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April 27, 2017, 07:41:56 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking active RP partners (M/M)  (Read 241 times)

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Seeking active RP partners (M/M)
« on: July 12, 2016, 07:32:48 AM »

Welcome, everyone. I appreciate you taking the time to read my thread!

Please, don't reply to this thread. Message me instead and I'll get back to you.

There currently isn't much here as the thread is under construction, but I'll be adding more ideas and plots later, as well as some picture prompts and my O/O thread!

Genral Info

About me:
  • I'm a female irl.
  • I don't care about your IRL gender, all are welcome :)
  • I'm currently only looking for M/M games.

Post preferences:
  • I prefer RP through either PMs or forum posts. I may be persuaded to RP over IMs, but it's unlikely.
  • I try to post once a day. If not, then at least once every two or three. I'd love my partner to be able to do the same.
  • If you are unable to reply at least once every few days, I'm less likely to start a game with you, I'm sorry.
  • Please, don't vanish without a word. If there is anything that prevents you from posting or if you've become unhappy with the game or are no longer interested, let me know! I understand that real life exists and it always comes first and I want the game to be fun for both.
  • I will message you after two weeks of inactivity (if I see you active on Elliquiy) to remind you of the story. I know some people tend to forget :)
  • I will consider the RP to be over after a month of no reply to the thread or PM. I'll message you about this.
  • Post length depends on what we agree upon with my RP partner. I can write both long and shorter posts, but I heavily prefer two to three paragraph posts as I feel it gives my partner time to react to what's going on. No one-liners, please.

Roleplay preferences:
  • I prefer to keep the plot and smut about equal, but  it depends on the type of story. If it's a fast one-shot, then smut will be in first place, if it's a longer plot with many characters, I'll give preference to the plot.
  • When it comes to sex, I prefer my characters to be on the receiving end. This doesn't make their personalities submissive, though.
  • I have a wide variety of kinks and things I'd like to try, so don't hesitate to ask!
  • The fact that I like some sort of kink doesn't mean that it must be present in every single RP. If there is a plot you like which contains some sort of kink or plot element that you dislike, feel free to message me and we can remove it or work around it.
  • Scat, gore and worship of any body parts are a huge off for me. The only things I will never do.

My characters:
  • I create different characters for different games. They have some similarities, but they are never the exact same. I have one which I tend to reuse more than others, but that's about it.
  • I don't much like to divide my characters into dominant and submissive personalities. I feel there is more to a character than that. My RP partner is welcome to do this, however. I won't limit anyone :)
  • I like my characters on the receiving end when it comes to sex, but this doesn't make them submissive in nature. They vary in personality and often don't hesitate to take charge of the situation or even of sex if the situation arises.


Only one right now, but I'll add more soon!

This is not a definite list. If you have any ideas that you'd like to try, feel free to message me. I'd love to hear from you and do a bit of brainstorming!

The Apprentice

A young and talented wizard is looking to increase his power and knowledge to further his own goals. He seeks out a well-known and powerful wizard who is equally feared and admired by the common folk for his supposed incredible and frightening magic. The young wizard offers himself as an apprentice to the older man, promising to serve him for a year under the condition that during this time he will receive training in return for his service. The agreement is made, the contract signed, binding both of them to fulfill it. The apprentice is overjoyed with such an arrangement and the possibility of learning untold magic in exchange for doing a few trivial chores every now and then. However, he soon discovers that in his glee, he didn't quite consider all of the ways one can 'serve' another and is now obligated to tend not only to the wizard's day-to-day requests but also to any and all of his sexual desires. But hey, he's still getting the training he was promised, so it's not that bad!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • For this game, I would take the apprentice. The apprentice can either be human or a half-demon, which would open more possibilities when it comes to his skills and capabilities.
  • You would play the older wizard. Of course, you are free to develop this character in any way you wish. His personality, race, every-day life, his secrets, it's all up to you! If you're unsure, just ask me and we can brainstorm a bit together to flesh out a character you'd be happy to play!
  • The older wizard is meant to be a man of many secrets and many of those should involve his rich sexual desires and cravings. I would want this story to contain many kinks, even on the more extreme side. They are all optional and can be mixed and matched according to your idea of the wizard! Maybe he's just kinky? Maybe he has some friends he wants to impress with his new acquisition? Maybe he breeds monsters in the basement? Who knows!
    Some possibilities: multiple partners / gangbang, double /multiple penetration, bestiality, exotic cocks, excessive cum, impregnation, egg-laying, insert whatever you'd like here.
  • I'd love for this to start out as dub-con, the apprentice takes it as a necessary evil to get what he wants, but slowly changes into something he looks forward to at first and later craves. He won't become a willing toy (but if you wish, this is possible too).
    He is proud, smart and cunning and wants to be treated with respect outside of sexual situations. He has his own goals and reasons why he wants to gain power. Though they're mostly selfish reasons, they drive him forward. He won't hesitate to try and trick or seduce his master if there is something he wants from him.
    His pride will conflict with his desire for his master. He loves the sex and all that comes with it, but he hates himself because he submits to bodily pleasure so easily.
    Bonus points if in the end, they become willing partners. The older wizard recognizes the apprentice's potential, while the apprentice becomes a willing consort. I'm a sucker for sappy good endings.
  • This last one is entirely optional, but I'd love the idea of shapeshifting in this story. Either only the apprentice or both wizards would be able to do it.
    For the older wizard, it can mean whatever you'd like. He can change into animals, monsters, other genders, whatever strikes your fancy!
    The apprentice would either know it before he'd visit the wizard or the wizard would require him to learn it as part of his 'training'. I'd like the apprentice to be able to add female plumbing to his own (an extra opening, pretty much).
    The option I really crave is that the wizard would have him learn this in order to be able to use the apprentice in different kinky ways (my idea was to use this with egg laying or monster breeding, but I'm open to your input).
  • This plot is something I really crave. I usually end up playing the more dominant characters in plots and I've wanted to change it up. I've had this in my head for a long time now, but I never had the courage to look for someone to do it with me.
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