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June 26, 2022, 08:32:25 pm

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Author Topic: Changeling the Lost: Extreme, CBT, MxM, Submissive wanted.  (Read 1015 times)

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As I am willing to run this game with only a single player I thought I'd post this here too. It could run fine as a one on one. For simplicity though please reply to me either in private message or go to the group game thread.

Fairies? How you wish the word still brought to mind images of tinkerbell or an antiquated gay slur. But you've met a real fairy. You may have never looked at other men before (or been real good at repressing your desires). When you saw him he was so beautiful that for a moment you forgot how to breathe. He asked you to come home with him and gave you a kiss. Looking back at it now the trap was so obvious. That kiss was the most spectacular pleasure you could ever have. It was almost worth it that every moment since then has been a nightmare.

Ideally I'm looking for 2 people to play male characters in an erotic Changeling: The Lost game. I could accept three or even one making it a duo.  Your characters will at the very least have "Loyalist" tendencies. Most character creation options are open. I would not mind Rping a preface playing out some of what your characters experienced in Arcadia.

Plot Setup
The basic plot is, like all free changelings, you escaped from your Archfey master along with another changeling he had captured. The whole freedom thing is harder do deal with than you thought.  It's not because you can't make it in your new life, in fact you and your brother managed to carve a nice little niche for yourselves.  It's the memory of your Keeper that haunts you so hard. You (probably) aren't even a fairest it's just that difficult for you to not crave the cruel and twisted attention you got from that thing. It's ruined any chance you have at bonding with an other. You can't relate to love that doesn't hurt and consume you. Your brother in bondage being the only exception.  Your court contact/mentor sees how depressed you are and decided to hire a male courtesan that specializes in sadistic pleasures to liven things up for a few knights.  You don't know this new glorious light in your life is only there because he's been paid and no one has a clue he's also your former keeper.

You never escaped the leash of the Gentry. You were merely allowed to escape so you could be used in the great games the Archfey play with each other. Your old keeper is gambling his beloved "Fairest of them All" title. To complete the first act of this Legend he has to get both of you to love and swear yourselves to his actor and to retain that same love and devotion once he reveals his true identity.  The second act I havn't yet decided as I believe I should come up with that together with my players.  Make sure it's something the PC's and my Actor will all enjoy.

Background details

You will be starting with more experience than a fresh changeling, putting you just a little under the power level of the Archfey actor. I'm also incorporating some more classic fairytale themes in it, like from the Fable universe. I highly encourage you to make your characters something from a fairy tale, myth, or legend.  Due to the nature of changeling characters you could easily be an object, a location, even a spell or energy.  Get creative. Just know the primary protagonists and antagonists are mostly supposed to be Archfey actors.  There is wiggle room though. It is rather fitting that perhaps you suffered so for a happy ending and once you got it you find out you were just manipulated and abused as part of The Gentry's games.  If you'd like to have a shattered romance with your former master in such a tale that works great as it would add extra tension as to whether or not you'll accept him after his reveal.

The fairy tales chosen need not be the classic versions.  It makes perfect sense that alternate versions, even Disney ones, are frequently used outlines that vary because of the different participants in the legend.

Do note my particular kinks and ons as they will likely be very present in the interactions. Please bounce some ideas off of me. Ask questions. I'm eager to work in additional angles and themes to the plot. Share your character idea. I have a preference for Brawny guys but I'm flexible.