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Author Topic: Into the jungle (1x1 ideas, M seeking F)  (Read 561 times)

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Offline KingKongTopic starter

Into the jungle (1x1 ideas, M seeking F)
« on: July 19, 2016, 07:42:59 PM »
Hello! You've found the beginnings of my ideas thread. Future home of all my wanton desires.

I am currently running at capacity. I owe a lot of words as I type :P . I'll update this page when things calm down.

~ About ~

I play mainly male characters opposite leading females. They are generally Doms or not involved in power-exchange. I can also be convinced to play a switch female opposite another female.

I am looking for lady partners. I need that bit of hetero tension with my partner to keep me interested in a story.

I currently have no O/O page. Here is a preview:

  • Ons
    Rough Sex
    Mind control/Mind games/Reality distortion
    Physical modifications (very light, think piercings, tattoos, and hair cuts)
    Pet play/training
    Exhibition (particularly of the female variety)

    Most anything not in Offs
  • Offs
    Toilets not being used
    MxM, or Futa
    Bestiality (I'd make an exception for the right shapeshifter)
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Offline KingKongTopic starter

Re: Into the jungle (1x1 ideas, M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 07:44:50 PM »

~ Ideas ~

If you would like to contact me, please PM rather than posting in this thread.

The Vampire in My Bed (Taken)
Human Male
/Vampire Female

Modern fantasy, Blood, Power struggle, Light bondage, D/s, Pet play, Roughly consensual

  • She
    She is a vampire of the old sort. She has slept since the days of Roman London. Now she wakes to a world of space flight and smart phones. In the midst of the chaos of modern London she seeks a quiet rendezvous to slake her ancient thirst. As she walks the crowded streets, a man passes with an unusual and intoxicating scent. She follows him home and feeds on him in his flat. The taste of his blood is euphoric. Intending to drain him she is surprised that she can't bear to drink more that a few hungry gulps. She cannot stand to destroy him. She leaves, questioning herself, and goes on a feeding spree to prove her lack of concern for human lives. Though she is nourished, she cannot shake the new thirst for his blood alone. She waits outside his home at night watching him through his windows. She waits for the blood she drank to be replaced naturally by his body. Then she creeps in again for another taste. This time he is waiting for her.
  • He
    He is the non-magical son of a sorcerer. His father has layered protections and spells on his son to protect him from all of life's harms. Though he is not aware of his father's predilections, he has grown accustom to all of his endeavors working perfectly. He is stubborn, and fights like a bear. Many years as a prize fighter without a scratch on his face have earned him the nickname The Smooth Criminal. He naively assumes he will be able to capture and kill the vampire should she return.
  • The Plot thickens
    Through the element of surprise and the force of his protections he is able to subdue the creature. However, he is eventually overpowered and feed on again. The two are locked in a constant conflict because of her addiction. Eventually the two find an arrangement that satisfies everyone's lusts.
The Assassin, The Thief, and The Sea (Taken)
Male Assassin/Female Thief

Pirate, Historical, Fighting, Romance, Rough sex, (possible non/con situations)

  • He
    He is an assassin who has just killed a family member of the pope. He must leave Spain immediately and travel to the New World in order to escape the heat of a vengeful papacy. He makes passage under a false name and set's sail leaving his old life behind with a small fortune in hand. Annoyed with the other wealthy passenger above deck he finds himself in the solitary holds where he finds a wary eyed woman hiding in a crate. He keeps her secret.
  • She
    She is a thief who stole the wrong necklace. Her only intention was to sell the fine piece of jewelry. She had assumed that the richly dressed man was a noble. In fact he was a high ranking officer in the very organization which the assassin belonged too. When she attempted to sell the ornament, her horrified fence stopped associating with her immediately. Before long strangers began asking for her in her neighborhood. She stowed away on a boat bound for the New World immediately. Not long after departure she is found by a wealthy passenger who wears a ring with the same symbol found on the stolen necklace.
  • The plot thickens
    Unbeknownst to the two characters, two ships are coming for the poorly armed passenger vessel. The first is a pirate ship with information that a passenger on board is carrying a fortune in gold coinage. The other is a sleek vessel bearing the insignia of the assassin's guild. Their fight to stay alive exposes their talent for pirating and their desire for one another.
  • Non-con option
    Depending on my partner's tastes, this idea has a natural possibility for some crew members to use and abuse the only woman on board. That is when she isn't being looked after. I would be willing to go with it to whatever degree.
The Rich Girl vs The World
GM/Rich Girl

Modern, Exhibition, teasing, public, strangers, various

  • She
    A rich girl who has just graduated high school. She wakes up the day after graduation with no plans for her future. Her father is away on business as always. She spots the young gardener working outside her window and mastubates watching him. He doesn't notice her so she moves ever closer until her busy fingers are bumping against the window while she approaches climax. After his attention is captured he brings himself to orgasm with her on the opposite side of the glass. She is addicted, but not to the poor gardener.

    The thrill of showing off her young body to make men desparate to have her is all consuming. She begins finding new ways to satisfy her urges around town.
  • GM
    I'll take the role of the rest of the small town and react appropriately to your actions. I am an experienced GM and I can provide content around any corner you decide to round. I will provide tempting oppotunities, threats to her games (like police), and bring situations to life according to the kinks my partner is interested in (as long as they don't violate my offs).
  • The plot thickens
    In true RPG fashion, this game can go absolutley anywhere. She could have a bunch of random encounters that lead to her getting a reputation. Daddy could return home to find his daughter misbehaving. Perhaps she runs into someone who doesn't react as she wants him to, and becomes obsessed with getting him to want her. Maybe she gets in over her head with a dangerous character. Endless directions
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Offline GoddessOfIBTC

Re: Into the jungle (1x1 ideas, M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2016, 01:27:27 PM »
I love both ideas.