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January 22, 2017, 06:27:22 PM

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Author Topic: Unusual story as some kind of RP inspiration (M/F idea)  (Read 157 times)

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Unusual story as some kind of RP inspiration (M/F idea)
« on: May 25, 2016, 12:27:15 AM »
A bit ago, there was a story of a young boy being set to marry a dog as a way to keep off bad luck for his future wife, but this had gotten me a bit thinking about the scenario in a situation where anything can go such as fantastical RPs.

The idea: The mystics of the village are always there to ward off evil and promote good luck with the denizens, however it is noted that on child is marked with a string of bad luck. The future is seen and it will see him as having bad health, and general attachment to spirits in an ill way. Not only that it showed his first wife will be someone who had a fountain of bad luck. But it was noted as his first wife, so there was a ploy to get that warded off with a bit of a loophole. The young man, when he was set to the age for marriage in the culture (We'll go with 16 since that is the limit for the forums ;p), they set him up for a 'throwaway wife' in the form of some stray bitch they had gotten ahold of.

The young man doesn't want to agree with any of this, of course, but goes through with it because of a bit of meekness with the over-baring community. The ceremony is performed, and so the community goes about to release the dog to the alley of the city, once more. However, the young man doesn't feel right. He was always taught to be caring and kind to everything and if the things are true and this was blessed by the spirits as an actual wife and she was marked with b ad luck to begin with, he could at least let the poor thing have a decent life, it was considered his wife, after all, and if he just lets them shoo her off it would just end up with more bad luck for him not being committed would it not?

It turns out that his first wife was marked with bad luck, but he didn't realize what kind until later. Giving the kindness one should, it is later seen by him that she isn't just an animal, but an actual woman. (We could have it be something like an actual dog that transforms to a full human, or a half/half anthro or some kind of 'dog-girl' depending on partner's tastes). But it only seems she changes in his presence and in the dark of the night. What can he do to try and help this? Is she actually happy with her predicament? How did she get this way? All the questions that can be expanded to in the RP!

Feel free to message me if you have interest in this. I can play either role, if you want!