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Author Topic: The Divine Sculptor's Apprentice [Dom F lf Sub F for Extreme RP]  (Read 1085 times)

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Hi there. I've had a plot bunny that has been a big craving for the past few months that I wanted to hash out here. I'm a big fan of fantasy and magic, and I wanted to take a crack at writing a fantasy story where the mechanics of learning magic magic has a heavy emphasis.

Who I am looking for: The biggest thing I desire is an ability to make posts that are at least 4 paragraphs long at a rhythm of at least 1 post per week. Any longer than that threatens to lose my interest, unless there are extenuating circumstances (IE: Exams coming up, IRL stuff, etc.). A good grasp of grammar is also a must. However, I don't have any issue with partners going back and editing their errors after a post is made. I myself do so regularly. I prefer writing against other females if possible.

General Setting and Content:  The RP takes place in a high fantasy environment with few constraints. Your character could be of any race and personality that suits this genre. Most kinks in this story will be centered around BDSM, and may include non-con, overstimulation, torture, indoctrination, and body modification.


Magic, or rather, the use of magic, is governed by two fundamental principals.

First, you must understand what you are creating. Pyromancers, mages of the battlefield, greatly rely on the study of fire. They spend months, years even, studying the flicker of a flame atop a single candle. Holy mages, healers whom worship the gods, instead devote themselves to understanding their patron deity. Similarly, illusionists study light, alchemists study chemistry, and so on. Every spell ever cast is a reflection of countless hours of study. In a way, magic is science in and of itself. Though only a small minority of civilized life possess enough mana to cast magic, fewer still have intelligence necessary to make use of it.

Or, are willing to pay the price.

The second fundamental principle of magic, and perhaps the most harrowing, is the sacrifice involved. Every aspect of magic requires paying a price that goes beyond mere coin. Time must be paid in full with years of study. Strength is traded for experience, as the constant drain of mana enfeebles the body. Most of all, a teacher is required to learn at all, and their services do not come cheap.

Madame Leblanc is one such teacher.

This famous woman's profession is that of an Arcanist. Where many mages study the sciences to learn magic, Leblanc has opened up new vistas of magical study by researching magic itself. Her greatest accomplishment has been her advances in healing. For centuries, the magic of healing had been the exclusive property of clerics and the divine, as only the Gods themselves knew how to shape a man. Madame Leblanc thought otherwise, and turned this theory on it's head. After years of intense study, she began to produce healing magic through arcane means alone. It's been the source of uproar in the magical communities, particularly among the clergy.

Her contributions to magical world has received official recognition. She's on a first-name basis with His Excellency, the King Rivenne, who has given her the title of 'Archmagister', and heralded her as the "Divine Sculptor of Rivenne." However, beyond her accomplishments, little is known Madame Leblanc herself. She is an exceedingly private woman, spending most of her days secluded within her magical bastion of a mansion. What she gets up to within those walls is anyone's guess.

Despite this, Madame Leblanc is known to take students. The price for learning, however, is infamous. In return fir her tutelage she asks for... everything. Pupils under her are forced to give up everything they own. Their holdings, their trinkets, even their lives are forfeit to Madame Leblanc's whims. A contract with her is the equivalent of signing one's soul away. Many are never heard from again, though the few students that emerge from her training possess almost unnatural skill. Though their lives may ever be beneath the heel of Madame Leblanc, but they are destined to do great things in the magical world. All are female, and strangely they seem unable to speak of the Madame herself, even when pressed.

Needless to say, Madame Leblanc has not had many apprentices. Even considering the Madame's considerable knowledge, few are willing to pay the dizzying price to learn it.

...Except for you.

((Essentially, your character would be an untrained mage willing (or desperate enough) to learn magic from the decidedly neurotic Madame Leblanc. Unfortunately for YC, Leblanc isn’t looking for just a student, and will mold your character through breaking, degredation and body modification to be an ideal plaything.))

The Teacher:
Yinele "The Divine Sculptor" Leblanc, Archmagister of Rivenne
Appearance: Madame Leblanc has a kind of haunting beauty to her and at times almost feels man-made. Her porcelain skin combined with her piercing blue eyes give the mage a ghostly appearance. Furthermore, her platinum, shoulder length hair is unnervingly well kept, ending in straight lines without a single hair out of place. She has a particular fixation on the color black, and often wears black silk dresses that cling tightly to her body. Her voice possesses an educated, almost British tone.

Personality: Madame Leblanc's personality acts in stark contrast to her confident appearance and domineering tastes. In actuality, she's often seen as a nervous wreck. She has a nearly destructive fixation with cleanliness in all aspects of her life, and is weighed down by a host of obsessive-compulsive habits. She has strong need to make everything in her personal space 'Perfect,' which is one of the larger reasons why she demands such a high price of her apprentices.

Though she's reasonably confident speaking in small circles, she's terribly afraid of public areas and large groups of people. Her mind picks out and fixates on all the flaws in the people she sees, which can give her trouble thinking straight when looking at crowds. She rarely leaves her tower and prefers to have her servants act on her behalf instead. Despite all this, she's known far and wide as one of the most powerful mages to ever live. A savant among savants. While she could never buy groceries at a market, she knows more about inner workings of the universe than almost anyone.

Feel free to send me a PM if interested. I'm very flexible, and would love to hear about any character you might have in mind for this story.
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Re: The Divine Sculptor's Apprentice [Dom F lf Sub F for Extreme RP]
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Tentatively looking. Full disclosure, I have been a little flakey withRP’s like this in the past. However, now that I’m in a better living situation where I have time to write, I think things will be different. Bump.

EDIT: Taken already! ^_^
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