The president's daughter

Started by DominantTeacherM, May 25, 2016, 12:39:39 AM

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first roleplay request. I have been working for this story for quite a lot, since I got inspired by real facts, to be precise I got the inspiration when Arnold Schwarzenegger was still the Governator of California and some people started speculating on the fact he could easily became president of US thanks to his popularity but since he was born in Austria he couldn't try. So I thought about a similar scenario in which a candidate is very popular and basically already sure to win even 1 year before actual elections. But he has a secret. He wasn't born in US, and only a very few selected people from his entourage knows the truth. All documents about his birth were falsified exactly to make it possible for him to candidate and win. He has a 18 years old daughter, a very good polite girl that most people in US already refer as the perfect girlfriend they would like to have for their sons as she never gets into trouble, she stays away from gossips and just really does a simple but nice life. In this scenario, my character will be a 40-45 years old hacker, that was hacking some files of the candidate and managed to print a copy of the original birth document. The fact he is a hacker and already knows how to steal a big amount of money from banks without being discovered makes him feel he doesn't need to ask for money in this particular occasion. But something makes him obsessed with the candidate's daughter. She is a very beautiful girl indeed, but more important, she truly is a innocent girl, and he has a twisted perversion of taking away that innocence from women. So he plans to contact the girl and blackmail her to turn her into his personal fucktoy, quite sure the girl will do everything to protect her dad and also her nice life, even if this means living 2 lives, one in which she is the perfect girlfriend and the future president's daughter, and one in which she is just a sexual object of a perverted man.

If someone is interested and would like to ask me some questions feel free to do it here or by PMs.

That's all for now :)


This looks like a very interesting story... If it's still available I'd love to talk further about it.
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Just a bump to see if I get more lucky this time


last bump, if also this time I won't find someone really interested, then I will give up with this idea