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Author Topic: Domain of the laziest of wizards  (Read 633 times)

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Domain of the laziest of wizards
« on: July 18, 2016, 05:06:34 PM »
So figured I would use this to catalog any thread ideas/cravings I am having right now. Will probably try to clean it up when I have more motivation and make it all fancy. Most of the ideas are very general so feel free to come to me with inspirations you have or if you have need any clarification/interest in what I might have been thinking for it.

-Please don't post in this thread!-

Dragon Ball Craving
~*~High Priority Craving~*~
Future TrunksxFuture Mai ~ I would really like to be future trunks and have someone else play Future Mai. I would kind of like whoever is interested in this to have some knowledge of the characters. One of the things getting me going about this pairing is the fact that Mai is actually a much older woman who due to a misspoken wish got turned into a small kid when trunks was still a kid. I kind of want to do a slow build with this being the main motivation that Mai is resisting, but not wanting to tell him because she is interested. I am totally cool with Mai not telling him in our rp, this doesn't have to be smut heavy, I'd actually prefer to maybe only do one or two sex scenes throughout the course of the story. I want the main focus being the two of the characters building a relationship while trying to save people from Goku Black.

Four Realms
Genre: Custom, High Fantasy, War
My Character: See Ruurik, The Dragon Prince

The universe is split into four distinct planes of existence, each separate from the others except by special portals and/or rituals. The heavenly realm, domain of angels and light magic, intent on taking over the other worlds to spread their "divine" might. The angels have a strict hierarchy which determines who is in charge at all times, angels also tend to view themselves as the supreme beings. The demonic realm is ruled by seven demon families that are second only to the fallen angels that helped them rise to power. The houses are only interested in amassing power, the fallen angels are interested in their own amusements, everyone else is just trying to figure out how to escape or survive the harsh plane of existence. The fae are a mysterious folk who value secrets above all else, most fae would gladly accept an especially lucrative secret in payment for services or goods. The fae guard the entrances to their home plane above even their own lives, any non-fae who goes there is never entirely sure how they got there, and if they return they rarely remember how. The mortal realm is where all the races bound to age and die reside, with only one exception the dragons. The dragons technically rule the realm, acting as mediators, judges, and occasionally executioners for the other races. Dragons are unique in that almost all are technically half-breeds, dragon genetics are dominant and when they mate with other species the initial offspring looks like the non-dragon parents, in the rare pure breed cases they are born in a semi-humanoid dragon state. When a half-breed reaches their other races age of maturity they go through a shift, changing into a humanoid dragon form for several centuries, afterwards changing to the large lizard like form. The mortal realm is in turmoil, some of the lesser races are falling under the sway of forces outside of the mortal realm and the dragons are unsure of what to do. The four realms are on the brink of war as both angels and demons vie for control, and as of yet no one really knows the plans of the fae.

A list of the pre-made characters I have that are always open to a new thread.

Ruurik, the Dragon Prince
On the Battlefield

Regular Wear
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Settings: Fantasy

The son of the King of Dragons and a fae woman, Ruurik was raised to be a warrior of the highest caliber and educated by the draconic courts. A capable general and warrior, fond of heavy armor and large weapons, Ruurik has made himself known throughout his own kingdom at the very least for heroism and strength. Once arrested by the courts of heaven for laying with an angel woman, Ruurik had his wings chopped off in such a way that even magic can not restore them. This is a point of much anger for Ruurik, as such he tends to dislike angels immediately.

Daniel "Deadhack" Vaben
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Settings: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun

Deadhack was born as Daniel Vaben to a rather wealthy family that gave him most anything he wanted. Showing an affinity for everything electronic the future shadowrunner got all of the equipment and training his young heart desired. Able to build a decks/computers and drones from the ground up with basically anything, Deadhack still has a habit to trend towards the flashy more expensive parts when he has the option. Daniel was expected to go into a cushy corporate job with all the money his parents had invested in him, instead one morning he had vanished into the shadows burning all record of his former life. Since then he has been running around in the shadows doing illict jobs for whoever is willing to pay him for his time.

Deadhack has cybernetic eyes intended to enhance his ability to assess visual information at high speeds, they also have a built in recording device. In combat Deadhack is more prone to let his robots do the work, or rely on his allies, he does carry a combat rifle geared for precision shooting but usually tries to avoid using it. Deadhack likes to live a high rollers life, spending money on luxuries most people in his line of work would tend to avoid, and outfitting himself with some of the most expensive gear he can get his hands on.

Aaron "The Fisher King" River
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Settings: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Modern Fantasy

A shaman who enjoys spending much of his time communing with the spirits. The Fisher King's magic tends to focus on the summoning and control of spirits, he does also have a little experience with magic to empower and/or heal the living. In combat Fisher King tends to rely on spirits or allies but is also known to use a wide variety of throwing weapons as well. The Fisher King doesn't know any offensive magic.

Jack "Ripper" Vasser
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Settings: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun,

Part of a military experiment to see just how much cybernetics they could cram into a human body. The procedure worked but the cost was vast, much of Jack Vasser's previous personality is gone, replaced by a completely different person. The military was inclined to keep Mr. Vasser against his will but a judicious application of force with the newly acquired cybernetics, saw him to freedom. On the run from the military Jack Vasser went to the underworld, using his new body and previous military experience to his advantage Vasser made quite a name for himself as a bodyguard, assassin, and hired killer. Almost all of Jack's body has been replaced with cybernetics, only some skin, his heart and portions of his brain remaining of the original person. Alexander's weapon of choice is a set of cybernetic razors that extend from the tips of each of his fingers, thus earning him the nickname Ripper; although he is trained in the use of other weapons.
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Re: Domain of the laziest of wizards
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 07:01:10 AM »
Added Deadhack, Fisher King, and Ripper characters. Added Four Realms plot. Removed outdated info
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Re: Domain of the laziest of wizards
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2017, 12:25:28 AM »
Updated with Dragon Ball Super Craving