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June 18, 2018, 01:11:36 AM

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Author Topic: Gemini Laboratories (Chapter Two Interest Thread) - Looking for M and F  (Read 582 times)

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Offline ElizaTopic starter


I am looking for players to fill in positions employed by a scientific campus under the company name of Gemini Laboratories. We have reached the end of our first chapter and have just one of our main characters. Here is a list of possible positions we need filled:

  • Technicians - Mostly the assistants of the various kinds of scientists at the campus
  • Security Officers/Field Agents - They man the grounds and keep the campus safe. They also can be sent out on mission to retrieve new victims (or clients)
  • Scientists - Gemini Laboratories is a science campus, so what would it be without scientists
  • Victims/"Clients" - (see below)

This particular roleplaying game has players playing as people who have undergone genderswap, swapping from one gender to another (MtoF, FtoM, or other), the majority of which have been accidents. The genderswap for these characters are unfortunately permanent, so they have to take up new lives, which adds to the main plot.

Relevant information

Title:Gemini Labs
Genre:Science Manipulation | Nanobots
Setting:Modern Day or Near Future | Various
Forum Category:Light-H to Bondage
Client (GSed) | Field Agent | Technician
Plot Summary:It was contained, for the most part. The sciences at
Gemini Labs had not been exposed as questionable, experimental science to the public via
media outlets. Knowing there was individuals who had the power to change men into girls
and women into boys, at the cellular level would be one step before chaos. Even though the
publicity was contained, Gemini Labs hidden in shadow, a batch of their nanobot injections
has gone missing. Luckily they are easily tracked through GPS chips. Though who knows
whether has the syringes were administer before agents could recover them.
Details/Examples:So, in this game, Gemini Labs is an experimental institution that dabbles in the realm of
cellular construction and reconstruction. They may even have the cure to cancer and major
diseases from around the world, but their methods, majorly working with state-of-the-art
microscopic machines called nanobots, isn't something that the larger world is ready to
understand. But someone, maybe even a group of people, seems to be seekng to expose
the questionable methods of Gemini Labs, by stealing syringes and letting their contents
wreck havoc on ordinary citizens.

Each player who wishes to be a genderswapped victim must include backstory in how he or
she has come in contact with an injection. Preferably, each interest player must also play as
a technician or field agent along with their main character, though not paired with each other.

Also, mod posts will come into play, to help those introducing their character into the story
as well as to move the story along.

If are not opposed to the idea of genderswap being played by other characters, please reply in this thread or drop by the linked OOC thread to speak with the current players. Or, if you have a character in mind, submit one in the linked Character Thread in order for it to be approved. If you want a preview, I've also included one of the IC threads.

Relevant Links:
Character Thread
OOC Thread
In-game Thread "Out in the Field

Thank you!

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Offline ElizaTopic starter

1-month BUMP

I changed the first post around so that it's easier to read and know what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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I think some of the lack of interest may stem from a bit of confusion as to what we would be doing.  Are we background dressing?  Villains?  Allies?  You've said you have a main character, what is our relationship to them?

Offline ElizaTopic starter

On the campus, the employees and the "clients" are more or less, allies, with the employees acting as assistance to the transformed persons. If you woke up one morning with your personal "assets" transformed to that of the opposite gender, wouldn't you want help in adjusting to the new life?

As of now, the only villain is someone who looks like one of the "clients," who is at large for stealing a batch of syringes containing various programmed nanobot injection and wrecking havoc to innocent people by changing their genders.

And as of now, there are 3 "clients" in a stable conditiom.