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Author Topic: Down The Rabbit Hole ( Miscellany's Requests / Ideas )  (Read 631 times)

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Down The Rabbit Hole ( Miscellany's Requests / Ideas )
« on: June 25, 2016, 05:48:27 PM »
"I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Count them, Alice. One, there are drinks that make you shrink.
Two, there are foods that make you grow. Three, animals can talk. Four, cats can disappear. Five, there is a place called Underland.
Six, I can slay the Jabberwocky.
" - Alice In Wonderland.

W H Y   D O   W E   W R I T E ?  For some, it is a career and for others, a hobby. Others write because it helps them to sort out their feelings. Then more; have a story to tell. There are also those who write because nothing in the world makes them happier.

It started for me, like it has for many others as a passion for reading and the love of books. I loved the escape to far away and fantastical places, the thrill of meeting creatures, wizards, and traveling the path of adventure with a character that captured my imagination and made me want to be like them. I went outside then, and acted out my favorite scenes, creating and building a world through childlike eyes that were filled with wonder, excitement, and adventure around every corner. That's how I began role-playing. That's how we all started role-playing ... through the eyes of an unbridled imagination that believed in fairies, monsters, and above all, magic.

I've outgrown the wands made of sticks and the crowns of leaves. However, I still seek to recapture the magic and the desire to spend hours weaving tales of mystery, fantasy, and mayhem. I want to find like minded co-writers who enjoy the building of a tale and the process of exploring our humanity through the characters and settings we create. I crave the thrill of the hunt, the passion of love lost or found, and the trepidations of unknown paths.

H U M A N   S T O R I E S

❣  O F F  T H E  M A P

Disaster brought them together ; a man and a woman that had been scheduled on the same charter flight.  When the plane went down, they miraculously survived with another passenger.  Their companion, severely injured ; relies on our characters to keep them alive.  Their  ( Male or Female ) fate, plays in our character's hands as they strive to survive in a remote location.  They don't know where they are, but they will need shelter, water, and food to stay alive and perhaps keep their companion alive as well.

Theme ;  Action, Adventure, Survival,  Slice-of-Life
Kinks ;  Multiple Characters ( MMF / FFM ),  Inexperience vs. Experienced,  Power Play,  Size Play,  Age Play.
 ( just to name a few, all are of course - open. )
Notes ;  n/a

B E A U T Y  -and-  T H E  G E E K

A dream, or is it ?  The student or the girl next door, is the perfect specimen of gorgeous.  Her smile, her body, eyes, and even the way she walks ;  is everything the man has ever wanted or thought about alone in his bed at night.  He's attractive though, beyond the shield of geek-culture and fandoms.  At a party, or other function, he realizes that the attraction is mutual.  With a little help from her, of course.  One thing leads to another, and soon she learns,  nerds ?   Rule.

Theme ;  Teacher / Student  -or-  The Girl Next Door
Kinks ;  D/s,  Rough / Kinky Sex,  Role-play within role-play, Age play, Size play.  ( open to more. )
Notes ;  scenario could also be reversed  - geeky girl  / jockish, handsome boy.


War time.  He is either an officer, or a kindly soul that doesn't agree with the rising regime. She needs his help, or it will spell her demise.  Beautiful, inside and out ;  the woman is determined to save herself  by any means necessary.  Spared by the man, the deal is that she'll live with him until the end of the war. He shelters her , feeds her, and insures her safety ;  she is completely indebted to him.  Will he be able to keep her safe, or will they be discovered only to both be prisoners inside one of the regime's camps ?

Theme ;  War,  Period Play,  Action, Survival.
Kinks ;  Rough / Kinky Sex,  Restraints, Captive, Kid-Napping  ( open to more. )
Notes ; n/a

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Down The Rabbit Hole ( Miscellany's Requests / Ideas )
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2016, 01:26:45 AM »
T H E   T H I N G S   T H A T   G O   B U M P   I N   T H E    N I G H T

❣  F E A T H E R S

She has always loved nature. Even though the area she lives in is quite urban, still ; she finds the time to walk to the local park every day and spend a few quiet moments enjoying the greenery and animals around her. Always, she relaxes on the same wooden bench and lately she has been noticing that a few of the animals have grown accustomed to her presence. In particular one beautiful, curious crow. It keeps its distance, but always appears so intelligent and sharp, watching intently with its ebony eyes.

One day she brings a small bag of trail mix as an offering for her new feathered friend. The crow caws happily and devours the assortment of raisins and nuts. The following day she returns with a snack and the crow is there, this time with a shiny twist of metal in its beak. When the treats are scattered along the ground, the bird drops the paperclip - a gift - at her feet.

This ritual exchange carries on until one day, the crow doesn’t show. She is heartbroken, missing the therapeutic one-sided talks and charming company of her wild friend. He appears, seemingly out of nowhere and sits down on the wooden bench beside the visibly distraught woman. Wordlessly, he hands her a small metal trinket, a perfect addition for her collection. Is the gesture enough to reveal the truth about him? A shapeshifter had been her crow companion the entire time.

Theme ; Supernatural, Shape-shifter, Romance
Kinks ;  ( open to options. )
Notes ;  the  shape-shifter could easily be played with the female character in mind as well.

❣  W E L C O M E  T O  H E L L  M O T E L

While driving along on a quiet detour road, her car starts spewing smoke from beneath the hood. Thankfully, it’s still midday and she is able to make it to the closest motel before the car breaks down. She has to use the phone in the motel’s main office to call a tow truck because her cell phone isn’t getting a signal. While speaking with the tow company, she realizes that the motel owner seems a little off. He’s creepily quiet and eyeing her a little too hard for comfort. Finding out that the tow truck won’t come until the next morning, she decides to check into the motel. What else can she do?   

As she heads outside to get her bag from the trunk, he follows and offers help. He is related to the motel owner and works there in several capacities; housekeeping and grounds-keeping mainly. She permits him to carry the bag to the room, but is startled when he blocks her from going inside once they get there. He warns her not to stick around at the motel once the sun goes down but doesn’t say why before rushing off.  She gets a weird vibe which only grows weirder when she goes in search of the vending machines for a snack and encounters another guest at the motel. The guest has the same zoned out, pale look that the motel owner had and two odd-looking marks on their neck that peek out from the collar of their shirt. She doesn’t encounter too many other guests on the way back to her room, though the parking lot is occupied by a few other cars. She does their best to shirk off the man's warning, but makes sure to bolt the door as the sun disappears from view.     

Unable to sleep, she begins to hear strange noises in the room connected to theirs. At first it sounds like there’s a struggle between two people, then it’s suddenly quiet and there’s a knock at their door. She pretends to be asleep, ignoring the knock, but to her horror someone starts working the lock and somehow pushes the bolt out of place from the other side of the door. The last thing she remembers before waking up the next morning is the face of a handsome man,a tall mysterious figure with long, sharp teeth who broke into their room..and the dark, fresh blood that was dripping down from his mouth. 

She finds tender, red marks on their neck like they saw on the other motel guest but they can’t put two and two together. She's forgotten about the tow truck that was supposed to come for her and for some reason she wants to stay another night at the motel. The tall handsome man must’ve been some crazy, vivid dream and maybe the marks are mosquito bites, she reasons. What she doesn’t know is that the motel is inhabited by vampires who feed off the guests by night and compel them to forget. Having seen many guests come to the motel and never leave, the man that helped her to her room is tired of letting innocent people be harmed, including their relative who owns the motel.

Will the dashing hotel handy-man save the woman from a horrible fate at the hands of the tall dark mystery man and his kind?   

Theme ; Supernatural, Vampire, Dark, Horror.
Kinks ;  ( open to options. )
Notes ;  there are two male roles in this plot.

❣  F O R E V E R ,  O R   E L S E.

They have had a roller-coaster type of relationship for a few years. One day, they’re up. They’re laughing and happy, looking forward to their future. The next day, they’re down. Yelling and crying, threatening to call it quits. They’ve been in a relationship for so long that they are comfortable in this toxic pattern. It doesn’t make much sense to outsiders , but they can’t honestly imagine being without the another.

One day, after a particularly explosive fight between them, he storms off. She lets him go, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before he comes back and they fantastically make up. Only, days go by, and then weeks, then three months and he doesn’t return. She has a hard time dealing with the unexplained disappearance, but gradually learns to move on, even though she occasionally wonders what happened to him. When she least expects it, he shows up at their door in the middle of the night, begging for her to invite him in. 

 Stunned to see him after so long, and startled because he seems different somehow, but nevertheless, she invites him inside to talk. He tries to break it as gently as possible – that night they stormed off over three monthsago, they were attacked by a vampire and now he is one. She doesn’t believe it, until he shows her. He promises that he won't hurt her and that they’ve only stayed away so long because they wanted to be able to control their bloodlust before coming back. He has had time to reflect on how much he needs her in his life and how much better their relationship could be now because his hell-bent on making up for all of the bad times they used to have and they have an eternity to do so. She must decide if they can trust him at all, especially since it doesn't seem like he will take  ,  ' no '  -  for an answer.

Theme ; Supernatural, Vampire, Dark, Horror.
Kinks ;  ( open to options. )
Notes ;  n/a

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Down The Rabbit Hole ( Miscellany's Requests / Ideas )
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2016, 08:40:33 PM »
B R I N G I N G   H I S T O R Y   T O   L I F E

❣  T H E   C A P T A I N ' S   C A P T I V E

She is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; she has always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. When she was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and they were barely able to escape. Although the lure of the sea has always been there, she has since refused to ever board another ship. Several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. The militia stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out. With the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, heads for the most opulent-looking manor.

The captain breaks in to the home and begins to raid her late mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop the captain, she steals one of their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. Since she has never had any kind of training, she easily overpowered by the man Upon taking a closer look at the woman, he decides that she is worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So he offers a proposition; in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port, She must come aboard his ship as a captive. The woman is terrified, but she is kind-hearted and wishes to protect their town, so she reluctantly agrees.  Now she must face her fears and leave her life behind. How will she fare and what will her relationship be like with the notorious pirate captain?

Theme ; Historical, Pirates, Captive / Coercion, Reluctant Romance
Kinks ;  ( open to options. )
Notes ;  n / a
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