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Author Topic: Cravings thread Ignore view count.  (Read 641 times)

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Cravings thread Ignore view count.
« on: May 28, 2016, 12:11:05 PM »
This thread is for my current cravings and will change as time goes on. If interested in any ideas pm me and we can go from there.

Darkest Dungeon: I just started playing the game but I think there is more than enough info in the game and wiki to build a plot in the universe or just pull inspiration from a roleplay.

GoT Inspired but can be adapted for a world similar to Dishonored:

After watching season six of game of thrones I got the idea to make a plot where there is a small but powerful province/kingdom that occupies either a choke point for either land or sea which gives them control over the trade in the region. Through some circumstance the young daughter of the ruling family is now the ruler. After she is in power her councilors advise her and help to keep her family lands powerful and secure. I think it would be fun to how the main characters be the trusted councilors. They do not need to be the original people advising the young ruler. Instead they could be people who have earned her trust either through valor or through by exposing the corrupt members of her council.

I would prefer to have the land the kingdom controls being a harsh northern area maybe something like a very narrow and high altitude mountain or sea passages. The main thing is I want the environment to make the people in the kingdom strong and harsh people like the northerners in GOT. This could also work with the land in the kingdom being a harsh desert with a few fertile rivers like the Nile in Egypt that both provides food for the kingdom and acts as major trade networks.

Sci Fi

I re-watched the movie Moon and wanted to come up with a few ideas that pull inspiration from the movie’s plot. If you are interested in anything here let me know.

This will probbaly updated and expanded upon as I think of more eventds or more pairings.

2025: the first Lunar base is founded.

2036: disaster strikes as the Eurasia research station stationed on the south pole of the moon is hit by a micro meteorite storm that hit sections of the station that were not properly shielded depressurising over half the station. Only three out of the ten crew members survived.

2047: all fifteen bases are either moved underground or their shielding is strengthened.

2060: the first helium 3 fusion reactor is brought into operation on the moon.

2070: the first fusion reactor comes online on earth projected to last a hundred years before it's next injection of  fuel.

2082: Eight more reactors came online spread out over the world producing 70% of the worlds power with that expected to increase as the reactors become more efficient.

2090: The first colonists leave Earths orbit to start their trip to mars. All supplies for the first wave and construction of a small colony.

2093: Disaster strikes. The long predicted Kessler event finally happened. All that is known is that there was a routine satellite launch that was either hit by derby or its orbit was miscalculated and started the chain reaction.

Setting for idea A will be set her in the time line. The idea is that we play one or more characters each who are living on the moon and realize that they need to consolidate their resources to ensure that they will be able to survive until rescue comes. This could involve some bases powering down and moving themselves and some of their equipment to other bases.

We could play any number of people in this time peroid.

2160: Some disaster either natural or man made has covered the earth is a thick layer of ash blocking out 85% of sunlight from the planet. When there is a break in the ash clouds it has been observed that sea levels have rissen to flooding many costal cities.

2180: Flashes of light were observed under the ash cloud and are speculated to be nucluar detinations. It is unknown if anyone survives and until a way of getting through the wreckage of the Kessler event it is believed no information will be known.

2250: The moon is now a flourishing world that had survived through its population bottle neck and now has built up the infustructer and technologies to send its own mission to mars to make contact with the mars colonists if they survived or investigate and report of the viability using the colony as the Lunar foot hold to colonising the planet.
The setting for idea B will be around here with our characters either being citizens of the moon, descendants of the mars colonists.

As always I am open to ideas for this setting as well as the ideas below. I am looking to make this hard sci fi but I am fine with working ways to fit not so hard sci fi in as well.

2. There is a rotating crew of two or more people on the station at once for three year period. The paid is extremely high and for the most part all you do is pick up containers and sent them back to earth. So for this idea it could be two people getting to know each other over that period of time and growing closer as they are forced to deal with situations that lie outside their comfort zone. For example they could end up needing to repair their habitat after a section depressurizes or there was a near miss from an asteroid that knocks out their communications.

3. For this idea the pairing would be Human X Alien. The idea for this one is that a ship is either discovered by the person stationed in the base and finds an Alien alive in stasis inside or the Alien decides to learn a little more about humans by coming to the base and having a face to face chat.

Thanks for reading this post and have a good day.
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Re: Moon/Mars Sci fi idea. (Time line added with two starting points)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2016, 02:31:09 PM »
Bumping because of my updates.

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Re: Moon/Mars Sci fi idea. (Time line added with two starting points)
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Re: Cravings thread Ignore view count. (Updated with GoT inspired)
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2016, 05:27:26 PM »

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Re: Cravings thread Ignore view count.
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Re: Cravings thread Ignore view count.
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