Roleplay Preferences and Screen Readers

Started by tangela, July 12, 2016, 09:55:52 PM

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I use a screen reader to interact with the site, and most of the time, it is 100% accessible.

The only place that has given me difficulty has been the character matrix for defining what characters you play, and their attractions. I am able to read a table, with genders and attractions labeled, but below that, I only see clickable items with no label. This means I'm not exactly sure what to click to structure it correctly.

Have any other screen reader users successfully set this up? Barring that, would it be possible to change that matrix layout to be clickable links or combo boxes, or something more screen reader friendly?

For more in-depth information, I am using the latest versions of NVDA and Firefox
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Nope. : / I wrote it rather poorly, and it's not easy to properly convert to screen reader friendly use, as it is entirely AJAX and mouseclick-based. Blinkin first reported the issue to me with JAWS.

I have plans for an all-around better version - both in terms of general quality as well as being ARIA compliant - but that will be some time. I have a lot of work on Elkarte and the new project to finish still.

Edit: And I do want to extend my apologies for the state of it... I was toying with a new concept and got rather carried away. It is in an extremely atrocious state. -_-

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I haven't tried it lately, because of the screen reader issue, and if anyone has questions I can always answer them in writing, but it's nice to know that this is going to be worked on at some point in future.  I'm a visually impaired player as well, and use Firefox with nearly the latest version of Jaws.