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Author Topic: I Choose You! - (F for F, A Pokemon Trainer Journey)  (Read 744 times)

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Offline MissFireTopic starter

I Choose You! - (F for F, A Pokemon Trainer Journey)
« on: July 19, 2016, 01:18:50 PM »

I Choose You! with Bridgette LeFeu
A young Kalosian pokemon trainer, aged eighteen. Bridgette lost her parents when she was just a baby and was raised instead by her uncle. She started out as a temperamental and reckless child and would often get herself into trouble stealing or committing acts of minor vandalism. That she and her uncle were both desperately poor did not help the situation and Bridgette was sometimes seen in the company of thugs, bullies, and gangsters. Vowing to turn the child around, her uncle, a martial arts instructor by trade, enrolled her in his classes. She took to it like a fish to water and the little Feu found a way to let out all that youthful energy and frustration. She began studying like mad, practicing not only with her uncle, but on her own time as well. She rented (or borrowed or stole) kung-fu movies so that she might watch them and mimic the moves she saw on screen.

Bridgette did not show any interest in pokemon until she turned fifteen. One day she was prowling around her usual back alley haunts when she saw a group of young hooligans berating and abusing a torchic. Imagining herself as some king of Kung Fu Jesus, she lept into the fray to stop the abuse! She found herself soundly overwhelmed and pummeled to the ground. It was not the preferred outcome. The little pokemon, however, was grateful for the noble gesture and the two were inseprable ever since. Athos, as she called him, became Bridgette's best friend. Later came the chimchar Porthos and, finally, Armais, a tepig. Where most trainers would catch a variety of pokemon or expand their team to more than three, Bridgette decided this strange mono-type team of three was good enough. Her 'Three Musketeers'. She has focused exclusively on training them and strengthening their bonds. It's come to a point where the trio of pokemon are fiercely loyal to her and even mime her movements from time-to-time.

Determined to become the best trainer around, Bridgette travels from place to place, besting the fiercest trainers she can find. Rather infamous for her consistently upbeat attitude, silly demeanor, kung-fu obsession, and off-the-wall battle strategies, she is something of a known quantity among other trainers. Some (most) consider her to be a joke - but that's just the people that haven't faced her in battle. Those that she's fought know her as a fierce and unpredictable opponent who uses atypical tactics to win, even when hopelessly outmatched. Even when facing defeat she keeps the smile on her face, considering every battle a lesson, win or lose.

Since the release of Pokken Tournament (you stole my idea, Nintendo!) and Pokemon GO I've been dying to bring out Bridgette again and so I am looking for a fellow female pokemon trainer. I don't have a solid idea right now, but was thinking of a journey kind of story. One that sets out when both characters are children leaving home at the age of twelve, getting their first pokemon. They meet for the first time and for a while have kind of a Red/Blue rivalry going on. As they grow older they keep crossing paths with each other and get mixed up in all sorts of antics, perhaps with a group like Team Rocket or some sort of analogue. Eventually they realize that they're falling in love and that all those years they've been responsible for driving one another to be the best they can be, like no one ever was.

Sorry. I had to.

Anyway, the journey doesn't have to be in Kalos. It could be in another region, or a new one we just make up. The story is very open and lends itself well to just playing it by ear as we go along. If this interests you, please post here or send me a PM. I'm starting by just looking for one person, but if a lot of people have interest it could become a small group game.

Offline AlexieD

Re: I Choose You! - (F for F, A Pokemon Trainer Journey)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2016, 02:21:05 AM »
Okay, so first off. I love your avatar. :D Pharah is amazing.  Second of all I never thought I would find someone wanting to roleplay pokemon. :O I have a couple of characters that might work. I have a sylveon OC and a Pokemon trainer (Veteran) who is more than willing to jump into the ring so to speak.

Offline MissFireTopic starter

Re: I Choose You! - (F for F, A Pokemon Trainer Journey)
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2016, 01:52:25 PM »
Sure! Send me the info in a PM and we can toss some ideas around.

Offline MissFireTopic starter

Re: I Choose You! - (F for F, A Pokemon Trainer Journey)
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2016, 11:05:07 AM »
Still searching for someone for this.