Seeking male for Hentai-style Superheroine Roleplay (Hetero, D/s, NC, gang-bang)

Started by Behemoth, May 21, 2016, 01:29:24 AM

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a male roleplaying partner for a new roleplay. It will be a 'hentai' style roleplay inspired by some Jiggly Girls erotic art (see image gallery below).

My character is 'Lynx' - a sexy, buxom young would-be crime fighting superheroine (see images below). She lives a double life, by day she works as a personal trainer and by night dresses-up in a super sexy, over the top costume and goes out into the city to fight crime. Lynx gets into all kinds of sexy trouble, often being captured and having sex with the criminals she's trying to stop. She enjoys the thrill and danger of doing what she does and for the most part she loves the sex too, in fact she's a bit of a nympho. I'm imagining that Lynx will mostly be a willing participant - I'm not going for anything super dark in this roleplay, but some scenes will involve non-con sex and some violence, but i'd like to keep this on the lighter-side of things.

I need a male to write the villains and other bad guys Lynx runs into, her 'regular' day life will feature in the story as well (she has a boyfriend). I'd like this roleplay to focus on hetero sex, D/s, light bondage, NC, gang-bangs, exhibitionism/public sex/'risky' locations, and Lynx's sexy costume. If the roleplay goes well I'd be happy to consider taking turns to roleplay a story featuring my super heroine, then one of your own.

Here is a taste of my first and second attempt at getting this story up and running. They should give you a fair idea of what i'm aiming for...

Jiggly Girls image gallery (inspiration - Warning: Adult content ahead!) -

Please PM me if you're interested.