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Author Topic: Of secrets and sins (paranormal, horror)  (Read 855 times)

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Of secrets and sins (paranormal, horror)
« on: June 06, 2016, 02:06:58 am »

Game Type: physiological. Characters can be expected to be assaulted and tormented physically and mentally by unseen forced and the paranormal

Number of players needed: Four to five

Game: For reasons unknown to them, powerful paranormal entities have swept them away from the real word and deposited  them in a  Silent Hill like other world full of horrors created by their own minds. It will start at a reto dinner that has clearly been long abandoned due to its largely boarded over windows, broken sign and the like but oddly enough, it has both power, running water and seems to have been well stocked with supplies.

It seems...odd. Out of place. And it gets odder from there. Things from the characters past begin to show up, a post card from a place they left, a small item, small reminders of what they left behind.

Once the storm lets up the characters can move to Jacks Inn down the street but things only go down hill from there.

They will be tormented by things from their past, face paranormal activity and creatures made from guilt and fears of the mind.


-Respect a players Off\Ons
-Characters have to be twenty or older. This is for the comfort level of all involved
-There is no posting order
-Use the tagging system and use headers
-This game is open to every one
-If you choose to leave the group, please inform the GM and anybody you are RPing with so we're not left hanging
- IC Posts should have substance, no one-liners.
-Please try not to keep anybody waiting on a post longer than one week. Real life happens but inform any one you are RPing with that you will be longer
-This is going to be plot heavy\character interaction heavy RP. Sex will happen but expect to be interrupted by other characters, NPCs and monsters, after all this is supposed to be a character based game, not a smut fest. 
-Communication is key,talk to your fellow players
-While not a rule, interaction is not only a good thing, its encouraged. Don't exclude characters because you don't know anything about them or don't want your character to screw them. Go TALK and interact with other characters, it helps build the story


Who is running the game?

That would be myself. At this time there is no Co-GM, but if that becomes needed I'll be looking at our player base for one

I came late, but I want to play, what do I do?

Then your character(s) will either start at the Dinner or the Inn and experience the slow build up of physiological torment until you get to the big taco of torment

Can I play a bad guy or monster?

You can NPC a monster and torment other characters, just be respectful of  their on\offs. Also characters should come from all walks of life, good and bad. 

Will my character have internet, cell phone, ect?

To a limited degree at first. Cell phone calls will be difficult to make due to interference and the net will drop at random times. Once the move to the Inn cell phones will not be able to get a signal, same with any device that uses the net. The TVs at the inn wlil work though once its past three, all the programming is either old black and white horror shows or shows that are very disturbing like the grainy footage of the inside of a slaughterhouse, a snuff film and other things.

How many characters can I play?

Up to two right now and how ever many NPCS you can handle. This will be increased latter depending on activity levels and intrest.

Can my character leave the Inn or Dinner?

Yes but they will discover the they can only go so far before being looped back to Inn if they leave it or be taken to the Inn if they leave the Dinner.

They can, how ever, explore the surrounding area around the Dinner and Inn and find all manner of distributing tidbits like an abandoned drive full FULL of abandoned cars


Jacks Inn

Just down the street from the Dinner is Jacks Inn, a small run down L-shaped building facing a central parking lot. The rooms are largely the same, dingy and tired with cheap Dollar Store brand art on the walls, cheap carpet and uncomfortable cheap  mattresses. The bathrooms are small and rather barren. The current owner has not only installed tiny hidden cameras in key locations of the room, he had false walls constructed to hide narrow space between the original wall and the new one. He commonly squeezes into the narrow space to observe any female occupants.

Since he has the master key he also sneaks into the rooms while the occupant is gone and steals female undergarments

Its current owner, Owen Smalls, has a thing for ANY female and will pend hours on end observing them before breaking into their room and assaulting them. Or rather his alter ego will.

The Late Nit Drive In

Located a short distance from the Dinner, the drive in is abandoned, the few buildings still standing are badly rotted and leaning, the parking lot is cracked and full of weeds and the screen, while still standing, is badly damaged. The odd part is all the cars crowding up the lot, some are very old and rusted, some are newer, as if the owner had parked the car and walked off.

The Dinner

Its a small reto themed dinner with most its windows boarded up, trash on the floor, and some of the booths have been vandalized over the years but oddly enough it still not only has power as evident by the broken neon sign flashing outside and barely working lights, it has running water. Odder still is the small walk in freezer has food and the cabinets are well stocked.

This is where the characters will intently meet so they can get to know watch other and this is were the horror will start. But it will be small horrors, post cards from places they have bad memories of, random texts from an abuse parent or ex and the like.

Once the storm passes the charters will travel down the road to Jacks inn and end up stuck there and that's were the real fun will began.


You can have up to two characters currently and as many NPCs as you can handle. A character with knowledge of the paranormal will be very useful.

Just no fantasy or supernatural based characters.

Player Name:
Character Name:
Fears\guilt: What are they scared of? Have they done something so bad it haunts them? Are there places they have bad  memories of? Did they loose someone and they feel it was their fault or maybe it really was their fault and this person had an item of clothing or small possession the character will recognize?
offs and ons:

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Re: Of secrets and sins (paranormal, horror)
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2016, 08:36:37 pm »
Interested in playing a male with mental health issues, maybe dual personality. Had been institutionalized for murdering his parents and spent some time there before being brought into the Diner. Details will come if it gets moving.