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January 24, 2017, 11:29:34 AM

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Author Topic: Confessions of a Teenaged Temptress  (Read 294 times)

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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

Confessions of a Teenaged Temptress
« on: July 05, 2016, 03:17:13 PM »
Dear Blog,

We've been over ad infinitum the many many ways Jason* is a total asshole who treated me like shit. We're not gonna go down that road again.

No, Blog, I'm not ready to admit that I'm over him, but progress is being made. Yes, he was my first. Yes, I loved him so hard I carved his name in my arm (I know what you're gonna say, commenters. I'm frickin' 17. Drop it already). Yes, he said awful shit about me and posted a vid of me sucking his dick on gfrevenge and then when the ensuing shit-storm blew up in his face said more awful shit about me to make me look like the bad guy here.


I frickin get it already. The point is I have a plan. And you're gonna like it. The plan will involve this blog. It will involve chaterbate. It will involve me doing all the raunchy things he said I did but didn't and a few other things he wasn't clever enough to think of. It's my own ## step plan to get on with life.

We're gonna rate them on a scale from dear Penthouse to I'm prolly gonna die. And then, one at a time (or two or three, hehe) I'm gonna do them.

Will there be pics? Oh yes. There will be pics. Why the hell not? There are already pics of my naked ass out there. It's time for me to take control.

I don't have all the ideas yet. Like Jason's peen, the plan is still in an incubation phase.

But I do have a few, based on all the horrible shit Jason has said about me:

~I'm boring Or a cold fish. Or something.
Where did this come from? Not sure. I guess the handy I gave him in the school cafeteria wasn't good enough for him. Regardless, I'll show him boring.
I'm up for ideas for this one, commenters, but just to get the creative (and other) juices flowing:
-public nudity.
-public masturbation.
-online masturbation. For you guys. Tell me you love me. (No face pics, tho!)
I have a fake ID, so,
-amateur night at the strip club
-posing for an art class at the local community college.

If it's risky or sexually adventurous, I'm game.

~I'm a slut.
No. Actually, I've only had any kind of sex with one person ever: Jason. But I'm gonna counter this lie by having all kinds of sex with whomever I want. And it's gonna be good. But since 'whomever I want' is kinda unspecific, we're gonna narrow it down a bit.
Mr. P, my history teacher.
I like history. Because I like history, and am therefore good at it, I must be banging my history teacher to get those good grades. So you know what I'm gonna do? Bang my history teacher. Mr. P doesn't know it yet, but I'm totally going to bang him.

Other people Jason has accused me of banging: My next door neighbor (because I babysit for him occasionally), and my dad's best friend. So I'm gonna bang them, too.

Clever readers may have noticed that I didn't include any guys my age in that list. That's no mistake. Guys my age suck.

~I'm a lesbian
According to Jason, when I'm not giving it up for half the male faculty, I'm doing chicks. I don't know where this came from. I'm not into chicks.

Well, I wasn't into chicks. Now I am.

First, there's the Dean of Girls. I hear she's into chicks, and also some kinky BDSM stuff, too. Or maybe I just read too much 50 Shades. Either way, I'm going after her.
Second, there is a lesbian bar not far from my house. Not lipstick lesbians. Scary bull dyke lesbians. I heard that there is a back room where they do all kinds of kinky stuff. I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm going to find out.

-Other random shit
I've read about these sex toys you can wear and other people can control them with apps. Yeah, we're totally doing that. Not sure how, but it's gonna be a crazy ride.

Hitchhiking. From here to Miami Beach. This is probably where I get killed or locked in some perv's basement for forever, but why-the-fuck not at this point. I'd ask my parents, but they voted in absentia. This will probably need to wait till spring break, tho.

So that's it for now. I'm all out of ideas. I'll post again as events unfold!

Kisses and whatnots,


*the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

What's going on here, Wiggles?

I'm glad you asked.

We're telling a story about a girl named
, whom I will play. Hanna is going through a wild-spell. She is in discovery mode. She's ready to have a little adventure in her life.

What I'm looking for is someone to write opposite of. This person can be male or female, but must be comfortable writing a from a variety of perspectives (not simultaneously of course). Both male and female, straight and lesbian--not lipstick lesbian, 'real' lesbian. We can include any sort of kink that isn't on my off list.

Specific kinks that will be explored are:
public nudity, including sex and masturbation. Online sex. Sex toys. Age play. Non-traditional Dom/sub relationships. Teacher x student, group sex, lesbian sex, and so on.

Please be mindful of words that squick me (see my sig), have at least a basic grasp of grammar and such, and a willingness to commit to this RP and post at least twice a week.

on collaboration and plot progression
This will be a collaborative story, not a Gm + Player story, despite the fact that my partner will be playing multiple roles.

The story will be divided over a number of smaller chapters. The chapters will start with Hanna making a short post in which she sets out the plan or updates the 'commenters' on what has happened so far (think of them as little synopsises (synopsi? What is the plural of synopsis?)

My partner and I will settle on the plot for that in-story day, and who Hanna will interact with. We'll then take it from there.

If this story strikes your interest, please PM me. Do not post here.

Thanks for reading!