seeking long term and exploratory RPs!
« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2017, 06:57:19 pm »
New year, new bump!