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January 23, 2018, 12:06:01 PM

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Author Topic: A few setting concepts (f/f or f/nb)  (Read 468 times)

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A few setting concepts (f/f or f/nb)
« on: June 12, 2016, 12:55:54 AM »
Hello! Thank you for coming in.

These are a few setting concepts, more so than developed roleplays. If any of them speak to you, I'd love to chat about possibilities for making something out of them. I've left the settings/concepts generally nonspecific in most ways, so things like cultural influences, time period, and the details of the worldbuilding can be worked out as we like.

I'm only interested in playing female characters, but I'm fine to play opposite a female or nonbinary character. I don't care about the gender (or lack thereof) of the writer.

Racing - taken
For a racer, the thrill of speed is the best high imaginable. There's nothing quite like setting a fast time around the track, or feeling the roar of your engine as you accelerate past an opponent. Even when the strategy of racing comes down to a choice of tires or an opportune pit stop, nothing stops these people from being the fastest.

There are a lot of possibilities here, maybe it's the story of a race driver and her trusty mechanic or engineer, or perhaps the wealthy daughter of a major sponsor. Or maybe it's a rivalry between teammates or between competitors for a championship (or both?). Can love bloom on the racetrack?

I'd prefer to run this in a modern/contemporary setting, but I could be convinced to go for something vintage. It could also work in either professional racing or an underground sort of thing where people race illegally on the streets.

Witch - in discussion
"Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a witch."

A witch never fears when stepping into a dark forest, for she knows in her heart that the most frightening thing in the forest is her. But despite the might of her magic, the cleverness of her mind, and the strength of her arm, what is a witch to do when she falls in love?

I'm thinking of a more modern/contemporary take on witchcraft, with some urban witches or witches who exist alongside things like bus timetables and suburban developments. Not necessarily looking for a sci-fi or cyberpunk take on the concept, but I want to play a member of the secret (or not-so-secret) magical world who gets caught up in a matter of the heart.

Empire - craving this one
The Emperor is dead and a child sits upon the throne. The family of the Empress Dowager has secured the Regency and looks to expand their influence over the court. The Great Houses of the realm look to their fellows for opportunities for political gains, while the central authority struggles to assert itself. Unrest in the provinces is on the rise, and after the de facto exile of three Imperial Princes (by order of the Regent) has made every far-flung city a potential stronghold for rebellion. Barbarians and pirates, emboldened by internal strife, raid the borders with increasing frequency.

The child Emperor, in a time of need, turns to the Knights of the Rose. An order recruited from the later children of the minor nobility, people who stand to inherit little, they abandon their family names and titles and serve directly at the will of the Emperor. Trained in a school located in a secluded location near the capital, they are an elite force that is, as much as possible, free of the morass of divided loyalties and conflicted agendas that makes the rest of the Emperor's supposed servants so untrustworthy. Only the Knights of the Rose can be relied upon, politically and militarily, to defend the throne's interests against the Great Houses.

But, like any other people, the Rose Knights are not infallible. They rely for military strength on their theoretical ability to command any force nominally loyal to the Emperor. But can those forces really be trusted to defer to an upstart Knight over their leige lord? And even though the Knights have forsworn their families, are those bonds and loyalties so easily broken? And if they are, what of their oaths to the Empire?

And even if one remains loyal to the Emperor, what does that actually mean in these times? The person of the child Emperor and the capital city are controlled by their mother, Empress Regnant, and her family. Two of the exiled Imperial Princes (the late Emperor's brothers and cousins, mostly) have been speaking increasingly openly that they believe their claims may not be so easily brushed aside, and the Lord Commander of the Knights of the Rose has, in private, questioned the child Emperor's ability to rule, even should they come of age.

Amidst this increasing tension, the upcoming class of Knight Cadets are officially inducted into the order in preparation for their last year of training at the Academy. But will they be able to complete their training, or will they be pressed into service early, rushed out to suppress some crisis or to strengthen the Imperial Authority in the lands of a Duke or Prince?


If any of this speaks to you at all, please feel free to drop me a line. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Re: A few setting concepts (f/f or f/nb)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2018, 12:22:12 AM »
Interested in giving these a try again, if anyone would like.