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Author Topic: Ollum's Science Fiction fun times  (Read 1511 times)

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Ollum's Science Fiction fun times
« on: June 28, 2016, 10:58:13 PM »
So apparently I maxed out my word limit on my other thread’s opening post. Which is hilarious and inconvenient because I have a lot more ideas that I want to put to paper. So I think I am going to handle this by making this new thread and dedicating it to all of my futuristic/cyberpunk/etc ideas. And my old story thread will become dedicated to all of my fantasy/steampunk/etc setting ideas.
My Sci-fi ideas in particular tend to be almost exclusively gritty and will be overall darker in tone and explore darker and often extreme themes. Excessive violence, Drug & alcohol use and addiction, crime, prostitution and torture, all are things that could be included in these ideas. Not as main themes maybe but as obstacles to overcome or harrowing challenges to work through. Another thing you will undoubtedly notice is my fondness for a certain fashions style of my partners characters…….

I just really love the punk rock aesthetic. The tattooed but still very feminine. To me it says 'You better be one hell of a man to handle me' while the feminine side says 'But I'm yours if you can'

Anyway the structure here will be a little different than my norm because i am going through an organizational overall. As usual, please do not post in this thread. If you see an idea here you are interested in, by all means PM me.

Current Craving:

We determine the guilty, And we decide the punishment.

So the inspiration for this idea came from two sources. The first being Judge Dredd (a character i adore) and more specifically the move 'Dredd'. Which is an awesome movie. Watch it if you haven't already.

And the second is Warhammer. The Adeptus Arbites. I am looking to merge these two ideas into one RP I am looking for someone to play a new recruit against a more seasoned trooper.

I would be happy to play this in the warhammer 40K setting. But i am very open to an original sci-fi or even cyberpunk world if anyone wants to brainstorm with me.

Setting: Sci-fi Original setting

YC -  (really really want someone to play this character) - this character too, She would definately be the kind to love a physical challenge.



Anal, oral, large cocks,D/s* cum facials/body shots, Rough sex, light bondage, Shower play, Action & violence***, Sweat and muscle**, Romance

*-See the notes below

*I envision this as very light D/s elements. Almost non existent in their regular day to day affairs for obvious reasons. But behind close doors and in their bedroom ya, she will be submissive and he will be dominant. But we wont be breaking out chains and master/slave titles. More 'Yes sir, right away sir' kind of playfulness.

They still will try to compete against each other in the bedroom from time to time. Wrestle each other in heated competition until one emerges the victor and all. Your character refusing to just roll over and take his commands, adamant that he has to earn her obedience. Remind her why he should be in charge.

**Only in the sense that both characters are going to be very fit and strong. So bouts of lovemaking or simple sex will involve greater than average stamina and a lot of physicality. Their physiques will also be something that initially attracts them to each other and spark the beginnings of their affair.

*** Action and violence will play a big part of this RP. We are basically going to go 'Army of two' and blow away a shit ton of criminals. There will be plenty of shooting and action and a respectable body count by the end of it all. And I kind of want that to be a turn on. Not that killing will get our characters off. But seeing each other fight, watching each other move will probably cause attraction and arousal.

Onto some background and context:

Our characters belong to an organization specifically raised to combat crime on behalf of our nation. The Solarian Republic. We are Arbiters. We are not like the regular, dime a dozen constables who deal with the day to day problems of the populace. Simple crimes like robbery and murder and frankly beneath our notice and not worthy of our consideration. Arbiters do not deal with court rooms or judges or petty investigations Like their more mundane brethren of the local precinct houses. If the Arbiters are dispatched to deal with a person or situation than three truths are already evident.

The first is that the guilt of whoever is unfortunate enough to have their actions and crimes scrutinized by the cold and unmerciful gaze of the arbiters, is indisputable.

The second is that if caught the arbiters will almost certainly kill you. They function not only as arresting officer. But also as Judge, jury and executioner. And if you are deemed to be valuable enough to keep alive for later questioning, well than that is arguably a more unpleasant fate. Because they are also the bailiff and the interrogators of their own prison system. Tucked away from public view and under virtually no oversight other than their own. There are countless rumours of what life is like inside one of these black prisons and none of them describe a prime vacation destination.

The third is that Arbiters are as relentless as they are brutal. One way or another they always find their quarry. And the more difficult you make it to track you down than the harsher the sentence.

The arbiters only deal with crimes and criminals that can have a serious impact on the stability of the region. That could be a bustling capital metropolis, or a planet or a system or an entire sector. Their investigations unravel plots and unveil traitors at the highest levels of planetary government. When they conduct a raid against a crime syndacit, more often than not it is to hit them hard at a major location that will cripple their operation and their leadership. Pirates plaguing critical trading routes and other high profile and necessary things. Sometimes they can even be assigned as state sanctioned bounty hunters. Tasked with hunting down a specific person or group and given wide discretionary powers to get the job done. A frequently daunting task that can take years and send them to every corner of their jurisdiction and often far, far beyond.

Despite all of this it is not uncommon for Arbiters to be dispatched to crack a few skulls, and suppress riots and conduct some minor raids that may be too much for the more bread and butter tier of law enforcement to handle. Some Arbiters consider it a waste of their organizations time and resources but the higher ups know it serves a critical purpose. It keeps them in the public eye and gives them a chance to show off their strength and power to the public. Allowing those seedier elements of society a constant reminder of the fate that awaits them if they continue with their chosen career path.

Aright Plot rundown:

Plot A:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character is a rookie. Brand new from whatever meat grinder of an academy churns out the arbiters in our world. She is assigned to the same precinct as MC following a rough series of purges and internal investigations ordered from the desk of the new Provost Marshall himself.

Yes even the arbiters, the cold and unflinching symbols of order and stoic justice are not immune to corruption. And this precinct was ripe with it. It doesn't help that each arbiter precinct is essentially a self contained fortress in and of itself. And those in charge of each of these fortress precincts are bestowed with a lot of trust and little micromanagement by the higher ups in Grand judiciary hall.

As a result of the crackdown by this new, and zealous new provost Marshall there are a lot of spots to fill in the arbiters ranks. Many were arrested and many more managed to flee into hiding and are now considered criminals of the worst sort. When they left they took weapons, armour and most importantly information with them about the inner workings and weaknesses of the arbiters, there fortress precincts and maybe even of the black prisons.

This has understandably created something of a panic. Because not only has the widespread corruption of the arbiters allowed criminal gangs to gain a shocking amount of control over land and wealth. But has also inspired further corruption within the upper tiers of society.

If the arbiters are going to have a hope in hell of being able to regain control of the situation on this planet (or sector or whatever) Several key things need to be done. The first is the Arbiters need to make an appearance on the street again. They can't afford to waste time licking their wounds. They need to go on the offensive and remind everyone who really makes the rules. The people need to know that the rule of law still exists. And the criminals need to be put down in droves to restore respect to the idea of the arbiters.

Second is internal investigations must continue. Sure some corrupt men were arrested and others fled. But who knows how many more might have been party to that corruption? Even in a small way? Who still has contact or might know the location of a traitor. All of these questions and a hundred more just as sobering in implication need to be answered.

Third is that the traitors need to be found. This is perhaps the most important of the three main orders issued from the Provost Marshall's office. The traitors need to be arrested for interrogation if possible, killed if necessary. And any hardware and sensitive files need to be recovered.

The summary is that essentially, that is our new job. A very tall order that will hopefully restore much needed order not just to our city but for the entire region as well. A job that is sure to keep us occupied and give us no shortage of things to do and people to shoot.

For the warhammer version there are going to many similarities in story. But it is going to take place on a much larger scale. The initial defection and problems may start out as just something unique to the hive city we are stationed in. But we will slowly learn that the problems of the sector go deep. Really deep. Past the planetary governor and even the Sub sector governor.

The problems of corruption and heresy will reveal itself as large enough to warrant visits from the much feared inquisition as the entire sector threatens to tear itself apart both from the inside and out.

Our characters will also not be from the world they are originally stationed on. With the Imperial Schola system being what it is we are taken from all manner of backgrounds and ethnicities. This would be the Warhammer version of our excuse for interracial relationships.

We would also all be orphans. With no family and little memory of any parents. Assigned to a far off world with people that may or may not look completely different than you.


(for the original setting only)
I want to play with the idea of your character being related to the current provost marshal himself. Most likely the daughter of a government figure and the Marshal’s favorite Niece.  Of course this is a detail almost no one knows about and is purposefully suppressed from the records. She enrolled under a false name and is forbidden to tell anyone about her familial relations. For her safety and that of her uncle. This can add some great story moments down the road I feel.

For both ideas I am hoping the female character to be a strong independant personality. She had to be to get as far as she did. The Imperial military and the Schola are well known in voicing their preference for males to serve in roles like Stormtroopers and arbiters. With most woman being thrown to the eccliseiarchy to serve in one of the many orders of the Sororitas.

So being selected to join the arbiters would have been to overcome a hefty challenge. One she is probably very proud of. She is also just as eager to prove what she can do as as soon as she can. That she can shoot and crack skulls with the best of them. Too eager in fact, Backed up by inexperience and reinforced with youthful determination means that getting herself into a situation where she has to rely on someone more experienced to literally haul her out by the seat of her pants is inevitable.

And the hard lesson learned from exposing herself and others to danger with her recklessness would be invaluable (and make for awesome drama) in teaching her consequence and that there are people who are more seasoned and experienced than her. And she should probably listen to what they have to say.

Plot B
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but i feel like an idiot for not doing so.

In this version of the story (working with the original setting only) I want to still play an arbiter. But against a woman from the ranks of the more common law enforcement. Who the arbiters have had to draw on and organize with for additional support and manpower to help with their rebuilding efforts.

There is undoubtedly friction between the arbiters and their more common brother-en. Going back before the corrupting scandal kicked off. Something akin to rivalries between service branches of the military, the army against the navy and so forth. The common law was always a little jealous and wary of the sheer amount of red tape the arbiters were able to cut through. For any of them to do half of what an arbiter got away with on a yearly basis would result in at least a court Marshall. If not executed as a danger to society. And arbiters show brutality in ways the common law either can't match or refuses to.

What started as your typically rivalry became more bitter as arbiter corruption became more widespread. The common law were some of the ones to feel it the hardest because they felt like they were left to pick up the slack. Slack that they often didn't have the authority or equipment to properly take head on.

Worse the corruption spread into their own ranks and they had to purge their own house along with the arbiters. To them, the arbiters dropped the ball and dropped it hard. Now it was ten times the work to pick it back up again.

But in whatever wisdom remains in the ministry of Justice it was decided that resources needed to be pooled in the short term to restore law and order. And the depleted arbiter ranks would need to be supplemented by the much more populous offices of the common law.

To that effect we will be working closely together. Acting as a team or in part of a larger team. Together we will work to repair the reputation and status of the arbiters and the rule of law in general. And we most likely have different ways to go about it.

You will likely be repulsed by the callous attitude and cold calculus he performs to determine, not which action would save the most lives but which would finish the job quickest, while maybe saving the most lives. And you have never had to deal with the sheer weight of responsibility and consequence like an arbiter has to every day. Where the decisions he makes and the people he hunts are truly cancers that must be cut out at any cost before they spread any further.

And MC is appalled by the casualness of your behaviour. For an officer of the law you let a surprising amount of thing slide. Things that clearly must be punished by the letter of the law. You don't seem focused enough on making 'getting the job done' the top priority and prioritize saving civilians. And as we will discover you have an alarming amount of seedy acquaintances which act as friends and informants. And MC thinks far too big picture and has never had the luxury to interact with or care about the actual people of the Republic. To him the citizens are a faceless mob, one he knows he works to protect but not on the personal level YC does.

I'm looking for someone willing to play a particular kind of character. She is in her early twenties and is good at her job. She is kind, generous and cheeky as hell. She flirts and generally acts little like a responsible officer of the law. Almost nothing like a responsible officer of the law. But she has her talents and will kick ass with the best of them if provoked. She also doesn't have much of a filter and speaks her mind with a rather colourful vocabulary.

This rp will be alot more sexual, than the first version. When our characters get to that point of course. And I am looking for a partner open to everything listed above in the kinks listing, but also alot more. I will explain more if anyone is interested but it is nothing extreme or tortury. Just more kinky.

Plot C:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This one I primarily envision taking place in an original setting. I am looking for someone willing to play a particular arctype of a character against my arbitor of justice. One akin to the style of harley quinn or Jinx from league of legends. The kind of girl who does whatever her whims and desires lead her to do. Whether or not she operates by any code of standards is unknown. And if she does have a personal code it is either very lax or she clearly gave up on it. She has little sense of shame judging by how she is known to dress and act in public.

She lives to indulge herself. Sex, entertainment, violence and more. She is young and little is known about who she was and if her current identity is even her real one. But she is known to be dangerous and unpredictable. Most of what she does stays on the petty crime scale. That is too say she has done nothing to earn the ire of the arbitors. Which is a somewhat high bar, but still.

As corruption and strife rip through this area of Republic space, the scandal of treasonous arbitors has spurred a rash of arrests and investigations on everyone even remotely suspected to be linked with the crime. And the Rumour is YC seems to have been well connected with several of the traitors. Adding to your already known association with many criminal higher ups. But as they are much harder to take into custody than a lone mercenary woman. You are the one that is captured and brought in.

The idea is to secure you, interrogate you and use that information before executing you and burning your body in an unmarked grave. But, as the arbiters are dangerously short on panpower and unorthodox alternative is going to be proposed to turn you into a potentially useful, if not invaluable asset. Rather than just telling them where to find those the arbiters want, she will them there herself. Help lure them out if possible and take them down if necessary.

There is obviously incentive for you to do this. Not exactly the incentive that YC may want or ask for. But it will be effective and accepted none the less.

The Rp begins with the scene that has you being captured and brought into the arbiter Precinct fortress for questioning. I can't imagine that woman coming in quietly, so there should be a nice entertaining scuffle to play out at the beginning.


Specific kinks: For this plot version it will be more sexual. Not necessarily filled with wall to wall sex. But sexuality. Specifically coming from your character. Long story short our characters are going to be working together. Mine will essentially be your handler. Keeping a close eye on you whenever your allowed outside of your cell to assist.

Your character will be denied access to her usual sources of indulgence and hedonism (some withdrawl could occur maybe) And is not allowed to partake as long as my character holds your leash. So you may try to take to flirting with him, hoping he will help scratch the 'itch' you so often feel the need to scratch. We can work out exactly how our characters begin interacting with eachother on a more personal level.

But I also foresee sex being really kinky. With your character having few limits and a willingness to try pretty much anything once. She especially likes it rough. Not just a few spanks and some hairpulling rough. But rough, hard pounding, slapping complete dominating roughness that will probably leave a few bruises, a sore ass and legs that are still too weak to work the next morning.

That kind of stuff. Really any kink can be talked about here and I would prefer not to stick to a just vanilla collection of experiences in that regard.

Plot D
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arbiter x civilian-

I picture her as a young and sexy girl who is in the midst of a rebellious phase. She probably grew up wealthy and indeed still lives in great comfort and wealth but craves something more exciting and hear throbbing. She goes to clubs, raves and a variety of things. progressively choosing wilder and wilder events to attend. Until she happens to go to a gathering that is targeted by the Arbitors during their crackdown.

OOC: thats pretty much all I have. I am looking for someone to help expand and/or tweak this idea for further play. I'm thinking that in the long term something happens. As the young party girl is taken for processing something is learned about her. Something that makes her very criticle.

I like the idea of her being the daughter of someone important. Governmentally important. Maybe even the Preator of the Republic. His rebellious daughter or beloved niece who is caught up in these affair that could surely ruin his name were it ever discovered she was friends with low-lifes and so closely connected with scandal.

Perhaps there are those in higher ranks of the government who fear the light of the arbiters being shone upon them, and exposing all of their misdeeds and incriminations. Holding such a girl hostage might convince the Preator to call off the arbiters or at least prohibit them from looking in certain directions.

Plot E
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
female arbiter x male mercenary/criminal who offers his services and knowledge in exchange for a large paycheck and a very specific request to be fufilled. Whatever his reasons, they are his own.

This one is left as the most vague and open to our personal ideas and changes. But it really can swing either way as far as the gender of each PC goes.

If you want to play the arbiter this is an example of what my character would likely look like

And just a cool picture for a possible female criminal type

Plot F:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Justicar(me) x vigilante(you).

I had an idea revolving around vigilantes rising up in response to the increasing corruption of their society. And I wanted to play an idea revovling around Justicars coming into conflict with these vigilantes. For the most part the vigilantes would have just been focusing on the criminal elements themselves. Because raiding the jusitcars or the local police would have been far riskier. A Justicar is still a Justicar corrupt or not, with all the training and emotional apathy that title implies.

But in the midst of this new anti corruption surge and crackdown the vigilantes have now become a problem the local planetary law cannot face on their own. They have become too bold and organized for the recently weakened law enforcement. But they are still law breakers and must be dealt with appropriately. No one can be above the law and the restoration of order applies to all citizens.

The question is who is the special vigilante that will cross paths with that certain special justicar and how capable are they. Was she born in the streets and more than able to hold their own and put down those they see as criminals? Bringing 'street justice' on their victims and stinging the cartels and organized units. Is she born to a well to do family and feels some naieve sense of injustice and responsibility but in reality has jumped headfirst into something far deeper and over her head than she realized? 

Female Character for plot B-

Detention compound -

Fully armoured veteran Arbiter (warhammer setting)-

Original setting -

Other ideas


As for the 40k side we are going to mix up the roles a bit.

The kabal of the Darth Oath (which is totally a name I pulled out of my ass. If you can think up a better name for a dark eldar Kabal please be my guest) is a Minor kabal in Commoragh. Known for the extravagent and unpreditable behaviour of it's archon. And the rigid and brutal training of it's kabal warriors. Even by Dark eldar standards. But only one of those facts will actually apply to us for the start of the RP.

We are both freshly raised Kabal warriors. One male and one female. The main difference in being how we both came to be at this point. My character is a half-born. One of the billions birthed in genstation tubes by artificial means. The norm for Dark eldar these days. Unlike most dark eldar I am spared from a life of slavey and unimmaginable torment and given a chance at being the tormentors instead. Your character is a Trueborn. A true rarity in Dark Eldar society. Born of natural inception and birthing. And from that moment of birth you are placed on a pedestal and given advantages unknown to most half-borns.

The Rp like the fantasy version would focus largely on us surviving the politicing and backstabbing that is rife in Dark eldar society. Even at the lower rungs, especially at the lower rungs. We are Kabalite warriors that are assigned to the same squad. And like all warriors it does not take us long to grow to resent our Sybarite leader and plot to usurp him. As a Trueborn you would have the rights to lead should the Sybarite fall. But you instead have other ideas. In my character you see someone you can manipulate. Someone you can work and bend to your will. Someone to use as a stepping stone, and enforcer of your will. But the trick would be making him think that you are 'his' ally and working for 'his' betterment.

It would not take long for you to try and develope a relationship of some kind with MC. Promising all the perks of Trueborn life in exchange for just a few small favours. We train together, fight together and look out for eachother. And when the time does come for the Sybarite to fall you do not step forward as leader, but rather push MC into the spotlight. Thinking you have solved three problems in one fell swoop. You can someone wrapped around your figner with promises of pleasure and riches, so you are effectively in command of the squad and can wield it as an extension of your power. And since you are not yhe sybarite no one will try and assassinate you, just me. And if necessary you can always keep our relationship moving for as long as it is convenient to you.

Here in the only problem. My character knows you are doing all of this. He might be a half-born but he isn't a half-wit. He is dark eldar same as everyone else around him. That means he has the same sense of paranioa and a constantly scheming mind and he knows exactly what you are intending to do. He is just playing along for the time being. Pretending to be the enamored and ensalved male. Because to me you are simply a means to an end. As as long as I can milk the advantages and wealth that you as a Trueborn can access, you are as equally important to me for survival.

Now this will go far beyond just being Kabalite warriors. There are many stations we can rise to. And many paths we can take. The fractured and factional nature of dark eldar society gives us options for what kind of characters we want. Personally I would enjoy us becoming succubi & inccubi respectively. Or maybe we B-Line it for the Archon's throne and work to raise the status of the Dark Oath kabal from the lower slums to the highest spires of the city.

Now despite this being an rp that really just boils down to us trying to manipulate eachother i do hope that some amount of endearment will bloom between our characters. As odd as dark elf/eldar love would be.

Also if anyone knows anything about warhammer Dark elves than they know this RP will definately be in the category of extreme. Not necessarily for the sexual aspects but everything else around it.

Long Live the Empress:

Setting: Sci-fi

Your character:

My Character:


A new Empress ascends the throne. She is young and inexperienced. But she is strong willed and very intelligent. She is also surprisingly adept at maneuvering through the vipers den that is her court. Stonewalling or rejecting those nobles who are already hoping to test and manipulate the new empress into thinking that they are the most loyal and heartbroken of her subjects. And that everything they do is in memory of her beloved mother and for the betterment of the Empire with no ulterior motives. Each trying to convince her that they are the only honourable man in a den of thieves and assassins and that only they are capable of defending and deflecting the maniacle interests of the other nobles.

About the only people that the new Empress can trust are both inherited from her late mother. And both are tied to her position on the throne. One is her Royal bodyguard. Fiercely loyal and they answer only to their own commanders. Who in turn answer directly to her. No military general or body of her government can claim any authority over their actions and schedule.

The second thing she inherited was a darker and less known side of the throne. In retrospect she supposed that she always knew that this group existed. She just never knew any of its members or how widespread it was. And that group was enigma. A intelligence/ special operations branch of the ministry of intelligence. Their agents are known as Cyphers and they too, answer directly to their own superiors and they answer to the throne. Unlike the normal web of spies that any interstellar government has. Enigma also acts as the personal hand of the Empress. Reaching out to do the things that her and the empire shouldn't normally be seen doing. They serve at her majesties pleasures and have been many things in their time from the mundane to the terrible. They also keep tabs on everyone of note in the Empire. All of the political scheming and backstabbing, they monitor it all. Working hard to keep track of all the conspiracies and webs of lies.

Enigma views themselves more as sanitation workers. Doing the deeds that no one else wants to do. That no one else has the stomach to do. They represent the ideals that good people need to do bad things for good reasons. And that ultimately, the ends will always justify the means if the survival of the Empire can be assured for another day.

The leader of enigma is known as the keeper. Even he doesn't divulge his name or personal information to the Empress. But he does come to her shortly after her coronation with a disturbing message. The Empresses late mother was bordering old age and it was no secret that her health was failing her in her last few years. Her death was unfortunate but not wholely unexpected. Most doctors did believe that she should have lasted a few more years yet.

The Keeper believes that the lat Empress was in fact murdered. A near perfectly executed murder. One that nearly avoided all scrutiny because the killers took the time to be patient and stretch the act out over a series of three years. Poisoning the Monarch in such a subtle way as to make it look like the effect of an old age related illness. They also left no evidence behind of their crime. It is standard practice for a Monarch's body to be scrutinized thoroughly upon death. Foul play is always assumed unless an autopsy will rule otherwise.

The Keeper also suggests that this was the fate of the your grandmother as well. She ruled for a great many decades and was quite beloved by the people before she finally passed less than ten years ago years ago. Which meant the last empress ruled for a very short time indeed. But as both Monarchs appeared to suffer from the same malady that lead to their demise it was believed that this was something genetic, an unfortunate quirk of nature but nothing malicious.

Enigma believes otherwise. Cyphers, watchers and minders are all being tasked with unravelling this latest mystery. The keeper also wants to assign the Empress with one of his own. An Imperial tradition. The Monarch can always have a cypher at her finger tips to execute her will on demand. This cypher is hers to wield. But now this Cypher will also be on watch duty for anything and everything. It isn't known if the people responsible for your mother's and grandmothers deaths will try to kill you as well. You have no direct heirs so your death would mean a temporary power vacuum that could potentially lead to civil war or a tyrants rise.

At the same time you are young and inexperienced. So the plan all along may have been to get you onto the throne and find ways to brefriend and manipulate you.


Setting: Cyberpunk, sci-fi, original

Plot run down:

Mercenaries are always strange people. And more interesting then most would think. Each mercenary operates with their own personal code of ethics. Which jobs they are willing to take and which rub them the wrong way. Yes, at the end of the day they are all just people willing to kill other people for money. But not all of them are evil.

Some are surprisingly righteous individuals. Only taking jobs to hunt down pirates or collect bounties or what have you. Selling themselves to organizations that they know aren't going to have them kill civilians or innocents simply to advance their aims or pocket books. Even walking away from jobs when it turns out they were lied to, or that too continue would cause undue suffering of innocent lives.

Others are more typical of what one pictures when they hear the word 'mercenary' lawless and subject to their whims. They take any job no matter how dirty or despicable it is. Civilians are just another target like any other. They can opporate with a chilling lack of compassion and ethics and only care about getting paid at the end of it all.

But most Mercenaries fall somewhere in between. Again, riding their own personal codes and morals and doing whatever they can to keep themselves alive with the only real skill they have.

Our characters are going to be mercenaries. Maybe we have heard of each other, maybe we haven't. Mercs often know each other, especially those who operate in the same regions. But they don't tend to become friends because the odds of them being hired by opposing sides in a conflict are all too high.

Like right now. Your character was hired along with several others to try and assault a secured facility and 'recover' the contents inside. A location made secure by MC and his fellow hired guns. Pointedly, not corperate or rentable security stooges.

It was a really out of the way location. Like, really, really obscure. A small asteroid in some nowhere system that didn't even have a habitable planet. No shipping or cargo routes nearby and a suspicious lack of military patrols. But then again some corporations liked to conduct their research where prying eyes and bleeding hearts couldn't harass them over things like 'ethical practices' or 'legality' issues. The pay was also surprisngly good for a milk run like this.

As the fighting breaks down in the hallways and your team advances deeper they turn a corner to find a bunkered down fire-team at the end of the hallway. Guarding a large bulkhead door that leads to the room where your quarry is located. Each of them has a face of impassive determination and their hold on their weapons is quite steady when as they aim them at your chests. You outnumber them but they don't seem to care. They know they have the superior position. And you have to cross a long empty, cover-less hallway to get to them.

One of the fireteam breaks from behind cover and walks a few steps down the hallway. In one hand is a heavy pistol. It looks well used and well maintained. His other hand is empty and both are held out to the sides. There is a cigarette in his mouth that he takes a deep draw on before pulling out, dropping it to the floor and squashing beneath his boot.

“Let's just hold on for a minute, We are all the same here. This doesn't half to end in another firefight. I know what your here to collect, But I doubt any of you do. You probably weren't told half the shit you needed to be told. But that's just another day on the job right?”

He seemed remarkably calm despite the circumstances. Like he knows something that none of your team knows. Something important.

“Now I hate to break it to ya, but me and my boys behind me. We can't let you in. But we are prepared to make you an offer. Turn around and leave now. We will all pretend that we never got a good look at your faces and we wont send anyone to follow you when you leave. This offer is only good if you act within the next five minutes. ”

That last bit was added after a quick mental estimation.

Predicatably one of your fellows spits at this offer. “What, you're not even going to offer to match our pay? Fuck you and your five minutes. How about you have one to get the fuck out of our way and we wont put you down like a grox.”

“Charming......” Was the man's response. “Maybe I should rephrase this. This station belongs to the  In ten minutes time this place is going to be sorounded by ships. You may not have noticed. But anything that gets to close without a proper IFF code triggers a distress signal and calls for an emergency response.” He let that sink in for a few seconds.

“Now you might be able to kill us, get through this door, find what you are looking for and get out in that time. But I doubt it. And I am betting we can hold you off for a good while where we are. So.”

Having stalled them for a good few minutes with this exchange he smugly holstered his pistol and reached for his cigarettes. “That offer I made is probably still good for another.....” He made a show of glancing at his wrist mounted chrono. 'Two minutes and fifteen seconds. But your going to be cutting it really close.”

Your character:

My Character:


That is a basic rundown for the start of the RP. It is subject to change. If you have ideas i would love to hear them. Like, what were they sent to collect? Who owns the facility and what are they protecting? And what happens from that moment onward. This story can go a lot of ways and is subject to a lot of change and world building.

Side notes Regarding all ideas posted here:

-Pretty much all details are open to ideas and adjustments if you want to put something forward. The worst I can say is no, but I am pretty open to most things.

-If you have any questions in general about the current idea(s) just fire away. I find that once my ideas are written down and posted they aren't nearly as refined as I thought they were. So everything is open to ideas and interpretation.

-Post frequency is once a week at least please. preferably a couple times a week. God knows I get busy and may not adhere to this myself at all times but a quick apology and explanation can go a long way.

-I try with grammar I do, and I hope you do as well. But I am not a Nazi by any means and hope you will not be one in return. I make mistakes, shit happens. If by chance you are perfect and never make grammatical mistakes well than good on you, I am not one of those people and I would appreciate to not be looked down upon because of it. small reminders are nice every now and again if I completely and utterly butcher the English language. But not every little mistake.

-Length of posts I am very reasonable on as well. I understand there is not always enough to talk about to fill three paragraphs. And I hate it when people just type random things for the sake of filling space. I would rather have a single paragraph that speaks volumes than four filler paragraphs that say nothing.

-Details, How do things taste, Feel, sound, How do certain people and situations make your character feel. The little things they do like lick their lips, Flutter their lashes, Their breathing becomes shallower, Heavier, Whatever the case may be I hope you get my point. I drop the ball on this at times as well but I do try and I usually make the effort to go back and edit my posts to include many of the smaller details that I missed previously.

-The kinks and level of intensity desired changes with each idea. Some are much tamer and others are a little more extreme. If you express and interest and PM me with the Pairing listed in your subject line than I can Pm you a list of the kinks desired for that particular RP. And you can see if they match your own desires. Like the specifics of the RP itself the kinks can be negotiated but you may find I am a little firmer on which ones I definitely want to keep and what I am willing to part with.

-Really just check my preferences. I don;t like a O&O's page because what I want can't change as i binge on one thing and get tired of it for a while or try something new. Or just ask. Nothing to lose by asking.

-If you don't like something that is happening in the RP, The direction it is taking, Feel it's to slow (I have been told I progress slowly at times) Or to fast or whatever. Tell me, we can either fix it or part ways. I am a big boy and I can take a criticism. Provided it is a criticism and not an insult or bitching. there is a difference.

-General note. I am not big into MxM. I have tried it a few times. And it's just not my thing. if you want a sexual MxM story or was thinking of adjusting one of the characters into a male or adding one for a threesome than sorry.

-I am pretty much always a dominant when it comes to the sexual aspects of the RP. I don't tend to submit easily or comfortably and will naturally try
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Star Wars Ideas

Each of these ideas will be compressed into shorter descriptions than I usually give for the sake of space and not having a huge fucking text wall. I personally envision most of these happening in the old republic eras. The cold war, Revan, Pre revan etc.

Mercenary x Scientist

The Good doctor (YC) -

The bounty hunter (MC) -

Not too complicated of a premise. Your character is a respected member of her field of study. Most likely her knowledge and research are considered invaluable to the republic war effort. Your understanding of technology or medicine is saving hundreds if not thousands on the front lines against the sith. Of course this does not make you popular with the sith, to whom you have gone from a curious annoyance to a great inconvenience to their efforts.

But despite their tendancy to give into their emotions and act rashly. The Sith are surprisingly patient and dangerously cunning. Through false information and a a few well placed informants they know where you are. They found your vessel while you were on route to one of the republics supposedly most secure labratories. Your labratory.

Even though you are travelling in an armed frigate with escorts it does not take much to overwhelm your defences. Though the Sith would clearly benefit from your death and seem very willing to kill you if necessary, they have also deployed boarding pods and shuttles. They mean to capture you, your team and hopefully as much of your research as they can for themselves.

Amongst the soldiers and interrogators sent to secure the ship and it's crew there are a select few bounty hunters also on the job. One of whom is specifically tasked with finding you, and capturing you if possible.

As he butchers his way through the ship to find your hiding spot it becomes clear the the republic will not give up it's secrets or it's scientists willingly. Most escape pods are being shot down or tractor beamed to prevent possible assets from escaping. But your pod has been delayed, a few republic soldiers hope that they can self destruct their ship and use the explosion as a temporary distraction to keep the escape pod from being noticed by sensors or the human eye.

The few soldiers left defend your pod with courage and zeal that would make any commander proud. But ultimately their numbers start to dwindle. By the time the bounty hunter enters they are nearly all dead.

What happens next is a blur, The Sith were aware the republic might try to self destruct the vessel but they figured they had more time to stop it. All the bounty hunter remembers is that he became engaged in a fist fight with one particularly stubborn republic officer. The other sith soldiers were too wary to fire on the officer because they could see you huddled in the escape pod and their lives would be forfeit if they missed their shot and hit you instead.

As the scuffle intensified the more the countdown marched down it's unyeilding path towards zero. What the bounty hunter does remember is that He had the republic officer pinned by the throat on the floor of the escape pod and was about to empty his pistol into his battered face when he blacked out.

How long he was out for he couldn't say. But when he woke up his head felt like two continents colliding and there was a sharp pain in his neck. When he reached to touch it he felt something cold and metallic. Adrenaline kicked in and his eyes adjusted to the interior of the pod. There was the officer. Battered and bruised but still alive. The eye that wasn't swollen over was glarring daggers at him. He clearly wanted him dead and the bounty hunter couldn't fathom why he wasn't indulging himself.

But there is also the doctor. If he had any guess she was the reason he was alive right now. But again he couldn't fathom why until it was explained to him. The diversion to self destruct the frigate and mask the escape pod's movements worked. He just happened to be on board when it fired. The doctor knocking him out during his fight and she equipped him with the very shock collar he was given to ensure her compliance and submission as a prisoner by the sith. He could appreciate the grim irony of the situation.

They crash landed on one of the worlds below the conflict but the Sith were already landed troops and scouring the surface for their location. It was a race against time. The sith were blockading the planet and preparing for the inevitable republic counter attack. Once they learned one of their brightest minds was in danger of being captured they would use all the resources they could to recover her.

But it was also only a matter of time until the good doctor was found. And now she needed the bounty hunter's help to help keep out of sight of the sith long enough for the republic rescue fleet to arrive, or to help escape off the surface first. And to ensure the bounty hunter's compliance she gave herself control over the shock collar. If he tries to betray them she will overload it and kill him. And it was already designed to explode if forcebly removed by it's wearer.

When all the facts were laid out it really helped narrow down his list of choices.

Sith Master x Apprentice


MC -

The Sith Empire has conquered another world. Tore through it's pitiful defences and brought it's population to it's knees. They quickly established their dominance over the locals through a series of harsh resistance crack downs. For a while executions were a near daily occurance but have calmed down. The locals still resent Imperial rule and still plot to contact the republic and overthrow their tyrant masters.

One plot in particular is in motion. It is a bold move but it is one that the resistance believes is worth the risk. The Republic has regrouped and is now fighting it's way back to reclaim the lost world. Both the resistance and the sith forces know this. The resistance wants to Eliminate the Sith lord in charge of the defences. Weakening the command structure and the blanket of fear and ominous power he represents.

As the Republic assault begins so does the Resistance's strike. It was a valiant effort and it certainly threw the Sith forces into a panicked confusion once they started being shot from behind as well as from the front. Unfortunately for the resistance A Sith is not an easy target. And even with the element of surprise it takes more than blasters and a few grenades to bring one low.

As the dust settles and most of the resistance fighters are being butchered, the sith lord assess the damage of this attack. Despite the futility of trying to kill a sith. The panic caused by the assault on his position and the lives it claimed succeeded in weakening the Sith line. They needed to fall back. He saw the familiar green and blue hues and the distinctive hum of a lightsaber and knew the jedi had arrived to reinforce the assault.

He gives the command to retreat but not before stopping over the unconcious body of one of the resistance fighters. A young woman. Bruised and battered now but otherwise very pretty. But she also has something else about her. An aura much like those being emitted by the jedi rapidly approaching his position. Much like his own, But more wild and untamed. He stops one of his troopers from executing her where she lay and orders that she be taken with them.

Sith x Slave

This one borrows heavily from SWTOR.

Use that picture as inspiration. I want to play a sith warrior opposite a twi'lek slave. She will not be a slave picked at random to accompany him. She would have been caught for smuggling or some other crime that happened to be conducted within the borders of Imperial space.

She also happens to be scrapper. And more than a little sarcastic despite her perdicament of being imprisoned and subsequently enslaved.

MC will take an interest to her. Maybe he finds her rebellious nature amusing and refreshing compared to the average Imperial citizen who simply kowtows whenever he enters a room. Maybe he takes it upon himself to try and break that rebellious spirit. Seeing it as a challenge he cannot refuse.

Regardless, MC will own YC. And they will travel together on all manner of adventures.

YC -


Sith x Apprentice (2)

This is a more standard take where the Sith Temple will assign MC to take on an apprentice. The sith structured differently during the years of the cold war and around Revan's time. So it wasn't that unusual to see force sensative individuals assigned to a master. Often they were only discovered because they were captured/purchased as slaves and their force sensativity was discovered soon after.

That is how I want to start this pairing. YC would be a released slave who is now being given the chance to be the oppressor. And with the right guidance she could be one of the best.



Basically the exact same as the jedi knight x jedi knight pairing. Only on the sith side. Where our characters form a rivalry that constantly borders between pure loathing and uncontrollable lust. We constantly compete for prestige and glory and we have even tried to (and will again) attempt to kill each other several times. But we are also lovers. When no one is looking our extended bouts in training rings leads to follow up matches in each others personal quarters. Time and time again.

One to embody power, the other to crave it -


Mistress - \

A FxF pairing with you playing a sith apprentice and Me playing a Female sith lord. You would be a captured or corrupted padawan who sought out teachings in the dark side after some unfortunate event killed your master and caused you to lose faith in the Republic and the Jedi.

My character agrees to make you her apprentice but must first ensure that no trace of your jedi training remains. To do this she starts you on a brutal and humiliating regime designed to break you down completely until you are less than able to remember anything or care about anything from your past before remoulding you into the very pinnacle of a Sith assassin. This process involves a great deal of pain and degrading experiences that will either succeed into making you a beacon of the Dark side and all the indulge and depravity it stands for. Or it will kill you. There is no in between.

Jedi x Padawan

A standard pairing really. This is option to all manner of possibilies from a complex and structures story. Or we can treat it as a series of adventures one after another. Being bounced from assignment to assignment where-ever the republic needs us most.

YC -

Friendly Competition

Has the exact same potential as any jedi x padawan pairing only now our characters are both Jedi knights. Maybe some friendly competition kicks in as we travel the galaxy together? That competition could eventually spark something more between us.


Jedi x Padawan Twins

This isn't so such a 1v2 pairing for the sake of MC just having two girls to fuck. I want the twins and the fact they are twins to serve a purpose in the overall story.

YC's will be something of an anomoly as far as jedi go. They are force sensative twins, which is already a rarity but they also are a curiosity for how they wield that force apptitude. Unlike most Jedi these girls do not function well on their own. They are both passable jedi but their individual powers are ot all that surprising. What is unique about them is how their powers seem to amplify off eachother. When they are together they are capable of incredible feats that put some accomplished knights to shame. Their command over the force is still young and unrefined yes, but the potential for power and ability these two can wield is incredible and of great interest to the jedi order.


Jedi x Trooper

I want this idea to be set well into the midst of the Great galactic civil war. When Tensions were at their highest and Sith were just as plentiful as the jedi. In particular the Story is between a Jedi Padawan and a Republic trooper, a Young corporal of The Republic Special forces division. If you notice by the character pictures I was hoping to for us to both play as non-humans. Both because I always like taking the opportunity to play as and/or against other races when the setting permits, And it adds the element of potential__________ which can always add some dramatics to a story. As for why Zabraks…. Well because they are fucking awesome and one of my favourite star wars races and I don’t feel they are explored enough. That’s why. And it’s fun to explore other races views and make up some interesting cultural tidbits.
Back on topic. I am looking for this pairing because I want to explore some interesting differences. Perspectives of a galactic war from someone raised under the jedi code working alongside a ‘commoner’ for lack of a better word. As a Jedi she has a very different view on the war. She raised in a temple on mostly pacifist values, with arguably the best quality education in the galaxy being offered to her from childhood.
By contrast he is of a more common upbringing. The kind that people all over the Republic are familiar with in one form or another. Prospects for the future were likely more limited and his homeworld may have even been effected by the conflict. Enlisting would have been one of his only options at the time from a young age. And being raised into adult hood in the military does colour ones opinions just as strongly as being raised in a jedi temple. Albiet in a different direction.
Differences of opinion may lead to arguments and outright shouting. But It is also the reason they stay together. Opposites attract. Because as much as The soldiers black and white views might seem simple and crude to the jedi, they exist because of a wealth of personal experience have somewhat jaded him. Those same experiences made him into a man of honour and discipline. In many ways the ideal Republic soldier.
And the Jedi’s constant desire for more peaceful solutions even when they are clearly improbable and their mantra of emotionless serenity can easily piss other people off who are trying to deal with them, people who are subject to those emotions that the jedi look down upon and find the jedi more than a little patronizing and self righteous to the point of arrogance.

For a basic plot to start us off I see both of our characters on a planet in the outer rim of the galaxy. On a world currently teetering on the brink of civil war between those who want to stay in the Republic and those who want to strike out on their own and seceed. No shots have been fired yet but there have been ugly brawls in more than a few cantinas.

The Republic sent a jedi master(your characters master) and their padawan to the planet in the hopes that they might help act as a mediator and beacon of calm wisdom in opposition to the heated tempers of Republic and Seperatist diplomats.

When the situation finally reached the boiling point the Republic wasn't nearly as prepared as the seperatists. The fighting was impossible to reign back and the situation devolved quickly. As quickly as the Republic reinforcements came there was an imperial strike fleet only minutes behind. Claiming that they arrived in response to a request for aid from the seperatist. Officially they do not engage Republic forces directly but claim to be responding to said humanitarian cry for help by offering aid and supplies to the bewildered locals and to support and stand up for their independence.

From there is where my character makes his appearance. Republic special forces was bound to send a team in as soon as the Imperials made an appearance. Gods only know what they want or why they chose to risk the ceasefire by appearing over this world. But the Republic will find out and they will stop whatever scheme they invariably set in motion on the surface.

Some cool jedi pictures I found-

My Idea of the Trooper-

Jedi x Smuggler/criminal

For this one I can actually picture it either way. In terms of who plays what role. Either you play the smuggler and I play the jedi or I am the smuggler and you are the jedi, I think it could work either way.

But basically the idea is this. As the galaxy descends further into all out conflict it has become increasingly difficult for many criminal elements to remain 100% neutral in the conflict. Many try and some succeed. But both republic and sith are using every resource availiable to buy up what allies and connections they can in the underworld. Ships run by criminals and smugglers are often faster and stronger than some frigates. And can run critical supplies and information through enemy lines better than any mass produced vessel.  And underworld contacts can get pretty much anything done anywhere in the galaxy with the right palms greased.

Some of these criminals only rent their loyalty. Working for whatever side is willing to pay them the most and switch sides as soon as they receive a better offer. Some however do feel a certain sense of.... well let's not call it 'duty' or 'patriotism' but they feel drawn to a certain side of the war because they feel the galaxy would be a better place for everyone if that particular side one. Usually it is the Republic that draws out these ideals. Many smugglers find the Empire distasetful and cruel and happily (And exclusively) lend their resources to the Republic.

Which brings us to My (Or your) character. A Smuggler and criminal who went from being on the Republics most wanted list to being recruited for high risk missions. In fact I would love for this Rp to start with that smuggler being arrested and brought in for interrogation after landing on Republic world. The arrest itself was just a fabricated means of getting him to a secure location where they could make an offer on his services. Probably starting by asking him for a specific assignment that involves ferrying a jedi(you or me) and probably other important personell, To a select location. Probably deep into Sith territory to a world that has a thriving anti sith resistance or to run past a sith blockade to deliver information to stranded Republic forces fighting on the surface.

Female smuggler ideas (Wow I really like this one)

Male smuggler-

Female jedi-


Two Jedi have been close friends for a long time. They joined the order as children. Their masters were good friends(lovers actually) which mean that they trained together as padawans often. They grew up close and while they never became lovers themselves. They both often looked at each other as they got older. And they found themselves finding more and more excuses to be alone. Whether it was simply talking or eating together. Their masters weren't blind. But as they were secret lovers themselves they hardly admonished their padawans for their behaviour. If anything they subtly encouraged it. Believing love and friendship to be powerful boons for a Jedi.

Both padawans took different paths as they rose to the rank of knight. She, became a consular. A scholar and practitioner of the force. As a Miraulka she was always skilled in it's use and she found the path of the consular to be most fitting to her personality. A life of serene contemplation, She has has probably become a true polymath and scholar.

 He on the other hand, became a Guardian. An aspiring defender of the order and practitioner of the martial arts of the Jedi. He believes in the preservation of the Order and it's duty to defend the Republic in times of peril and need.

Both characters would have risen to their positions during the time before or just at the onset of the Mandalorian wars. One that lead to the infamous Jedi civil war which shook the order to its foundations and had repercussions that latest for years following.

As the soon to be sith lord tried to rally the Jedi to his cause it created a great schism (ha!) within the order. Jedi were forced to choose between the edicts of the Jedi council who wanted to proceed slowly and leave the majority of warfare to the Republic itself. And the Revanchists who followed him into battle. Spoiler alert, our characters didn't exactly see eye to eye on which was the right path.

You felt like the Jedi were bound to obey the will of the council and take a more passive stance in the war. While my character felt that the Jedi existed primarily to protect the republic and that there was no greater need for a protector than during open war.

This argument led to us having a falling out and some years of sporadic contact. We both did our best to keep appraised of the others health and well-being. But actual conversations between us ended in heated argument more often than not.

Fast forward a few years and the war was ended. The Mandalorians were crushed and their armies disbanded. The Followers of Revan who refused to disband and submit to punishment for actions they firmly believed were justified had fled beyond the republic's reach. Pursuing the trail left behind by those who corrupted the Mandalorian leader into committing open warfare to being with.

When Revan does return it is as the Dark lord of the Sith. At the head of a massive armada of alien ships and an army of fanatically loyal soldiers and an cadre of turned jedi. One of which is my character. You first hear about his return via reports of a man fitting his description leading frontal and effective assaults against republic frontlines. Reports of a Sith commander leading a small fleet and conquering several systems with brutal efficiency.

From that point you might try to reach out to him. Or volunteer with a group of jedi being assembled to lead a republic fleet in response to him and his advance. Maybe you travel with the intention of killing the man you once loved. Or to try and appeal to him, To talk face to face in the hopes you might somehow convince him to surrender himself to the order.

I had a second variation of this idea where MC did not become a sith. But he also didn't go back to the jedi. He simply left the jedi order and instead stayed in the outer rim to help the people who were ravaged by the war rebuild.

The reason he didn't follow Revan and become a sith was that he felt that the duty of the jedi was finished. The enemy was defeated, crushed and no hope of them having the power to rise again any time soon. He disagreed with Revan and malak when they wanted to boldly go into uncharted space and hunt down the supposed architects of the Mandalorian wars. He believed there were none. He also believed that helping war ravaged planets and civilians was the most important thing that could be done. He still viewed himself as a defender of the Republic. And with no war to fight helping the downtrodden was the next best use of his time and abilities.

Why he didn't return to the Republic and the jedi in any official capacity was because he knew they would only put him on trial and punish him for participating in the war. Something he firmly believes was justified and the Jedi absolutely needed to interfere. The jedi order's refusal to do so, and condeming of those who did despite their victory only served to prove to MC that the order was foolish and stubborn. And the so called masters who ruled it were acting like petty children and cracking down on those who dared to disobey and act while they sat on their hands and pretended that it wasn't their problem.

When Revan did return at the head of his sith army and launched the invasion of the Republic. Your character would have received her first communication from MC in nearly two years. Telling her that he wants to meet her. He wants to return to the Republic to help fight this new war against it. But he needs her help to convince the Jedi not to arrest him on sight.

Most jedi are taken as babes. Their blood is tested in accordance with Republic law and their parents give their blessing for the child to be taken. They are then given a life of opportunity and education not found anywhere else in the Republic. And because they were raised within the order the values and virtues of compassion and humility are more easily learned and adopted.
The order doesn’t like to take in older children because they may have more hurdles and previous habits and mentalities to overcome but it is by no means uncommon. And Teenagers and adults are almost never taken in unless they so incredible aptitude with the force. By that age personality traits are more set and harder if not impossible to reverse habits and mentalities the order would normally frown upon. And adult padawan tend to develop a greater sense of arrogance and self-importance once they become fully fledged jedi.
Such was the case with you. Originally hidden by your family (your wealthy family) as they refused to give up their daughter and at the time, only heir to the jedi order. While legally they never had to release you to the order the Republic makes it very difficult to hold back force sensitive children from the Jedi’s tutaledge due to ancient and very much binding agreements with the order. So the easiest thing for your parents to do was to lie and pretend you weren’t force sensitive to the outside world. They even hired a private tutor, a force user not affiliated with the jedi to teach you some basic control and manipulation of your natural talents.
However you were and are quite powerful in the force. And once you reached adolescence and entered puberty it became impossible for you to keep your force sensitivity hidden. The first time you lashed out in anger and threw someone across the room without touching them clued everyone in pretty quickly on your situation.
Your parents pushed and fought for as long as they could but they eventually had to hand you over or face charges and other incidents. Thus began your training at the order. You were already into your teens and your ability, while respectable for your age was raw and very much unrefined. Worst still you were raised to be something of a spoiled brat by your parents. Who also saw sat as nobility on their home world. Nobility you yourself were raised to be a part of. Needless to say you entered the order with a more coloured view than most. And strong opinions on who were and were not your betters. In an order that preached egalitarianism and humility this did not go over well.
Even though you have been a padawan for several years and are at the age when one would normally become a knight the masters of the order have been hesitant to give you the authority and responsibility that comes with being a Knight of the Order. While many of your worst habits have been curbed or at least lessened some still remain. You still suffer from an heir of arrogance and a touch of self-envisioned superiority. You are respectful enough to masters and jedi elders but your attitude around other padawans and younger jedi is still problematic at best. Confrontational at worst.
You personally feel held back, shackled and more than a little frustrated. And you still hold some resentment to the order for prying you away from your family to begin with. You have come to respect the Jedi for the most part. You may or may not think some of their rules are stupid and their insistence on a life of serene quiet is boring and/or pointless. But you still don’t ‘Like’ the order. So this feeling of being purposefully held back isn’t really helping your opinion of them.
The council hopes to find a way to teach you some responsibility and level headedness before entrusting you with the freedom of knighthood. And a little imparted humility from the experience wouldn’t be remiss either. The solution drawn up by the council is a little unusual but is seen as a workable test for you to prove your ability to both be responsibly independent but still capable of obeying the council and the commands of fellow jedi when it is necessary.

With those goals in mind the decision is made to pair you with someone of a similar age. Someone who has recently passed her trails and has obtained the rank of knight. She had the exact opposite childhood experience than you. She was raised as a babe with the jedi order and never knew her family. She was instilled with jedi values and while she never had the raw potential that you did at birth she cultivated her skill the hard way and was by all accounts an exemplary padawan.

The hope is that some of my self discipline and level headed thinking might rub off on you. And that seeing someone of the same age who wears the title and position you believe you deserve, to observe her behaviour and understand why she has earned the rank of knight. Well that might just humble you  and cause you to think and meditate over what it means to be a jedi.

And the council also believes that the challenge of working with you will be an excellent of leadership and patience. Strictly speaking I am not your master for the purposes of our assignment. Though I am officially in charge and able to dictate commands in case of emergency. But our goal is to try to work together. You are to prove your right to be trusted with independence and limited authority. I am only to issue edicts and commands when necessary or I feel you are jeopardizing your safety or that of others.

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Cyberpunk Ideas:

Most of these will probably be set in shadowrun or lesser sci-fi settings. When I say lesser sci-fi I tend to mean early sci-fi. Like if humanity could freely epxlore and colonize the sol system but was working on the means to go beyond it.

Or the Aliens series level of technology. 80's sci-fi style.

Currently the one idea I have for cyberpunk is really rough. So bear with me and if you have ideas for improvement than by all means. fire away.

Shadowrunner x Accomplice

Your character is from a very wealthy background. She is the daughter of a premium level executive to one of the worlds top AAA megacorperations. Needless to say she lives a very fine lifestyle and lacks for little. She has the best education money can buy and because of her elven heritage she also has exceptional genes and physical 'assets'.

Her father in particular is the security head of his corperation. A high level position that gives him incredible resources and access to nearly all of his companies secrets. This also by extension makes his a close confident and friend of the CEO, also an elf of great stature. In short, he is a number one target and threat to high risk shadowrun operations. Nearly every other CEO in the world would love to have this man's secrets and clearance.

All of this means that she is also heavily protected as well. She has her own security detail, a panic button and all the precautions her father and mother can think of. Not that all of it is necessary. You are actually a somewhat well behaved girl. Mostly that has to do with the fact you would rather spend your day inside your room and plugged into the matrix than go bar hopping every night. Still you are a young woman (19 years old) and you do have a definate rebellious and adventurous streaks when the mood takes you. Which is coincidentaly when your parents are also going to be most annoyed by it.

You are a talented decker and software engineer. You may only be 19 but the quality of your schooling gave you more access to technology and knowledge than most people twice your age. It is safe to say that you are quite the prodigy when it comes to manipulating code and moving through the virtual world. Your father has even set aside a very well paying job at his corperation when you finally finish your studies.

You do still have a social life. Close friends who are nearly all people like you. Children of wealthy corporate elites from your fathers company. Between the lot of you there is an almost hilarious amount of security. From panic buttons armed guards which you probably protest against. You thought you even caught micro drones following you once and recording your nights out.

During one such girls night expedition that finds you in a club bordering the more questionable parts of Seattle. She spots a particularly dangerous looking group gathered together in one of the booths. She had heard of shadowrunners before, nearly everyone had. But she had never knowingly seen one. She was raised to think of them as outlaws and SINless scum. Her father hates them because they are one of the biggest security concerns he has to deal with.

She does notice one is an elf like her. His arms are covered with flowing tattoos. He wore a heavy vest and a mask, you couldn't help but notice the datajack at the base of his skull. A modification your parents have always stopped you from getting. You're forced to enter the matrix to a less direct (and in your opinion less exciting means) Maybe she taught he was handsome and dangerous or maybe she just like the idea that her parents would blow a collective gasket just at the though of her hanging out with such a person. But after some giggling and sideways glances with your friends you take a deep breath and walk over to him just as whatever meeting he was in was wrapping up and he was about to leave.

You spend the rest of the evening flirting, dancing and drinking and to your surprise, nothing else. You might have pushed for the night to go on longer but you were also more than tipsy and your memory isn't the most reliable. Instead you somehow end up in the hands of fathers security loading you into an specially armoured car. Apparently before you could say anything he left you alone outside with you panic button pushed to be picked up. It was a confusing gesture that left you more frustrated than anything else. 

Like any 19 year old girl you find other things to occupy your thoughts and push that night out of your mind, forgetting him completely until you hear a familiar voice in your own home one day. Coming from your fathers own study. You can't make out the words but you strain to do so despite the guards standing in front of those same doors. You gasp a little when you see him emerge alongside your father. There is a nod and a quick exchange of a credstick and the shadowrunner is escorted off the property.

Needless to say you are confused and filled with questions. You never thought your father would ever stoop to using shadowrunners for anything. He always seemed so prim and proper and from your perspective a fair man. So either this other elf isn't a shadowrunner or your father is doing something bad.

You don't want to confront your father about this without admitting you were trying to eavesdrop, and having to tell him where you saw this man before. But you might just be able to catch the other elf before he drives away. He certainly was friendly enough at the club so maybe a few battered eyelashes can help you get a few questions answered.
YC- (I just love that facial expression. Fucking hilarious)


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Warhammer Pairing ideas

Most of these do have plots, some I have spent more time developing than others and I will be adding to them whenever I get around to it and stop being lazy. But for now I shall put them here. Most will at least get a light blurb underneath them about a basic premise. In the interim, If anyone is inspired by one fo these pairings and gets a kickass idea, by all means fire away!

Unless specified most are open, with no particular leaning towards which character being which gender. And which player being which character.

A lot of the ideas also revolve around Inquisitor pairings. Because I find them to be incredibly interesting to RP, especially junior or apprenticed inquisitors who are just starting to gain power, establish their web of influence and even build an entourage of their own. All of the power mixed with the horrifying decisions one of their number has to make on a daily basis. Even inquisitors are not wholly unscarred by the acts they are forced to perform. And how that character and those around him are forced to harden to the nature of their duty or how they deal with it mentally, it is curious to explore. Plus all the different people that an inquisitor picks up in their entourage along the way.

Plus inquisitors meet all kinds of people to recruit into their web of agents and acolytes. So there is no standard template for personalities.

Also no space marine pairings. I just never find them as entertaining in more romantic and sexual plots, I may be convinced butIi wouldn't go for something as generic as a Space marine opposite a Sister. For just some good old fashion adventure and heretic slaying, hell yes. So I am more open on that front.

Female Inquisitor x Male Arbitrator/Guard Veteran/Stormtrooper

Perhaps a more Radical leaning inquisitor who is being checked and criticized by someone who is more rigid and in compliance with Imperial laws and values. Probably one of the reasons she retained and continues to retain his services. He is willing to kill her in the name of the Emperor and damn the consequences to his own life if he suspects she is going to far down a wrong path.

And inwardly she finds that a comfort, knowing there is someone keeping her on her toes and ready to make sure that something as catastrophic as a renegade inquisitor is not released onto the galaxy.

For some reason I also picture the inquisitor in this instance as a psyker. Not sure why but I do. But it can go either way. Not a make or break detail by any means.

Inquisitor x Sister of battle/ other member of the Adeptus sororitas

Male Inquisitor/Apprentice x Female death cult Assassin/ Callidus assassin

There is a potential here I know it! Just not sure of specifics yet.

Ordos Sicarus inquisitor x Vindicare Assassin

Members of this branch of the Inquisition are often leash holders. They deploy with and directly oversee the activities of any assassins being used on campaign. Directing them personally or monitoring those who do. I would love to explore that kind of relationship. Vindicare and other official assassins are only deployed to dire situations under direct edict from the high lords themselves. So whatever enemy they are tasked to kill is automatically someone critical to the enemy war effort and by extension, powerful and dangerous. The warzone is also probably bloody and brutal as well. With daily casualties in the hundreds or more.

On top of that the assassins time is in high demand all over the warzone. Needed to eliminate leaders and commanders along the front. The Inquisitor will have plenty to keep them occupied between managing their deadly charge and being swept up to participate in the fighting. Generals, admirals and maybe even space marine captains need to be handled and talked to, all of which have needs and fears about the presence of an imperially trained assassin. And assassins generally don't smooze with the rank and file of.... any organization really. So that is a challenge.

Inquisitor x Apprentice

Little explanation needed for this one I would think

Acolyte x Acolyte (of the same inquisitor)

Again a basic idea. But potentially competing acolytes would be interesting. Different backgrounds probably different worlds entirely and different approaches to problems. Being thrown into situations so convoluted and insane in potential scope and consequence that sex is frankly the tamest way to let off the kind of stress that builds up doing a job for someone who would have little issue killing you as reward at a moments notice on little else than their own gut intuition.

Male Inquisitor/Apprentice x Female Hive Ganger

Maybe he took her into his retinue because she displays the tenacity of a space marine when under fire. Or possesses a keen skill or knowledge of the current task and enemy he set himself to destroying. Or maybe he just enjoys the idea of someone standing up to him now and again. Someone who will spit in his face and wont cowtow because he carries an Inquisitors seal. He finds that oddly refreshing and greatly amusing.

Inquisitor/ Apprentice x Feral worlder

Similar to the Hive ganger idea. Why the inquisitor chooses to adopt a Feral hunter or warrior into his retinue is open for discussion. But during one assignment the inquisitor meets a person of interest and decides to bring them back to their ship and educate them in the ways of the wider imperium. Hoping their natural savagery and sharpened primal instincts will prove useful to the Imperial cause.

I think everyone would agree that Roleplaying someone accustomed to stone age tools suddenly being thrust aboard a starship and introduced to laser weapons and the idea that the Emperor they worshipped is actually a person and not some sun idol or whatever, would be an awesome thing to do.

Inquisitor/ Apprentice x Sanctioned Psyker

Either a psyker plucked straight out of the ranks of the Astra Telepathica or someone who the inquisitor met on a battlefield as part of a larger imperial force. I think i would like to play the Psyker for this one myself. Inquisitors are also some of the only people in the Imperium who actually have respect for psykers(potentially) and who don't want to shoot them on sight (again, potentially)

Inquisitor x Eldar

Sometimes Inquisitors are forced to work with the Xenos to defeat other, more pressing enemies like chaos or even other Xenos. Out of all the Xenos races the Craftworld eldar are often the most willing and suseptable to forming such temporary alliances. But even then it is only done because that foe in question is of such magnitude and potential horror that an alliance is the only way to have a chance at victory.

So, what kind of terrifying situation can we come up with that would force such Co-operation?

Non inquisitorial shenanigans

Imperial Guard Officer/ sergeant x Ogryn

not a romantic plot, but still. probably would be hilarious to rp a friendship between an ogryn and a guardsman. I can't be the only guy that thinks that.

Imperial Guard sergeant/stormtrooper x Sister of battle/ sister hospilateer

Another basic idea. Room for plenty of action and opportunity. The sister in question is either an Angel of death cutting a swath through the battlefield or an Angel of mercy mending grevious and impossible wounds to the best of her ability.

I Had a particular idea (rough for now) One involves playing a Member of the Death korps, probably a grenadier or the death cavalry opposite a Sister hospilateer. Sons of kreig only volunteer for the most hellish warzones and the sisters hospilateers must go to where they are most needed. Which in this case just happens to be the good Kreiger's warzone.

the second variation on this would be based more on young trainees in the schola Progenium. One of us plays a storm trooper in training and the other plays a sister of battle in the making. We are both young and life in the schola is harsh. The only consolation to being orphaned into the system is that everyone around you has the same story and is going through the same issues. This rp would centre around our most senior year in the schola, around the time we are definitively separated and training for the roles and organizations we will be spending the rest of our adult lives with. Harsh training regimes, ruthless drill abbots and combat exercises. This is probably also when hormones flair the most and last minute romances blossom before they graduate and are separated by half a galaxy.

I also want something crazy and drastic to happen fairly early on. Some heretic incursion of their system or ork waaagh that sees the most senior Progenium students rounded up and put onto the front line as emergency reserves. Tasked with holding out until an imperial reclamation fleet can be organized to counter the enemy fleet and retake the system. - the young sister in training, this photo gave me the idea for the pairing

Imperial guard lieutenant/commissar x Sanctioned psyker

Imperial Psyker x Eldar

Sister of battle x Eldar (FxF)

I admit, no real plan for this one. not even sure if it would work. But willing to brainstorm a little. For something a little darker, maybe they were both captured as slaves by the dark Eldar and are trying to survive the horrors of Commoragh? Escape out of the dark city and make it back to their respective peoples.

i also found that picture and got the idea stuck in my head.

Dark Eldar x Craftworld Eldar/Exodite

I have a general setting in mind for all of the following pairing ideas. Inspired by the Ciaphas Cain novels with a few deviances. The first being I am wanting to play a Commissar newly assigned to a regiment. This regiment is normally a rear echelon reserve unit. They have never actually seen hard combat before and have few true ‘veterans’ amongst their ranks. Their officers similarly are capable and willing but not able.


This became apparent while on their latest deployment when the enemy launched a shocking counter attack that ripped through the Imperial line and forced this previously untested regiment to put its training to use. They went from saluting generals and guarding supply depots to scrambling for cover and throwing up firing lines in minutes.


Their inexperience became painfully apparent as they took staggering casualties in the opening moments of the firefight. And their senior officers were caught completely confused and unsure how to proceed. Despite the panic amongst senior staff the more junior officers and soldiers themselves performed well under the circumstances. They held their line and halted the enemy push just long enough for more seasoned Imperial forces to intervene and route the heretics.


Most senior officers were killed, either by the enemy attack or executed for incompetence. Junior officers were jumped up to fill their shoes but was hardly a reason to celebrate. All eyes would be on them now and they knew in no uncertain terms that they would suffer the same fate if command found them wanting. They had to adapt and learn quickly.


Morale was also at an all-time low in the regiment. Many felt dread at the prospect of facing even more intense fighting than what they just survived. And some were still mourning lost friends. Their first taste of real warfare was not what they expected it to be and to top it all off their leading officers were painfully young, and many enlisted personnel were quietly doubting their ability effectively lead. This also led to ridicule from other regiments of the guard who already thought little of rear echelon regiments to being with.


To that end a more seasoned officer was assigned to them. A commissar who would, if all goes according to plan. Re-kindle the inner fire and zeal of the troops and serve as a much needed tactical advisor and training instructor to the new senior staff. And most importantly, whip the regiment into just what the Emperor and command needs, another crack front line fighting force to take the fight to the traitor, the heretic, and the xenos.


 One last notable detail about this regiment. It just happens to be one of the few all woman regiments in the Imperial guard. A detail that is sure to be a hurtle in some ways, but it shouldn’t slow them down.

Here are some fun pictures I found of commissars. I do figure these plots could work with a lady commissar instead of a man, and work just fine at that. Plus I love those pictures I found.

Commissar X Colonel

-This is the simplest idea. The newly promoted Colonel is without a doubt, the single officer that the commissar will be spending most of his time advising. And that is a lot of his time. There are regulations to enforce, personnel to train in new tactics and physical standards and more and more drills to run. Emperor be damned if he is going to let any regiment of the guard fail in its duty and fade into obscurity.

Commissar x Major

-This one is a little more extreme. For this Idea I was thinking that there would be no colonel of the regiment. That position would be taken over by the commissar himself. And regimental command would remain with him until he felt that the Major had developed enough as a leader and a soldier to competently assume command of such a fighting force. The major would both be second in command and protégé in this instance.

Commissar X adjutant/aid

-Commissars, like all senior officers often have dogs bodies, Soldiers servants or Stewarts they are sometimes known as. They serve as personal aids to the commissar. Fetch his meals, care for his uniform and do all the menial tasks a man of his stature is too busy to bother doing himself. This is usually a post filled by a private or corporal. Some junior enlisted rank that can be spared for such work. They also spend a great deal of time with him, and are expected to accompany him pretty much everywhere. Often going as far as to no longer have an assigned squad or platoon and instead fight at their commissar’s side and go where he goes.


-Commissars sometimes have their own staff however. More than just a dogs body. For large enough regiments or in the case where the commissar assumes regimental or company command, a commissar might have their own adjutant. A lieutenant who serves as an administrative and personal assistant in a more authoritative capacity. Usually this is officer is also young, probably the most junior officer in the regiment. Again, these people won’t have platoon commands of their own. Either because there are not enough platoons or their commander doesn’t think they are ready or responsible enough to be in a command position.

Commissar x Cadet/junior Commissar

-Commissars can be assigned their own trainees from the scholas. Students who are in the final stages of their training to become full-fledged commissars. Sometimes the schola just gives them their sash and sends them right into the field but sometimes wiser heads prevail and they are stationed with a veteran to show them the ropes and teach them when to crack down on the men and when to let something slide.

These cadets can stay with their instructors for years potentially. And the skills and experiences they gain under tutelage are often invaluable to their own future careers.

One of the main ideas here would be the Junior commissar would be female. She would be training under my character with the express purpose of taking over commissarial duties with the regiment. The militarum would prefer to avoid any incident or accusations and put female commissars with female regiments. But as remale commissars are rare and no seasoned ones were readily available. Training one was the backup plan.

Commissar x Junior officer

-Sometimes the most Junior officers need help as well. The commissar can’t help every squad leader and ever officer with their personal problems or hold their hand when they fuck up. But it is always good to identify the outliers, both those officers who clearly need more supervision than their fellows and those who show the spark of natural leadership. Someone who shows the right amount of zeal and sense to make a fine senior officer one day, So he takes note of a particular officer perhaps, tracking her progress and tests her when possible. She may think he is pushing her more than others but only because he thinks she can take it.
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Any of the plots for 'We Determine the guilty' are up for grabs right now.