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May 11, 2021, 05:40:11 pm

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Author Topic: The Crimson Blade (all welcome)  (Read 748 times)

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Offline CandyCaneTopic starter

The Crimson Blade (all welcome)
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:42:03 pm »
Hello everyone!

I hope that you are having an amazing day/evening!

This will be my very first group request on here. I shall list below what I'm looking for. And hope that you all find it applying. I also want to thank you all for taking the time to read my request. I look forward to hearing from all of you! And now for my idea!

Their world was the world of the dark, not to ever see the light of day. To live among the world that they watched from the shadows. To be of the world but not apart of it. To long for what they could never have. To walk among the living. They were the undead, the creatures that would hunt down and kill for their own selfish needs. They are the undead, the blood drinkers, they are the vampires.

The Queen of the vampires, the last true pure blood of her race. Had taken up the throne when seeing her family murdered before her eyes. There was nothing that she could do to save her family. Her mother shoving her into a cabinet, "Hush child, don't come out no matter what you hear." Fighting to get back out, "No mother, let me help you!" Her mother's sad, tear filled eyes. Looked away from that of the scared face of her child. Pushing her back further into the cabinet. Closing and locking it so her daughter would live. Beating on the cabinet door, "Mother! Mother, please don't leave me in here! I can help mother! Mother Please!!"

Pushing as hard as she could, there was no way that she was getting the strong doors of the cabinet opened. It was a rather large cabinet, she was able to move freely inside. Moving as fast as she could, getting on her knees, leaning down to look between the the two doors. Her hands on either door, pressing as close so she could see out. There stood her father, The Great Vampire King Alexander with his wife The Great Queen Liliana, standing hand in hand with one another. A long sword held in his free hand, leaning to one another as the spoke the last words of love to one another. Tears filled her mother eyes, as their foreheads came to rest on one another.

Tears ran down the princess face, crying "Father! Mother! Please!" Beating on both sides of the doors. Turning their heads, their sad eyes looking to their little girl. Knowing that this would be the last time that they would see her. But she would live on, and take the world of the vampires into something great. She would be a great Queen for their people. Mouthing the last words of the love to her. In their mother tongue. Screaming out, "I love you to Mother, Father."

The two large oak doors, burst open. The King drawing his sword, pushing his beloved behind him. To protect her form the creatures that would try and harm, kill his family. Letting out a loud roar that shook their grand summer home. The creatures that looked human but they were from human. They were pale white, and a sickly sweet smell followed them where ever they went. They poured in and around the King and Queen. Standing back to back of one another, her mother pulling her own long sword from her robes. Fighting at her husbands back, to protect their beloved child. The fought for what seemed like hours. But it was but a few minutes, more of the white, human like creatures poured in from the door. They were becoming over run, they couldn't fight much longer.

The Queen was the first to fall, when one of the pale white creatures, impaled his hand through her heart. The Queen letting out a blood chilling scream. The King, whipping his head around to see his beloved wife fall to a blood heap on the floor, as the creature pulled his hand from her chest. The King in a blind rage, went after the creature that killed his wife, hacking and killing all that stood in his way. Swinging his long sword taking the head of the creature off. After that not able to live without his wife at his side. Letting his sword fall with a clang to the hard wood floor. Opening his arms wide opened for the creatures to take him.

The wide eyes of the princess, locked with that of her father's. Speaking with his eyes to her, as tears ran down his face. Clawing at the doors of the cabinet to get out to her father. To be with her family one last time. Her little fingers starting to bleed. Knowing not to say a word, she would always do as her father mother said. Watching with horror filled eyes, as the creatures over ran her father. Killing him right before her eyes. She stopped her clawing there was no use now. She had failed her mother and father this night. Forever to carry the guilt of that night through her long nature life. She vowed that night that she would take out that creatures that killed her family. And they would have hell to pay from her.

Now present day, the Queen had grown into a beauty for all to behold. Through her life she trained with her father's men. To become the warrior Queen that would take down the creatures that ripped her family away from her. She had become a great warrior for her people. Leading them into something great, just like her father and mother knew that she would. But she felt that she wasn't doing enough. That is when she made, what is still know to this day as the crimson blade.

The Crimson Blade, is an elite fighting group of vampires, lead by her. To take out what is called the pale ones. They go out into the night, and fight to protect their race from them. Only the best are allowed to join The Crimson Blade. All had to prove that they were worthy to be under the Queen, to protect that which they love. And show the pale ones just who they were messing with.

To this day, the crimson blade is alive and well. They fight in secret, none know what they truly do. She would keep it that way.

With this I would like to have this band of vampires fighting and taking out the pale ones. Working towards that, I would also like to have where someone tries to take the Queen. They would fighting a war on all fronts. There would also be a mate for each warrior, known as their blood link. They could be found at anytime. Could be one of the vampires that we save. You just never know. I want us to be a band that are close, like a little family. I will list some of the things when it comes to vampires and the pale ones. To give you a little info on them.

Not able to go out in the sun.
They don't sparkle.
Each vampire will have a curse, that comes from the mother of the vampires.
Drinks blood
You will have the mark upon your left part of your chest. It shows you are part.
Amazing Hearing.
Hard to cut, but it possible with special blades and/or claws.
Only way to die, head taken off, steak through the heart and heart being removed.
Drink blood of humans does nothing more then hold of the blood lust. You must drink from that of a your own kind. If you are female, you drink from male. And if you are male you drink from the female. That is where true power comes from.

The Chosen-
Hand picked by the mother of the race. To feed The Crimson Blade, you can be male or female. They are looked upon with great respect to be that of the Chosen. You will live with the mother, in place save that of all harm. To spill the blood of a chosen, means certain death! None shall touch them.

The Pale ones-
Pale white.
Was a former human.
They are the worst of the worst, when it comes to humans. They have killed without mercy! And they will do so as long as they live.
Made by the brother of the mother of the vampires.
Sickly sweet smell, follows them where ever they go.
They don't sleep.
They don't eat.
The don't drink.
The older they are, their hair turns white, they have stark blue eyes, they are all over white.
They younger ones, retain what they looked like in life. Keeping the color, but they lose that in time.

If you have any questions about any of the races, please ask me. I would be happy to ask any and all questions for you.

Now for some rules:

1. No god modding.
2. All site rules apply here.
3. 3 plus paragraph's per post.
4. Please be active as possible. If you want to leave, and are bored. We can kill off YC, or send you away to do a mission until you come back.
5. Bring in some twist and turns.
6. No fighting among the group, if you case problems you will be asked to leave.
7. Respect any an all in the rp.

Now for the spots that are open:

Queen/Leader of The Crimson Blade- @CandyCane
Male mate for Queen/Fighter for the crimson blade-
Fighter of the Crimson Blade-
Fighter of the Crimson Blade-
Fighter of the Crimson Blade-
Fighter of The Crimson Blade-

The Chosen-

Chosen One-
Chosen Two-
Chosen Three-
Chosen Four-

Mother of the Race-

The Pale Ones-

Leader of the Pale Ones-
Pale One-One -
Pale One Two-
Pale One Three-
Pale One Four-

The Marker of the Pale Ones-

As I said any and all questions welcome! I hope you enjoyed my little idea here. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please comment below, if you would like to join. And tell me which spot you would like to take. Thank you again for talking the time to read.