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Author Topic: Superheroine Epic! ~GM looking for heroines~ (NC, fxf?, custom light-system)  (Read 1073 times)

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!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

~Please do not reply to this post - if interested, message me!~

Starting notable points:
***Insisting on embedded pictures, will help set up or supply images.***
~I play by post *only*, with PM's for OOC~
~I will not use any IM service, for any reason~

---biggest turn off: excessively short PMs, explanations below---
---Know that I'm NOT into consensual oral.---
---Please do not refer to my character as "you" in the RP---
---This is a light-system inspired idea (it can be found at the end), if that's a dealbreaker, I may or may not be interested in the RP regardless based on your girl and your kinks---

~I am putting my major points in the following headings - make sure you get the general point of each section!~

Requests and Requirements
Let's get the dealbreakers out of the ways shall we?

A very strict 2-3 paragraph minimum.  This means about 200 words, not one paragraph each of three and one sentences.  See this spoiler as a reference point.  When the story gets going, I intend to build to hovering around double or more of that minimum in sections at a time, and I want you to be open with doing that as well.  But when and if you or I just need a post to get things rolling again, that minimum will still be there and we can build it back up moving forward.
Ex. of 200 words
  Who am I?
I have always believed that only after everything external has been taken away is the left person the real me. Then what are left are simply my heart and my mind. I can't paint not given a brush, yet I have developed the talent to recognize true beauty. I could no longer play the piano without a keyboard, but I am still moved to tears when hearing a piece of melting work. I will not be considered pretty anymore when standing in front of a stone-age tribe, but I know I will receive their smiles because in my eyes that shine of kindness would never fade.

Looking inward, I observe love and cares, grief and joy, queries and awakenings, interests and passion, dreams and wills. The love is given not just to family but also to mankind; the cares are both for the beloved and those in need. I regard pain the exact way I cherish mirth. I think and learn to discover truths as wide as the universe, as deep as people's souls. All that I am striving for is an eventual harmony in the internal me as well as the external world. (197 words)

Written by: Not me

Posting Rate
Even though I might not be able to keep up with it (some weeks will be better than others), I am going to ask for the ability to post MOST days.  This means an average of something like 3.5 times a week or once every other day or so.  I will occasionally be able to post every day, and other times maybe only get one post in a week.  But even so, I want a partner that is better than me.  Ordinarily I think this double standard would be unfair... but too bad!  Sometimes I like to just read the response and mull it over for a bit.  I shall call this the GM's privilege.  If you don't hear back from me in 5-7 days, messaging me is totally acceptable.

Non-minimalistic PM's!
This one is super, uber important - note the font bold, underline, AND italics.  Very few things turn me off faster than PM's that address one thing at a time and crawl at a snail's pace.  When I send you a PM addressing multiple issues, I expect each issue to be addressed at once.  I prefer shorter frequency and higher productivity per message, especially as we plan things out prior beginning of the thread.  When I get the opposite, I want to eat my left shoe.  Don't make me want to eat my left shoe.

A nice, solid, introductory PM - addressing at minimum, what I ask you to address
Yes, another requirement regarding PM's.  Somewhere near the end you shall find a section detailing what I want to hear from you to kick things off.  Please do your best to follow it!  Unless I say edit in a message at the top of this thread stating something like "PM me to see if I'm still looking for new RP's," you can assume that I am very much still interested in finding partners, and can proceed with telling me a bit about your ideas for the RP.

Major Details

Superheroine epic?
That's right!  That means super powers, heroes, villains, super powered combat, and a plot with tremendous longevity.  This is a very long-termed idea, so if you have come here for a one-shot, where the heroine faces off against the villain, wins or loses, and then goes home (or alternatively is enslaved or broken somehow)... kindly look elsewhere!

Player + GM, You and Me
This is the only way I RP these days... if you want to know why, feel free to ask me, otherwise, let's move on!  Though I am usually happy playing a player against another GM, this go around I am only seeking players.  In parts because I trust myself more to put work into the story, and in other parts, because other GM's seem to disappear...

Misadventures, and I mean NC content
NC will be the primary means of sexual content, and I'm sorry, but I'm going to insist on that this time.  This content will be varied in intensity, meaning it will come in many forms ranging from a brief groping encounter, to hardcore gangbanging with multiple penetrations (as a non-required example).  There will mostly be sexual content between those two, with the latter example being an extremely rare instance... In either case, talk to me about your preferred kinks and we'll build from there. 

Optional, and not meant to be a source for smut.  I like my romances innocent and sweet, building on emotional bonds and intimacy, and slowly building up the sexual content as the relationship develops.  Yes, this means kissing and some minor fooling around (think second-base), for a time before building up to anything more sexual.  Know also that in a consensual context, I am not into oral - so, yeah.  I know, I know.  I also prefer fxf relationships, but that is not a hard restriction.

Light-System Use
Is required.  I have been playing with a custom system for awhile now, one I to eventually be somewhat on the "lighter" side.  You can find it linked below somewhere, but know I am tinkering with it.  If you want to know what it entails, think some minor character creation choices (mostly on ways you can modify the system to your liking, and customize what your character is good and bad at), and two d20 rolls per your player turn.  Though, some of those rolls might be modified and such, but that is the most basic explanation I can give about what it will require from you.  The rest, I as GM, will try to keep track of and in a spoiler at the end of my posts, inform you about any changes

Heroines I am looking for
A STRONG character
A girl whose brave, often confident, occasionally bold, and doesn't break in spirit - even should a villain or monster brutally have their way with her now and then...  She knows who she wants to be, and though she might get a little corrupted into enjoying sex, she certainly is going to try her hardest to ensure that her enemies don't use her body for sexual pleasure without fighting to the bitter end.

An INNOCENT character
I like playing with the concept of protecting their virginity, and the manner in which they finally lose it.  She shouldn't treat sex like it is something casual, and should certainly never allow herself to give into the temptation of sex with anyone but someone she truly loves no matter how good it might feel.

A YOUNG character
Primarily because it is tied to the concept of innocence, I would like the heroine in question to be young, and sexually inexperienced.  I defintely would love to try a story like this with a heroine aged between 16-17, but otherwise, expect the higher limit of their age to be 24 or so.  The idea of a heroine growing to be that age while still remaining chaste is a fun concept as well.

A CUTE, or ATTRACTIVE character
Mostly, I want to see a pretty girl in their profile pic as we RP along~

~A reasonably, or even small-chested heroine~
I see this a lot in the heroine category for some reason.  I am not into very busty, large-breasted characters... if you are into them, we could maybe toy with some ideas on how to temporarily enlarge them a fair amount from time to time - but that's pretty much the only way I'd do it.  It is always a fun series of events, and much more fun to suddenly to give an average-chested heroine the struggle of being molested with shockingly large, sensitive breasts from time to time.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
As GM I will be doing my best to provide profile pics for all the major and recurring characters.  I generally favor the fairer sex, so most of the characters are going to be female.  I also expect you to link your character's profile picture in every post.  This is rather important to me.  I will help you to find pictures, and figure out how to link it, simply ask me to, and I will.  Because I'll be using real world images, I'm going to insist that you do as well, mainly for thematic reasons.  Here are a few to get the ball rolling! 

If you want me to provide you with a selection - which I will be all too happy to do - let me know a little bit about what you might be looking for and I'll do my best to provide!  Redhead?  Dressed or styled a certain way (mind you, I usually favor waist-up profile pics, where the head and the torso take up most of the room)?  With a more innocent, sassy, or cheerful energy?  Small breasts?

Starting to think about our Epic
In each of the epics, the heroine will have allies, enemies, and some kind of great disaster hanging in the balance.  And that's just to start... even when the first crisis seems handled, another looms on the horizon, forcing the adventure to continue.  So, I'll consider this as three features of our story we will have to discuss.

~The Protagonist~
A super powered heroine... the rest is up to you!  It could certainly help to address this first.  So unless you really want to talk plot first, let's talk protagonist!  Who do you want to play?  What kinds of difficulties would you enjoy having her confront, fail at, or triumph over?  And naturally, what might her super powers consist of?

~World State~
Typically, I favor a more X-men flavored setting and average power-level.  Where everyone has one power they can use to accomplish different kinds of things.  This is opposed to a say, a Superman world, where everyone is super mega powerful and has like 7 different powers... So by default, expect me to envision moderately powerful heroes and villains, none of which akin to the power of the insanely overpowered Superman.  If you have other ideas on what you might like, let's discuss them!  Though I do favor my original idea, you might convince me otherwise.

I see three ways to discover what allies would be best for the RP:
Option 1: I give you a list of samples, and you tell me which ones spark the most interest in you
Option 2: You simply trust me to control the world, and we let fate decide who your heroine must work with
Option 3: We talk about what you might want from your companions, and discuss, possibly revisiting options 1 and 2 afterward

There are enemies who simply get in her way, enemies who actively try to ensure she fails, and a main arch-nemesis or two.  Or three... what have you.  The main concern here is the latter one.  The major questions we have to solve are these: their motivations, what they have in their power to achieve it the heroine must confront, what they specifically want from the heroine, and what their success could mean for the world.  You can trust me to handle this, or, we can discuss parts of it.

~Sample Plots~
I'll offer these on a case by case basis, because what each person might be after can be drastically different, and I'd rather offer a list of possible suggestions tailored to those interests in the first place.  So give me some idea what you are into, what you are looking for, and what your girl might be like, and I'll draw up some possibilities!

Lovely!  Please address the following questions I have for you!  In whatever format you wish, the number list is not required in your PM!
1. Please tell me about your character - enough to confirm that she has the major values I'm looking for (strong, innocent, young, cute).  If she doesn't have one of values, why not?  What kind of character do you want to play?  Do you have any thoughts on what kind of super power she might have?
2. Do you have an idea for what chacter pic you might want to use for your profile?  Would you like me to help you find some?  Let me know if you need any help in this area!
3. What kind of kinks are you into?  What do you want to see?  For NC content when your heroine meets defeat, or maybe for romantic interests (fxf?)?
3b. What plot vs. NC ratio best describes what you are after?  When your girl is defeated, how often would you like the result to end with NC?  And what NC are you most eager for?
4. Do you have any thoughts on what challenges you want your heroine to confront, suffer upon defeat, or triumph over in particular?
5. Any other thoughts, ideas, or comments?  On friends, romantic interests, villains, or plots?  On the use of the system I proposed?
6. System-wise, any of the optional systems or modules in my custom rule set you would definitely like to use or ignore?

A work in progress - but I'm certainly having fun with it.  Yes, you may adapt it in your own RP's.  I would super appreciate links to them so I can see how they go!  I would also kindly ask you to leave the Author SN: Snow Nymph in the copy-paste, if anything, so anyone who sees your link could be free to message me about it with questions or ideas so I can try to improve upon it, or simply be linked to their stories so I can see it in action.  Thanks bunches!

And you may discuss thoughts you have on the system with me if you like.  If you do, please be sure to keep that conversation in it's own PM thread with a title making it clear what is being discussed there.

Custom-System Rules!
Author: Snow Nymph
Author's note: A work in progress.  I would super love a link to any RP it is used in, and if you do send me such a link - I solemnly swear not to message anyone involved in that RP and pester them about any aspect of its use or any changes made to fit their style... or any other reason really.  Except maybe to say thank you for the link.  If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to message me!  My goal however is some degree of simplicity - however, I do have a version in the works that is more system-heavy.  PM me if you would like to see what I have for those sets of rules.

Success Rolls

Challenge dice vs. Attempt Dice, typically made with d20s.
A matching roll favors whoever rolls 2nd.  The first roll decides the challenge, the 2nd attempts to match it.
Skill challenges can be set as a flat number by the GM.  Ex: setting the difficulty of picking a lock at 8.
Basic Success: matching or rolling higher than the challenge
Major Success: rolling 5 higher than the challenge
Critical success: rolling a 20 against a lower roll (16 or lower in combat)

Basic Failure: rolling beneath the challenge
Major Failure: rolling 5 or lower beneath the challenge
Critical Failure: rolling a "natural" 1 or a 2 against a higher roll

Advantage: Roll twice, take higher roll
Disadvantage: Roll twice, take lower roll

When fighting multiple opponents, attacks against the player stack a cumulative +1 bonus to attack rolls after the first attack

Rolls done on a single Turn
Attack Action: state intention and roll a d20 to show the effectiveness of that action
Defense Action: helps the GM determine the effectiveness of any incoming attacks on the player next turn
Any additional rolls: such as pleasure/resistance rolls

Defense Action: versus player's attack, determine effectiveness and describe results
Attack Action: versus player's defense, determine effectiveness and describe results
Any additional rolls: such as pleasure rolls

GM adjustment
Adjust for any major successes, major failures, critical successes, and critical failure (may need to roll for the player in case of advantage/disadvantage)

Player Turn
(Attack) action
The individual can act, generally, with an attack.  This is rolled against the opponent's defense roll (from the opponent's previous post), or a challenge/difficulty rating set by GM.
Can also consist of attempts to run away, break free of a grapple, and so on.

Natural Critical:
     (Natural 19 or 20): attack will inflict heavy damage, can make a second attack action with advantage (second attack doesn't generate advantages or disadvantages)

     Critical fail (natural 1 or 2): fumble.  Defense roll becomes equivalent to 0 for that turn, incoming attack = major success at 12 or lower, inflicts heavy damage when 13 or higher.

Defense action
Roll for defense

Natural Critical:
     Natural 19 or 20: can use Focused Attack/Defense next turn for 0 endurance

    Critical fail (natural 1 or 2): fumble.  Turn one attack roll or defense roll d20 into a d12 next turn (GM chooses).

GM Turn
The GM will adjust for Critical Successes, Critical Failures, Major Successes, and Major Failures

Defense versus Player's Attack
Player's attack is unsuccessful if defense matches their roll or is higher
           If critical success (19 or 20):
                                       vs same or higher: break even, ignore second attack
                                       vs lower: enemy regains 1 stamina, or can gain advantage on next attack roll
           If major success (+6): attack roll at advantage
           If major failure (-6): attack successful, following attack roll at disadvantage
           If critical failure (1 or 2):
                                       vs same or lower: break even
                                       vs higher: attack inflicts heavy damage, player gains one advantage next turn (decide before rolling)

Attack versus Player Defense

Attack is successful if it is at least +1 higher than their defense roll
           If critical success (19 or 20):
                                            vs same or higher: break even
                                            vs lower: attack inflicts heavy damage, can make a second attack action with advantage (second attack doesn't generate advantages or disadvantages)
           If major success (+6): attack hits, player gets disadvantage on their next attack
           If major failure (-6): player gets advantage on their next attack
           If critical failure (1 or 2):
                                            vs same or lower: attack misses normally
                                            vs higher: player gets advantage on their next attack, next defense roll at disadvantage

Skills and Endurance system

Luck - End cost: Full Endurance Pool
Re-roll an unwanted d20 result, cannot use Luck for 2 rests, or until after the next combat sequences, whatever comes later

Reckless Attack / Cautious Defense - End cost: 2
Advantage on either can be placed in exchange for disadvantage on the other (can only be used when disadvantage isn't already imposed)

Focused Attack / Focused Defense - End cost: 1
Decide which attack will be given the higher score, roll twice and allocate the scores appropriately

Starting Hero Endurance: 3
Level up: +1 Endurance (Super Rare, if ever : consider cap of 5)
Weak Enemies may have: 1-2 endurance
Strong enemies may have 4-6 endurance (and luck costing 4 endurance only)
Epic enemies may have: 6+ endurance (and 1 or 2 number of free luck rolls)

Pleasure System, optional
When a stimulating action occurs, a pleasure system can be implemented.  Works best regarding unusual triggers, ex: when using magic is sexually stimulating, or when being grappled.
Pleasure roll vs. Resistance roll, player can roll their own challenge dice and determine the result this way immediately when necessary
Attacker may roll the pleasure roll, with the defender rolling resistance (and writing the result) in their following post.
Failing a roll, increases the stage of pleasure of the individual

Sample Character's Triggers:
Using magic in an uncomfortable position, while pinned or grappled, or as a desperate action
Using magic in a new way, or for a sustained period of time
Intensifying an already present magic use, or in a magic tug-of-war

Stages of pleasure:
1st stage: flushed skin
                  -1 following pleasure resistance rolls
2nd stage: Escaped moaning or sharp inhales, sweat
                  -2 following pleasure resistance rolls
3rd stage: Getting wet, loud moaning, roll automatic pleasure check at next major defense fail
                  -3 following pleasure resistance rolls
4th stage: Wetness spreads to thighs, further pleasure rolls at disadvantage
                  -4 following pleasure resistance rolls
5th stage: Orgasm, one turn attacks and defenses automatic major fail (this stage cannot be skipped)
                  -5 following pleasure resistance rolls
6th stage: Prolonged Orgasm, automatic fail of any combat rolls at discretion of opponent

Pleasured Defense Penalty
Add -1 penalty to defense per pleasure level

Pleasure Roll vs Pleasure Resistance
If resistance is even or higher: successful resistance
If resistance is lower: basic failure, +1 pleasure stage
If resistance is -5 or lower: major failure: roll an additional d20. 
             On a roll of 11-20, +1 pleasure stage
             On a roll of 1-10, +2 pleasure stages
If resistance is a critical failure (1 or 2 vs. any roll, even a 1 or 2):  automatic double failure, +2 pleasure stages

Forced Pleasure: (roll a d20 for chance to strike critically, 1 or 2 on defense, 19 or 20 roll is made by GM)
Entering combat sexually stimulated (to appropriate stage of failure)
Being directly sexually stimulated in the midst of combat
Attempting to use light magic with a high intensity
Attempting to maintain a spell in the round after suffering a pleasure failure

Everything from here on down is especially in the works.  I suggest GM "house-rule" any similar effects, or have the player offer a couple ways they might want to specialize their character so the GM can decide what they believe is appropriate for their game.  I myself like to give a special bonus or penalty to certain enemies to mix up the pace of combat here and there.
Optional, Character Traits:
Examples on how to customize a character, weaknesses should help to balance strengths.  Minor strengths would best be balanced by minor weaknesses.  Greater strengths, such as bonuses that are always in effect, should be balanced by greater weakness.  I'll provide some examples on balances I think could be appropriate, but this is by no means a restricting list.

Minor level strengths and weaknesses
One advantage roll per day
One +5 to a defense roll per day
+5 to first attack roll per combat sequence
+5 to first pleasure roll per sequence
Advantage to roll triggering prolonged orgasm once per day (disadvantage next attempt if it succeeds)

Permanently disadvantaged vs/when...
-1 to defense when  area of skin is partially exposed, -2 when large section of skin is exposed
-5 to all pleasure rolls when restrained
Disadvantage to all pleasure rolls when pleasure defense was rolled the turn before

Greater strengths and weaknesses
Uncanny Accuracy: +2 to all attack rolls (doesn't affect critical fails)
Natural Grappler: Advantage to all rolls to restrain another or resist restraints
Exceptional Recovery: When you roll into a major defense fail on your turn, roll another d20.  On a roll of 11 or higher, consider that a basic failure instead This doesn't work for the player, rolling defense before their opponent has rolled their attack... but this could apply if the player's attack roll is a major fail

Physically Inferior: All rolls made to test strength at disadvantage
General Ineptitude: Critical Fails from 1-3, instead of 1-2
Defensive Ineptitude: Critical Fails from 1-3, instead of 1-2, when defending
Nymphomaniac: Disadvantage to all rolls when sexually stimulated the previous turn

Presented as Self-balanced character traits
Hot-Headed: +2 Attack rolls, -2 defense rolls
Agile, but Weak: +2 defense when evading, -6 defense when restrained
Wild Luck: Once per battle, you may elect to re-roll a failure made on your turn ( excepting critical failures).  Keep the second result.  When you do, automatically re-roll your next success made on your turn.  Keep that second result.

Status Effects and Abilities
Certain circumstances and conditions might result in change to the above rules.  Some examples of this might be as follows...

Status effects:
Blinded: All attacks at disadvantage
Exhausted: -2 to all rolls
Restrained: Attack rolls at disadvantage and -4, unless using action to attempt to break free
Experience Advantage: Re-roll critical fails for first three turns of combat (meant for epic enemies or major bosses)

Special Abilities:
Power Strike/Iron Guard - costs 1 endurance
Add +5 to an attack roll or defense roll, but only if the original roll was lower than the player's

True Strike - costs 2 endurance
Turn an attack major success, into a critical success once per battle.  Or, turn basic attack failures into basic successes (this version can be used multiple times).
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