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July 19, 2018, 04:34:53 PM

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Author Topic: I want to write a story, not a scene - M for F  (Read 415 times)

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I want to write a story, not a scene - M for F
« on: June 10, 2016, 10:27:18 AM »
Welcome to my very plain looking, but nevertheless brand spanking new request thread!  I'm not looking to take on a lot more RPs, I'm looking to take on the right new RPs.  Probaby just one or two.

Firstly, here's an overview of what I'm looking for:

- Writing in third person, at least an effort at correct spelling, no controlling my character...basically all the stuff we all expect of each other here, right?

- I am looking for a long term RP; essentially I'm not looking to RP a scene, I want to RP a story.  I'd like it to develop in a gradual, interesting way, not dragging things out for the sake of it but making the relationship between the characters meaningful.

- More important than my entire list of 'ons' and 'offs' is my desire to play opposite an independant, interesting, 3-dimensional character who has personality.

A fly-by of my preferences:

Settings: Modern Realistic, Modern Fantasy, Sci-fi (of the dark, dirty Alient trilogy sort), Post-apocalyptic

Story/Character elements:
-Adventures in the wilderness
-Crime drama
-Multiple characters
-Integrating different ideas and themes to make something better than the individual parts!

Romantic/Sexual elements:
- I have a very few hard ‘offs’ (basically anything to do with the toilet)
- Apart from that, I am willing to discuss and include pretty much anything as long as your character is interesting enough!
- I don’t set a ‘plot/smut’ ratio, but do be aware that we could be 30-50 posts into the story before anything sexual occurs.

Right now this is under construction and I’ll be adding specific plot ideas over time (as well as fleshing out the pitifully under-detailed ones below), but right now that main thing I care about is finding a talented writer who can create an interesting character and work on a decent, progressive story with me.

If you’ve got an idea you’re craving, throw it at me and we’ll talk.  My favourite thing of all is taking an undeveloped idea (or several ideas) and turning it/them into something amazing.

For all of the ideas below, the description is not all there will be to the story!  Here I’m laying out a context and some basic ideas, but the story will include other twists and turns, anything from on-the-run adventures to getting tangled up in a criminal cross-fire to a freaking alien abduction if that’s the sort of thing that’ll interest you!

Also, all of these plots could be played as human or anthro stories.

If you're interested in writing with me, PM me, don't reply to his thread. (Even though I know some people will anyway.)

In the Wake of Flight 19 - Survival/Adventure
The basic premise of this is that your character is the survivor of a plane crash in a notorious part of the ocean, and finds herself washed up on an island with some ominous secrets.  There’s a few ways to play this.  MC could be another survivor of the crash, and together they have to figure out how to survive and perhaps solve the mystery of the island, and maybe even find a way home.  Alternatively MC could be one of an indigenous population who pull YC from the waters and bring her to their village.  The actual secrets of the island could be anything too.  Strange creatures, ancient magic, an alien crash site, a mercenary compound...your thoughts?

Playing the Lead
This is just an itch I’ve had forever - a good band themed RP!  One of our characters is a music artist (in my mind, a solo guitarist wizard, but could be anything) who has had some big success on the alternative circuit and is on tour.  The other character is a musician local to one of the venues on the tour, who is drafted in as one of the backing musicians when one of the regular band falls ill or has an injury.  He impresses the lead musician, and is taken along for a few more shows, during which time they get to know each other, etc, etc.

There is so much that could be tacked onto this idea, and I’m open to any and all suggestions.  The lead musician (which in my mind is actually the female character but again, open to discussion) could be someone who never had a chance to socialise much because of being made to practice music all the time, the child of a criminal family, or heck even a werewolf who ran away from the pack.  Nothing’s out of the question!

A friend in need
This is a little slice-of-life romance which could be in just about any setting.  The idea is that our characters are good friends, but there’s a reason why they aren’t more than friends.  Maybe one or both of them has a long-term boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe they work together and don’t want to shit where they eat, maybe they’ve just known each other for so long that they’ve never thought of each other as love-material.

Basically, something changes.  Maybe they find themselves single all of a sudden.  They start to lean on each other, spend a bit more time together, there’s something one or both of them needs to get a little space from.  Maybe they simply start to develop an attraction to each other.  Maybe they make an agreement to be ‘friends with benefits’ to scratch and itch while they’re both free and unattached. 

Your ideas?
I repeat - If you’ve got an idea you’re craving, throw it at me and we’ll talk.  My favourite thing of all is taking an undeveloped idea (or several ideas) and turning it/them into something amazing.
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