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Author Topic: Embracing It or Serving It - Two New Prompts  (Read 612 times)

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Embracing It or Serving It - Two New Prompts
« on: June 30, 2016, 03:32:49 PM »
I usually like to throw out ideas one at a time, but these two I wanted to pair because they are in some ways similar, and contrasting the two can help define what I'm looking for in each.  Each would involve intense sexual play, often with a female in the submissive role, but one is aggressively seeking that out and in fact insisting on it, while the other finds herself there despite herself.  I am willing to play either side on these, depending on the partner.

Sexual Dynamo

The Concept: A young, sexually forward girl, like a young Sasha Grey, takes the world by storm.

Sex-Positive & Aggressive | Nymphomaniac | Modern Realistic | Intense Sex | Intense Kinks | Multiple Characters | Topping from Bottom

The Character: A young woman who loves sex, and is not afraid or embarrassed to pursue it.  She loves her body, loves every type of sex, men and women of all kinds and numbers.  What she lacks in experience she makes up for with enthusiasm.  However, although she has an aggressive, almost domineering nature, in the sexual world she is often a submissive.  She is never a victim, an unwilling participant.  But what really gets her off is being used, pushing things over the edge, doing the most extreme or intense things, or allowing others to do them to her.  She is never passive, but she enjoys being dominated; not a pushover, but ready to be used; always horny, but directing her own sex life.  She can be dominant as well, with men or women, she has enough sexual energy to encompass it all.

The Story: I would like to play out a bit of her life, that's all the story that I have in mind so far.  In her insatiable search for more, and better, I imagine her perhaps climbing a ladder of people towards more and more debauched experiences, maybe searching for that one or ones who can really give her what and as much as she needs.  She could end up in the world of porn, it makes sense, but the story doesn't have to go there, I would like to create it with a willing writer.

Behind the Scenes: I have a very clear picture of this character, so I would imagine playing her, and you playing the cast of characters she encounters, perhaps some recurrent depending on the storyline.  You would need to be comfortable playing dominant, pornstar-fucking level sexual beings, as well as a variety of other types.  I am willing to play the other side if I find someone who I think gets the character idea that I have in mind. 

As for what the storylines would involve, well, have you seen Sasha Grey's porn?  She probably did every genre and style of porn and sexual act, and that's basically what I imagine here.  This young woman would be eager to try everything, and on her path would run into people who want to do everything to her.  The idea is that her pure lust, and her lack of any limits, brings out the best/worst? in others, and it becomes no holds barred with her a willing, eager, if often totally overpowered participant.

Kinks: Rough, rough sex; anal; oral; throatfucking; multiple cocks at once; bondage, light to extreme; s/m play; fucking machines; sex toys; forced orgasm; multiple partners; gangbangs; cum play

Humiliatingly Easy

The Concept: A young woman with an inordinate fetish for humiliation and rough play, and those who take pleasure from that fact.

Humiliation | Dubcon | Intelligent Dominance | Turned On Sub | Multiple Characters | Contrasts

The Characters: The story focuses on a woman who has a fetish in which she greatly enjoys humiliating and submissive sexual acts.  So much so that they are nearly all that gets her off, and they get her off to a surprising degree.  It begins by merely being submissive--having someone direct her firmly or coolly already gets her engine running.  It continues through dirty and dismissive talk, being told what to do, and informed calmly what a slut she is, makes her begin to gush.  And of course being used in a dominating and humiliating fashion, whether done in the heat of passion or coolly commanding, are her ultimate kink.  Fucked in humiliating positions, being bound, dressed or exhibited, having others see her being used, and her acquiescence and arousal, being recorded, used roughly and nastily, but most importantly being reminded that she allows it, and gets off on it.  Anything that highlights her submissiveness, treating her as an object of pleasure, a toy, being forced to demonstrate the lengths she will go to, all for no reward but the pleasure she can't help but feel at the humiliation of it.  She is also quite responsive to rough and painful play, naturally coming to orgasm from what should be offputting treatment.

As a person, she does not however embrace being a slut.  I put this story here partly to contrast it with the sexual dynamo, who embraces and is proud of what she is.  This woman enjoys many of the same things, but she enjoys them despite herself, or rather her body enjoys them while she wishes she could not.  She is a slave to her fetish.  However, she is not an unwilling participant, it is not a nonconsensual style story.  It is more in the vein of dubcon, where she generally goes along with what is asked of her, out of the rush of the submission, and the craving that comes over her.

As for who exactly she is, and what form the other characters take, there is a lot of flexibility there.  I imagine perhaps an individual, a man who knows of all her kinks and makes them wallow in them, knowing that the very fact that she should say no but can't is what gets her off, to her own chagrin.  He would certainly not be the only individual in the story, her kink makes it vital that she be shown, shared, and she may in fact simply ping pong between those who discover her without a guiding character. 

The Story: The story would be a slice of life, taking her through a number of the experiences her fetish leads her to.  It is open to craft with my writing partner.  It may be that there is a central male figure who directs her, if so he would be someone who would also take pleasure in her fetish, rather than feeling possessive over her.  There would certainly be a vein of cruelty in that, though the fact that she in many ways relishes it and needs him would complicate that fact.

One possibility that I have in mind is that she is fairly young 20-23 perhaps, and full in the grips of this fetish but not terribly knowledgeable or experienced.  An older man, age variable, takes her under his wing, not in the sense of a master specifically, but in the sense of directing her journey.  Whether he simply enjoys humiliating her, or is amazed by the prodigal nature of her fetish and wants to see it bloom.  One thought is that he is her uncle, which I find darkly intriguing, but that is only a possibility.

Behind the Scenes: There is a very particular balance I'm going for here in this zone between a sort of slave/master sub/dom world, the world of an unwilling sex slave, and the world of a cartoony slut.  This story is none of those, but I know it will be easy for people to file it somewhere there.  Finding a shared agreement on what this fetish means in my mind will be the key to making this go forward (as well as great ideas from you).  I'm looking for someone who either gets her and can play her, or that gets the type of cool, mocking, humiliating dominant characters i want against her, without devolving into simply cruel, brutal, or insulting.  I would be happy to play either side of the story, with someone who I think really gets the other side.  It may be easier for me to play the men and create the situations, and find someone who can play the part of her and her fetish.

Kinks: Bondage; two-three-four-moresomes; exhibition; strangers; gangbang/blowbang/bukkake; rubber gloves, electrical tape; fetish wear; spitting, slapping, choking; mind games, manipulation; dominance and submission; multiple cocks at once; sex toys; fucking machines; sex swings, mirrors & similar gear; forced orgasm; dirty, demeaning talk; cumplay; rough sex; s/m; breast play

Offline AeonsTopic starter

Re: Embracing It or Serving It - Two New Prompts
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2016, 10:56:51 AM »
I would love to find a partner for one of these prompts.  They are both built around characters, and the particular situation can be cobbled together between us.