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Author Topic: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]  (Read 2869 times)

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Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« on: July 08, 2016, 05:50:48 AM »
My old post
Angel thought it over for a second, picturing it in her head. Sure, she knew what a skag looked like, but she’d always thought that there had been a certain element of cute about them. It was something she could never quite pin down… maybe it was the way their mouths opened? Her picture-taker was moving around, though, and Angel tuned back into him again, giving a small shrug.

“I don’t think I could bring myself to do it.” She said. “Even if I needed it for survival.”

She watched with open curiosity, her interest piquing when he traveled. Fluffy things. She loved fluffy things. She winced when he tottered tot he side slightly, and then decided he was going to vomit into the closest trash can. Ew. Alright, she really didn’t need to see that, but okay. He was sick, that was alright. But it didn’t make it any less disgusting.

“… Good to hear.” She said, “I was just about to ask…” Angel glanced at him, and then at the feed of the frozen landscape. She frowned. “Maybe you should take a breather?”

His stomach churned as what was left of his ramen was dispensed into the trash can. He would regret it as it had been the last of the food he had. But right now that didn’t matter. He was on a mission that would hopefully pay off in the long run.

“Nah’m fine… Just… Never was good when’t came to fast travel… Air travel…. Space travel….” his words slowly trailed off as he realised how weak his stomach actually was when push came to shove.

His organic hand brushed the last of the sick from the corner of his mouth and part of his scruffy beared. “Regardless, we’re almost there. Shouldn’t take too long to get a few pictures of mongs fer'ya” clearing his throat and adjusting his pack the Ginger pulled a set of goggles over his green eyes as the snow seemed to whip by quickly as a storm started to brew slowly.

Still super gross to hear and listen to. Guck. Angel averted her eyes away from the screen, trying her best to block out the noises. She was used to herself throwing up, sure, but hearing somebody else and watching whatever they ate come up. . . guck.

"So every travel invented by every person ever?" She joked, turning back to the camera. He appeared to be done ralphing, so that was a good thing. She couldn't help how excited she was by the fact that she could see snow in the background, and while she was concerned for him, she was ecstatic at getting a picture of something adorable. All at the low cost of a measly 10,000$, too!

"Really? She said, unable to keep a hint of the excitement from her voice. "How cute are they?"

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2016, 02:31:31 AM »
My old post

Still super gross to hear and listen to. Guck. Angel averted her eyes away from the screen, trying her best to block out the noises. She was used to herself throwing up, sure, but hearing somebody else and watching whatever they ate come up. . . guck.

"So every travel invented by every person ever?" She joked, turning back to the camera. He appeared to be done ralphing, so that was a good thing. She couldn't help how excited she was by the fact that she could see snow in the background, and while she was concerned for him, she was ecstatic at getting a picture of something adorable. All at the low cost of a measly 10,000$, too!

"Really? She said, unable to keep a hint of the excitement from her voice. "How cute are they?"

He was glad the queasiness had passed for now; Who knew if it was going to flare up again and cause a few issues for the mission. But he had to keep going if he wanted those credits. It was an easy job; get in, get the pictures and get out. If he didn't spook the big hairy Bullymongs he was home free. But then again, the Ginger wasn't well known for being lucky. But Angel didn't know that, at least he hoped. Sometimes the Ginger wondered if Hyperion had notes and files on everyone that comes through Pandora. From what he had looked into and gathered on her she was always online and had access to most of Hyperion's systems so what was stopping her from looking into a few files.

"How cute are they?" He echoed her question "Well, If you... You know what a Kitten is, Right?... I am not sure if you'd know what they are because bein' from Earth ah' know what they are an' this analogy won' be lost on me, but it might be lost on ya... Hang on..." He started to scroll through his echo unit looking for pictures he had saved as keep sakes from when he had been younger. The photos whizzed past his screen as he scrolled and scrolled. Pictures of him near mounments like the Harbour bridge, London bridge, the leaning tower of pisa with what looked like a blonde woman hanging from his arm in each shot had him rolling his eyes. He wondered why he had kept these but then he finally found what he was looking for. A picture of him with his cat. Throwing the screen of his Echo unit up at the camera she had following him she saw the following picture.

"Thas' Butters when 'e was a kitten. Little shit liked climin' into my arms while I was asleep an' 'parrently it was adorable...  so... people took pictures" He said with a sigh making a note to delete or at least edit some of these pictures in the future so he wasn't constantly reminded of the thing he had tried his best to get away from. The reason why he came to Pandora in the first place. "So what'ya think, Princess? Cute 'nuff fer'ya?"

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2016, 02:40:59 AM »
There was an odd silence that passed between the two of them, and idly, Angel wondered what he was thinking. It took him a while to respond, and right before she was about to prompt him, he spoke up again.

"A kitten?" She echoed. "I've seen some of the pictures. . . " She hedged. She had, but it had been a fairly long time ago. Besides, why look at things she couldn't have? She preferred not to torture herself any more than absolutely necessary. She heard him clicking through his comm unit, and the distinct sound of him scrolling through photos. Angel's curiosity was piqued - she was absolutely intrigued at this point. She stood there, waiting impatiently, until finally a picture was displayed.

Instantly, Angel made a sound that she hardly knew she was capable of making.

Angel touched the screen, looking at the cat eagerly. Sure, there was a cute guy in the background, but there was a kitten. And it was yawning and Angel could barely contain herself. How would it feel to hold that kind of thing in her arms? She wanted one. Badly.

"I love it!" She chirped - a little too loudly. She coughed, looking around to ensure nobody had heard her, and then turned back to the video feed. "And it's really cute. . . but not cute enough. Deal still stands. I want a picture. A new one!"

Still. She liked looking at this little picture of the past. Damn, who knew cats and big scruffy guys could be so cute together?

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2016, 05:44:11 PM »
Cats always got the ladies squealing, it was the main reason why he had adopted his cat in the first place. It was the runt of the litter and fit in his top pocket meaning portability was easy and so was getting the ladies attention.

He could tell that Angel was trying to compose herself and keep her squeals on the down low when he showed her the picture.

"Oh, I know y'all want something cuter. That's why'ah was saying tha' it's jus' as cute" the Ginger smirked as he pocketed the device again and continued to trudge through the crisp snow, the crunch of the crystals were crushed under foot filling the silence between them.

Eventually they reached the location he was looking for. Giant spiralling nests with holes at different levels to allow the monkey like beasts to pop out of and attack anything that dare get close. Which is why the Ginger ducked behind a nearby boulder to watch the nest before barging in.

"Orrigh' girly, this is where things are gon' get interesting... The Lil babies are protected by the big mumma and pappa Bullymong... " he sucked in a cold deep breath as he assessed the situation. "So... One picture, righ? Just one or ya wanna whole gallery, love?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. He had to be sure.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2016, 09:40:43 PM »
Angel looked at the screen, narrowing her eyes. She could practically hear the smirk in his voice. It wasn't her fault she was stuck in the Core all the goddamn time. But she watched as he walked, taking in the sights and the sound of it. She'd always wondered what snow felt like - people told her it was cold. She only had the vaguest memories of it before everything had happened. She remembered cold, and wet. . . but not the smell. Not the sound of it.  She hummed, and then snapped back to attention.

"Ah. . . yes, you did say something to that effect." Angel said, composing herself. Angel felt a thrill of excitement churn through her when Max approached the Bullymung nest. "Please be careful. . . and get as many as you can. If you can." She wouldn't lie - she was starting to feel a little stressed about the whole idea. Max seemed like a good man.

And Bullymungs didn't exactly seem like the friendliest of animals.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #5 on: September 05, 2016, 08:13:27 AM »
Max sucked in a deep breath when Angel muttered the words 'Get as many as you can' he knew for sure if he dwelled in the burrow long enough that he would be endangering his life. But he had done far worse things for a couple of credits but right now he was down a mechanical arm, that actually functioned properly and didn't squeak, moan and wheeze whenever he moved it
He had been working on an add-on for his echo unit to be able to summon his DT but no matter what he did it always ended with him burning the system out or blowing a fuse for the whole of Sanctuary and then having to explain to Scooter why he was scrambling through the dark streets with his tools in hand to fix his mistake.

"Yeah... Sure, as many as I can.. I'll be sure t'be safe, Darlin' ahm'a Geir, we're always safe" he said with another cocky sneer as he looked up at the rocky spire quietly freaking out in his own mind. Thanks to his disability, though the man wasn't as muscular as you'd think he'd found ways to manoeuvre his body and pull his own weight over time since he'd lost his left arm and found useful ways to climb. His feet hooked into the crags of the spire and his fingers found holdings to allow himself to scale the outside of the housing that contained the baby Bullymongs. There wasn't any sign of mothers or nurses, they all seemed to be out hunting. Which was odd, according to Koen she had said there was always one mong in hiding ready to strike anyone down that dared threaten the lives of their young. But the Engineer didn't remember that small and insignificant, to him, detail.

After a few scrambles and an almost failed attempt at Mission impossible-ing through a few crags in the rocks Max managed to make it to the 'wall sphincter' as Claptrap oh so eloquently put it. Poking his nose over the rim and into the darkness he could make up a small pile of what looked like discarded furs. A playful grin tugged at the corner of his lips as he pulled himself further into the hole to get a good look at the babies for Angel. "Come ta' pa'pa... " hooking his body over the ledge and kicking his feet to keep balance.

It was then there was a rumbling. Flecks of snow and ice shuddered and fell from the roof of the burrow and the large Ginger gulped hard as a tingle shot up his spine as another rumble quaked through his body. He started to panic not being able to see around him, Max worried the mongs had returned sooner than he thought they would and didn't think about keeping his cool, his legs kicked throwing him off balance and into the burrow landing to the side of the sleeping Mongs.

"Itaiiii" he moaned in Japanese running his mechanical hand down his body to check and make sure he hadn't broken anything "I'm fucked... A-Angel" Max wheezed feeling his chest burn in pain. The drop from the entrance to the ground seemed to have fractured a rib. "Oh god... I think I broke something....but um... I'm alive... For now... " he wheezed again as small eyes peered at him from the darkness, the eyes of the baby Bullymongs blinked at the stranger. Watching his movements.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #6 on: September 12, 2016, 08:06:44 PM »
Angel was glued to the screen. What, exactly, would happen when Max entered the Bullymong burrow? He seemed like an entirely capable man. . . with one of his arms busted, that was. Still. She was a little nervous and excited and thrilled all at the same time. She quirked her head slightly. Geir? How did she know that name? She paused, and then tried to wrack her brain. But when nothing came to mind, she opened up a search inquiry into Hyperion's databases.

Oh. What was the heir of the Geir company doing on Pandora? She was so distracted she only halfway noticed as Max began to climb into the Bullymong nest. But she turned away from that screen when she noted that he was climbing further and further into the lair. She was quiet, not wanting to distract him. Although he said he'd be safe, she didn't really believe him. Bullymongs didn't really seem all that safe to be around regardless.

And she as right.

Angel let out a surprised gasp, covering her mouth with her hands. "Max!" She whisper-shouted. "Max, are you okay?!" He'd fallen, and though the Bullymongs looked as though they hadn't noticed him. . . oh no, they had! Eek! And he sounded like he was injured. From his cam, she could see the baby Bullymongs staring back at him.

No mother or father yet, but she wasn't stupid. She knew they were waiting in the wings. They always were. Angel opened up a keyboard and was rapping away, fingers typing over the keys.

"Hang in there. I'm dispatching LoaderBOTs to your location, Max. They're dispatching now. It'll take them a few minutes to get through the snow and to your position. Do you think you can hang in there for that long?" She told him, worry and concern tugging at her voice. 

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #7 on: September 19, 2016, 09:24:39 PM »
His body continued to ache and his breathing shuddered as he tried to slow his breathes in hopes to minimise the damage that was being done to his innards by the broken ribs. He could feel the jagged edges poking his fleshy lungs with every sudden movement he made.

"HRN... Okay.. Much thanks... But I think this is my fault. I thought I heard a Mong a'comin an' threw ma'self off balance... Ya don' have'ta love. What'll ya daddy think, sendin' Loaders down t'th planet t'save a lowly bandeetoh" he muttered again softly as the piles of fur beside him started to stir and roll onto their sides believing the thud was that of their nurse returning with their afternoon snack.

Max didn't know she had found files on him that explained his back story and where he was from and everything he had fled to Pandora from. So he continued to play his game of pretending to be a nobody worth nothing to anyone. But Hyperion had their ways, no information was off limits.

Beads of sweat started to form on the man's pale and freckled forehead. The last thing he needed was one of the baby mongs to become attached and imprinted on him. The nurses and parents never took those things lightly and would always break into a murderous rage whenever locals tried to domesticate the small fuzzy beasts.

A fluffy hand gripped at his shirt and his head slowly turned to notice one had already taken to him. It chambered up his body sending waves of pain rippling through his body. "Fuckin' no... No, ya shit... No, don't... Fuck... Ouch...gerroff... Angel... Help" Max choked out trying to not falter under the weight of what felt like two toddlers strapped together. "Is'mona's fuckin' pet all over 'gain" he grunted as the beastie curled around his neck and started to search his flaming red hair for lice.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #8 on: September 26, 2016, 07:15:59 AM »
Angel spluttered.

"Y-You know who I am?" She was so jolted by what he'd said that she damn near almost lost her grip on the electronics she was controlling. She was just finished up her login requests and queue placements when he'd laid that bomb on her. Holy fuck, she hadn't known that Max had known who she was. Biting her lip, and deciding it was alright, Angel lifted up the facial distortions and allowed a clear cam on her face. She peered at max, becoming worried when she saw baby Bullymongs meandered over to him.

"LoaderBOTs are only about a minute away! Just hang in there." The ground began to shake, and then the cavern Max was in experienced a rough earthquake as a contingent of five LoaderBOTs dropped. Not many, but they were her personal guard detail. The rocks began to crack and break.

"Stay away from the walls! They have to drill down to you!"

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #9 on: October 04, 2016, 02:17:36 AM »
You know who I am?

Those words echoed in his ears as the bullymong chambered up his broken and bruised body. What was she talking about, he had just called out the first lame nickname he could think of as he moaned in pain. She to him was like a guardian Angel to him right now and her voice and presence was almost omnipotent in a sense so to him it made sense to call her a guardian Angel of sorts. But guardian Angel was a little bit of a mouthful to shout in the heat of the moment.

"Holy shit" he grunted out when the static around her face cleared up and he was able to make out the shape of the person he had been speaking to. "You're fuckin' gorgeous" Max said before he could stop himself. Sometimes he was a little too impulsive for his own good. But before he could slap a hand over his mouth the shove the words back in a monkey fist met his nose causing a sickening snap to echo through the comms he shared with Angel and blood to come gushing down his face. "FUCK" he grunted falling backwards into the pile of babies as they all started to cling to the man.

"ARGH... They're crushing... My... Chest... Help" Max Wheezed as a baby mong had climbed onto his chest and started to jump up and down on it pressing all the wind out of him.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2016, 09:06:31 AM »
Angel went cherry red in about three seconds flat.

"W-What?" She spluttered, desperately trying to regain her composure. Was Max suffering some kind of brain hemorrhage or something? Surely that had to be the case. Mainly because he'd fallen, was trekking inside of a frozen wasteland, and then he let out a sharp yelp of pain as he tried to slap a hand over his face and Angel was highly disturbed to find there was copious amounts of blood running down his face.

She let out a startled gasp. "Max, are you okay?"

But the Bullymungs were clinging to him, jumping up and down and slobbering like protective dogs. Angel was glad when the ceiling cracked, and the first of the LoaderBOTs dropped through the ceiling. Several more followed. The Bullymungs that had been excitedly jumping up and down on Max looked up in fear, and then squealed as they scrambled to get away from the machines.

And the roar of Mama and Papa Bullymungs weren't far behind, either. Angel commanded the LoaderBOTs to scoop up Max. And she ensured they'd leave the Bullymungs unharmed.

"Hold on! You're going to Fast Travel!"

And then they were off. 

Max appeared in the Core, of course. It was the only area she directly had coordinates to. She was strapped into the Core, like normal, but she turned when she heard the LoaderBOTS appear. And Angel hovered there.

Oh. She hadn't quite thought that far ahead. . . oh boy.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #11 on: October 11, 2016, 08:48:03 PM »
Blood streamed down his face and into his eyes stinging them as the Loaders burst through the wall of the nest. He had thought this was the end, a death at the hands of the fuzzy monkeys known as Bullymong. He was now regretting everything up until now, that he should have just kept his hands to himself and not bothered pilfering from Hyperion. But then again he thought being such a large company they wouldn't miss a few thousand credits here and there. But he didn't account for a Siren watching over the accounts.

When he heard Angel's voice one more time he squinted. Did she just say prepare for Fast Travel?

Before he could open his mouth and question the logic and curiously ask how he was going to teleporting without using a Fast travel station oh so conveniently placed he was pulled through a wormhole into the core. It looked sterile like a hospital room. Giant machines humming around him that did unknown things, given time and a screw driver he could possibly figure out what they did but right now he was trying too focus on not passing out.

"Hurrng... What the fuck... Where am I?" He wheezed still laying on his back, staring at the ceiling trying his best not to throw up and choke to death on the sick that was ready to come rocketing out his mouth. After all these years on Pandora he was still unstable when it came to travelling through the Fast Travel. Part the reason why he preferred to walk and drive everywhere. "... Hrnn" his head rolled from side to side as he tried to catch a glimpse of Angel, when his eyes finally fell on her hovering there above him Max's blood froze.

She was even more lovely in person than she was over comms.

"Pretty... Pretty Angel..." he murmured trying to lift himself from the ground. "I'm... I'm sorry I couldn't get you many pictures" he said reaching weakly for his Echo unit, he had managed to get one good shot of the Bullymong cuddle puddle but the rest were blurs of blood and fur.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #12 on: October 12, 2016, 08:55:49 AM »
Angel drifted closer to him, biting down on her lip as she scanned him, worried and incredibly concerned. He was bleeding all over!

"Uhm. You're. . . uh. . ." She didn't know how to answer. In fact, she was so flustered! What the hell was she supposed to do? She was so used to not having anybody on the "Allowed to Contact Angel" list. And those that were, she really didn't want anything to do with. With very few exceptions.

Angel finally swallowed back on her fear and leaned down, letting her feet touch the floor. Glossy wings dissipated, and she knelt next to Max, helping him up to a sitting position. "Take it slow, Max. Please." She bit the inside of her cheek when he called her pretty - not many people did. She shook her head and smiled, brushing away some of the  blood.

"Well, you're safe and that's all that matters. They're just pictures-"

A proximity alarm was going off. Angel snapped her head up, the color draining from her face. Somebody was approaching the Core!

"Max, I'm so sorry, but you have to get up! And hide! Oh no, oh. . . oh no!" She tugged the less-than-able ginger up to his feet, eyes darting around frantically as she tried to find a place for him to hide - and she found a supply closet. Angel was quick to wander over, throwing most of the shit out of it, and then worked on shoving Max inside.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so, so sorry!" She murmured. She did manage to shut the door, however.

And then she went apeshit on the supplies, flinging them around, tearing rends in the clothes. She made sure she was holding a canister of something filled with goop, and she tipped it over and squeezed most of it out.

It wasn't uncommon for her to throw 'tantrums' and destroy whatever was closeby. She hadn't done so in a while, but she needed a cover.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #13 on: October 25, 2016, 08:53:03 AM »
His eyes blinked a couple of times as they stared at Angel, He hadn't seen someone glow like that in a long time. Not since Mona, But then most of her glowing had been artificial and not actual Siren glows. But before he had a chance to even react to being teleported into god knows where his felt himself get a little queasy. A wave of uncomfortable in his gut washed over his body and turned his already pale and grimy skin.

"Oh no... What.. get up?" he moaned as he was tugged to his feet and shoved towards a storage clauset against his will. All he wanted was to perch himself over a waste paper basket and hurl up the fermented Skag Jerky he had ingested for lunch along with the three cups of Irish Coffee he'd used to follow it up. "B-But I dont..Okay... okay, Fine... I'll get in, Buh'ah cann'ah promise I won' hurl on whatever is in here... I forgot t'say... When I fast travel I get a lil'... motion sick" He moaned as the door was closed in his face in a frenzy, She might not have heard him or wasn't bothered; Either way he was inside it now and there was no going back.

Darkness surrounded the Ginger, Darkness had always been a problem for the Engineer, Things always went bump in the night and with the added motion sickness it was only making matters worse. He leaned his back against the wall inside the cupboard and closed his eyes, thinking it would be best right now and tried his best to go to his happy place. A makeshift metal hand traced down his freckled face as he tried to think of coffee, chocolate and... oh no, That wasn't wise. As the thought of food danced through his mind it only made matters worse.


Outside the Core the Double licked his fingertips and pressed them into his brows slicking them down and looking in the reflection of the metal. He had come for his usual bi-monthly visit of the Siren who he called 'Daughter'. In his mind, he was Handsome Jack and Angel, well Angel was his daughter. Unsure of who he really was and not knowing that he was just a disposable pawn most people on Helios played along with to keep up the charade that he was actually the big man in-charge of the company.

"Still gott't" He said winking at his own reflection and clearing his voice, a long finger depressed the speaker button on the Intercom and he muttered the magic words that allowed him entrance to see his 'Daughter'

"I love you"

The doors to the core hissed open and as the natural sunlight skewed his visage it would almost look like Jack himself had come to visit Angel. But it was obvious that the man who had come to visit was not her father. Jonas, as his record would eventually tell all about, was almost an amazing copy of Jack. Because of budget constraints on the earlier models of Double most didn't always look exactly like the CEO. But Jonas, He had the same build and same hairline so there didn't need to be much work done to have him look identical to his boss.

A few alterations needed to be made to his voice and eyes, But those were to be expected when it came to impersonating someone. A chip had been implanted in the back of his skull that had altered his memories and suppressed the ones too different to the CEOs they wanted the Doubles to be so like Jack that even his own mother would have had to blink twice when trying to pick him out of a line up.

"Angel-Cakes, Daddies home" He said in his usual egotistical tone. It was the one thing that always gave it away. Where Jack was more menacing and egotistical but still straight as an arrow, Jonas was one for the dramatics. Being an actor it was understandable that he would be a little more flamboyant with his motions and how he held himself.

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #14 on: October 27, 2016, 06:16:05 AM »
Oh no.

"Don't do that." Angel warned as she struggled to get the ginger into the closet. "Just. . . just hold it in as best as you can, okay?" It was a lame thing to say, but it was the only thing she could muster. Primarily because. . . well. Holy shit. What the hell else was she supposed to do? She wasn't really supposed to have anybody unauthorized within the Core, and Angel was smart: she knew that somebody would notice she'd tapped into the FastTravel network.

Regardless, she closed the closet and was quick to move away from it on shaking legs. She felt weak today, but she was weak every day. Nothing special there. At least she'd actually eaten breakfast today. Angel lowered herself onto the ground and sat there, head jerking up when the Core doors opened.


So that was the one who had come to visit her.


He really did look like a carbon copy of her father - but most Doubles did. Angel wasn't fooled for very long. Very few of them could actually conjure up the cold-blooded shit that her father did on a daily basis. She looked at him as he waltzed in, the doors closing behind him. She huffed out a sigh.

"Hi." She said blandly.

There was a bit of silence. And then she followed up with an equally bored, ". . . why are you here?"

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Re: Sticky Fingers [ lowfoam || AlexieD ]
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2016, 06:51:51 AM »
Max sat in the clauset, his gills getting greener by the minute, The Sound of Jack's sweet nicknames tainting the air. He could feel the sick welling up in the back of his throat just begging to be purged from his body. It took every fibre of his being to keep it down, but he managed it. When he heard the voice of Jack he knew he was in for it if he were to be found out. If it had been found out he was taking money from the company and had been caught red handed by his... Siren? He wasn't quite sure exactly if what he had read was right and eventually heard from, what he would learn was a Double and not the real Handsome Jack, was right?


Maybe he had mis-heard things. He hadn't been keeping up to date with the Vault Hunters and their constant struggle with the corporation known as Hyperion. Max wanted to stay as far as he could from the power struggle. The last thing he needed was someone finding out who he truly was and how much swain he could pull into the power struggle over the planets resources. His hands clasped over his mouth trying his best to muffle his strained breathing.


When Angel shot down the Double's attempts at making nice again his wide and cheerful smile melted into a frown. "What, Can't a father come and see his Daughter?" He said slumping his shoulders trying to make it look like he was hurt by her words, an attempt at using parental guilt against her. Everything he knew and wanted was what Jack was, It had been programmed into the control chip that had been implanted in the base of his neck. After Timothy had broken off and joined the Bandit scum Jack wanted to make sure that his Doubles to come would be easily controlled. None of that free will crap. "Seriously though, Baby girl" Jonas said sucking in a deep breath and continuing his walk across the core towards her. "You wouldn't be hiding boys from me, You are at that age... I just had to come down and check on you and make sure you're alone in here... no stinkin' bandits are gettin' their hands on my little girl"

Jonas started to walk around the room and his eyes fell on the clauset where she had just stuffed the Ginger, He didn't know that there was anyone in there but he was trying to make a point of keeping up the fascade that he was indeed her father and fathers were overprotective of their little girls. "So I have come to do my weekly sweep, Make sure you're not hiding any boys... or girls... You never know. There's two sexes in this world. Why miss out on one" He said with a chuckle to his tone, arms coiled behind his back as he got closer and closer to the door that hid the trespasser.

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Oh boy. Angel was really starting to panic. Jonas was moving closer and closer to the closet that held Max, and she sure as fuck didn't feel like getting in any trouble today. She'd rather stay awake than strapped into a machine while Hyperion launched code after code of "reprogramming" at her. It never worked - apparently Sirens were remotely immune to mind control (and the collar was the only thing that made her listen to her father) but it was a great torture and she fucking hated it. She'd lose days while strapped into the Core.

She was quiet as she watched him. Her lips pressed into a thin line - she wanted to say 'you're not my father, and he only comes when he wants something' but considering that Jonas was wandering closer and closer to the closet. . . eek.

Oh boy. He was walking closer. Think! THINK!

Angel closed her eyes, sucked in a deep breath, and then let out a shaky sigh. Most of the bitterness, most of the acidity left her face. She looked fatigued and tired. She graced Jonas with a small smile, meant to disarm.

". . . You're right. I'm sorry I'm in a bad mood. I mean. . . look. My legs lost sensation again. But I'm really cold and tired. . . Do you think. . . do you think you can read to me. . . Dad?" She said the name softly, her voice and tone quiet.

She sat there and blinked up at him. To be entirely honest, Jonas was a better father than her real father was, but eh. Dad just seemed so. . . personal to call him. She preferred not to.

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His hand had reached out to grasp at the door knob to the clauset as Angel searched for a way to get him away from it. Max on the inside tried his best to hold down the lunch of booze, coffee and gummi-bears as he felt an impending doom wash over him which made it harder to not throw up. But the Siren had come through in the end with her soft words gracing the Double's ears as his long and thin fingers curled around the simple handle.

"H-Huh" He was caught off guard, So much his usual cocky tone was penetrated by his normal southern accent that he hid so well. He cleared his throat frantically trying to get back into character and relented the light grip he had on the door. "You're not feeling too well, Sugar-cube?" He said raising a brow with a slight crackle to his voice as he slipped back into his usual Jack-like tone. She had never called him 'Dad' before. But he was too over the moon that he had 'Managed to trick her' that he didn't even stop to think about why she was calling him these names.

"If you weren't feeling so well you should have just said so, Baby-doll" He moved away from the door and over towards her with his arms outstretched. "Anything for my baby girl. If there anything in particular that you wanted me to read to you? But shouldn't we get you fixed up, Girl?" Now he couldn't stop with the southern nicknames that his usual self was fighting for control of his body. The chip in the back of his head started to buzz at the fact it was picking up independent thought and personality pushing through.

His eye twitched as it started it's 'behaviour controlling protocols by releasing a small electrostatic shock right into his brain causing his face to contort and his words to stutter.

"S-S-Shhh- Should I c-call a doctor?" He said twitching lightly again.

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Angel held her breath, looking at him, feeling her heart pounding in her chest as her muscles tensed. Oh boy. He was going to open the door, wasn't he? He was going to find Max and then she was going to get into a shitload of trouble, wasn't she? She bit her cheek so hard she damn near tasted blood when she saw Jonas's hand wrapping around the handle and he was pulling it. . .

But then he stopped.


"No." She offered, looking up at him and smiling. Apparently, calling him dad had worked. Score one for her. He moved away from the door and circled closer to her, "Just overactive neural relays, you know how it goes. Core shuts down parts to make sure I don't damage myself. I'll be fine a few hours." She wasn't very happy hugging Jonas - such a thing was only reserved for her father, and only when she was very happy but she needed to keep up the facade.

"Just read to me. It'll be okay. . . How about. . . holding me in your lap. . . like you used to?"

Whew. Poor Jonas also seemed to be suffering from so electroshock therapy, poor Double. With a flick of her hand, she connected to Max's comm device.

'Sneak out. We need you out of the Core. No telling what Jonas will do to you. . . and me.' She whispered, transmitting her voice.

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Hold me in your lap? Like you used to? Jonas was stumped for a moment, Angel was never this open. It was amazing he'd made it this far inside the core without getting yelled at or an alarm going off signifying a Double had broken into the most restricted area on Hyperion grounds.

He was an idiot, but not that much of an idiot. He blinked a couple of times trying to process what he'd heard and making sure he wasn't reading the situation wrong.

"In my lap..." He muttered before clearing his throat and grinning like the idiot he was, it was then his programming kicked in 'Protect the daughter.Exe' had booted up and anything she said went.

"As long as you think you're not too old for Daddies lap" he patted her cheek softly before scooping the Siren up into his arms and carrying her towards a seating area. "Now, did you have anything in particular you wanted me to read? How about Dickons or... " he said with a smile.


Max was curled up in the cupboard the whole time praying to whatever deity would listen, hoping that nothing bad would come of this. He started to regret ever agreeing to the siren's deal for the money or even letting her transport him to the core of all places, she could have dropped him in the middle of sanctuary if she wanted, but no. She had to drop him in the most dangerous place for a 'bandit' like him to be.

Thankfully Angel had managed to keep the snoopy Double away from the place he had been in hiding.

A sigh of relief rushed through the Ginger as he heard the clicking of heels moving off into the distance and the whispers of the Siren in his ear. Now was the time to get out of dodge. He couldn't procrastinate now, he had to use this moment to his advantage. Reaching into his picket he pulled out a small round device and slapped it to his chest, it had a short duration but the cloaking device he'd managed to replicate from Zer0's suit would allow him a swift escape from danger.

He opened the door a crack and stared out looking to see if the double had bought anyone else to the party, he hadn't.

Thank christ.

Max shuffled low to the ground moving between cover to cover hoping security camera wouldn't catch his escape causing more trouble for the Siren. As he approached the door his presence hadn't been known, he reached up and pressed the panel to open the door thinking he'd be off Scott free.

Little did he know he'd mistakened the panic button for the door open one. Loud sirens exploded into blaring whoops and hollers, a heavy metal door slammed down over the only exit and the Engineer felt his gills turn a deeper shade of green now he was trapped.

"Fuck... " He said slamming his head into the palm of his hand. There was no escaping now.

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Angel breathed out slowly. Whew. This was going a lot easier than she'd expected. Jonas was being his usual sweet self, and she really had to commend him for it. It wasn't his fault that he was wearing her father's face. Or that he tried to be her father. Or that her father was involved in general. Regardless, she'd read Jonas's file extensively. On paper, he seemed decent enough.

"Whatever's closest. Just so long as we can spend some time together."

Whew. Exactly as planned! In the background, almost like a movie, she could see Max stumbling out of the door and swaying like he was drunk. But then he dissipated from sight - probably a cloaking device.

And then the alarms started to blare. Angel pursed her lips, looking like a goldfish out of a bowl as she stared at Jonas.

". . . I'll be honest. I don't have anything witty to say." She replied. She offered a very sheepish smile, however, letting out a nervous chuckle.

Inwardly, she was cursing the damn ginger.

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She almost had Jonas but if it hadn't been for the fumbling ginger he'd have gotten away Scott free but he'd accidentally slapped the panic button instead of the open door pannel. Seriously, though. Who would have thought the two were in such close proximity. Max stood up and rose his hands above his head, There was no way he was getting out of this alive or with all his limbs. Angel could only do so much for him before he would be gunned down or chased for all of eternity by Hyperion. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been pursued by the company. After the marks he'd gotten at University they'd wanted to head-hunt him for R&D when it came to weapons or any kind of Engineering but he'd politely declined.

"Yeah-... Yeah ya got'me I ain't even gonna try'n run..." Max muttered lowering his head in shame and rolling his eyes.

Jonas got to his feet and placed Angel on the chair he'd been about ready to sit on. He squinted and didn't say anything, that should have been the first sign. If he was truly Jack he would have gone off his head, but he had other agendas. The Double only ever did short shifts working the strip down the middle of Opportunity and every now and then in the Pleasure palace but aside from that he had lots of time on his hands. So he took it on himself to know everything that Jack would, so he read everything in the Hyperion database. Resumes, private and confidential documents and even testimonies in the torture chambers that were reserved for corporate take overs.

But this red head, He looked familiar and Jonas couldn't quite put his finger on it. He'd seen his face somewhere before, A lot less hairy albiet, more clean shaven. He clicked his fingers a couple of times and pointed at Max. "You, I know you... But how" He said in a very Jack like tone.

"What's your name, Kiddo?" Jonas muttered stepping closer and closer to Max like a tiger stalking it's prey. "Leon" "No it's not" Jonas said with a smirk "You answered too quickly for that to be your real name" "You're good" Max said tilting his head back and running a metal hand through his hair "Yeah, Well you have to be in my position, Now I ain't got all day, Kitten. Out with it, Your real name this time"

Max sighed, there was no getting away from this clown, So in for penny in for a pound. "Geir" He said simply enough dropping his arms by his side "I thought the arm, hair and freckles would have given it away" His white teeth grazed over his lips "Maximilian to be precise" He said with a slight bow at the Double. "What about you, You know my name but I don't know yours, Obviously you're not the real Jack. Jack wouldn't bother himself with knowing nobodies names"

"Nobodies? Tch, Please. You do yourself not enough credit, Everyone knows who you are, kiddo. You're all over the news" With a click of his finger a 24h Echonet news cast started to play. A photo of his smiling pale and freckled face was plastered on the screen with a ticker reading 'Missing: Heir to GeirIndustries, Presumed dead but if you have any info call: 1800 xxx-xxx'

At the sight of the news cast a sheepish grin washed over his face. He was caught out after all. "Well, Ya got me there, Dude" he said dropping his shoulders and rolling his head to the side. "Yes, That's me" He said with another sigh mouthing 'Sorry' to Angel.