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September 26, 2021, 05:34:52 pm

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Author Topic: Quest For The Shards (GM looking for an Adventurer!)  (Read 543 times)

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Quest For The Shards (GM looking for an Adventurer!)
« on: June 17, 2016, 10:29:27 pm »

Theme Song
Inspiration: The old Power Stone games. I still to this day love this series and after replaying the collection on my Vita, it's got me hankering for something like it.
Basically they were 3D arena fighters where the goal was to collect three Power Stones to transform and beat your opponent. There was also an anime series alongside it and a Manga (that was never brought to the west if my memory serves me correct)

Stories tell of a giant beast... one that devoured entire worlds in a single gulp. As the number of worlds began to decline, a warrior made of stars appeared. With a gigantic blade made from a mysterious metal, the warrior impaled the beast. As the creature died, it's body began to form the world we know today. As life began on this new world, the warrior's blade was shattered and it's shards scattered about. Thousands of years passed leading to the birth of Man. And soon Man began to found the Shards and... something odd began to happen. When a human held onto a Shard, it would embed itself into their skin and grant them the ability to change into an extremely powerful form. And if the human found more shards, they could increase the power of their 'Shard Form'.
As the years went by, these shards had been harder and harder to find. And at the point of our story, they're regarded as a Fairy Tale.

However that's where your character comes in. Whatever background they have, they one day find themselves in the possession of a Shard and gain the ability to Transform along with a vision. A vision of a man covered in Shards attempting to use their power to resurrect the beast whose death created this world. Trusting your gut, you head out to travel the world, locate more shards and find the mysterious man and stop their plan.

RP info
So basically i'll be playing a GM for ya. I'll supply the world, characters to interact and so on. This is sort of a more light hearted shounen style adventure.
While this won't be focused on sex stuff, it can happen and currently i'll appeal to any sort of gender pairings you desire. Want your girl character to have a woman whose absolutely smitten with them? Sure. Maybe you want to fulfill your fantasy of having a gaggle of girls after your attention? Or maybe you're smitten with a brooding figure and hope to break down their wall? I can do that. This is YOUR story!
As for kinks and such, check out my O/O to get an idea

I've thought long and hard about the setting and I think I got something of an idea. Basically it'll be modeled around the 19th century. So whether it's something like the roaring 20's or maybe even the 50's, let's let our imagination run wild.

Here's some samples of characters yours may come across on their journey. Some may be rivals, and some may come along with your on your journey.

Hulk Bull
Shard Form
A crime lord known for his creepy stare and extremely loud shouts. However underneath the seemingly tough exterior, he's actually pretty cowardly and can crack under pressure. This is seen in his Shard Form which can be considered one of the weakest.

Asa Meena
Shard Form
A dancer from the islands. After gaining a shard she began to travel the world to use both her dance and Shard to help those in need. Her Shard Form allows her to control water through dance.

Angelise Von Hein
Shard Form
A no nonsense woman who belongs to a royal bloodline. After an incident leaves her family name in absolute ruin and dishonored. She purchased a shard from a certain Crime Lord and uses her newfound abilities to hunt down those responsible for her family's downfall and bring them to justice.

Herme West
Shard Form
A rather creepy girl who studies dark magic and dark science. After learning of the shards and their abilities, she seeks out other shard users to study their abilities. While she keeps it hidden, she's rather resentful of her Shard Form being bustier than herself.

Argo Sumners
Shard Form
A happy go lucky male who travels the world for seemingly no reason. But he seems to have a connection to your character's vision.

So if you're interested just send me this nifty little profile. And if you have any ideas you wanna add just lemme know

Normal Form:
Shard Form: