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Author Topic: Superhero/Fantasy Stories - [EX, NC] - [System and/or Freeform] - Modern/History  (Read 886 times)

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Offline VandalSavageTopic starter

The Rack

Setting: Modern, Superhero

Size: 3-5 players, with guest starring villains

Sample Character Archetypes: Grim 80s Anti-Hero, Reformed Villain, Hardcore 90s Hero, Superpatriot, Embittered Collaborator

Concept:  The US government does not admit to the existence of its maximum-security superhuman testing facility, "The Rack."  More secretive than Guantanamo Bay, more scandalous than CIA black sites, it operates under a shroud of concealment that is nearly as impregnable as its security systems.  Staffed by a team of researchers and military, it operates a team of super-powered individuals as hunters and inmate handlers: Omega Black.

You will be playing as members of Omega Black.  You may be heroes who believe in the cause of metahuman control and human research, or as reformed villains.

Gameplay: Writing is in two formats.

In the Freeform, we follow the activities of Omega Black at The Rack.  Dominating captives, experimenting on their bodies and minds, and generally exploiting them will be the content of the play.  It will be Freeform and will move at the pace of the players.

In the System, Omega Black's players will gather for acquisition of new captives.  These new captives may be Non-Player Characters operated by me, or will be one of the "guest star" players - someone looking to either lose to Omega Black or to capture one of them for their nefarious purposes.  This element will take place in mIRC, for a short period of game play, at a set time convenient for all participants.

Heroes Antica

Setting: Ancient Rome, Fantasy Heroic

Size: 3-5 players, with guest starring slaves and enemies

Sample Character Archetypes: Divine mortal (Hercules), Amazon (Hippolyte), Warrior with Magical Equipment (Perseus), Inventor (Daedalus), Sorceress (Circe), Mystic (Tiresias)

Concept: In the ancient world, a monstrous menace to the Roman port of Antica in 63 BC sees the gathering of people with awesome abilities - monstrous, mystical, peerless warriors and persons with abilities thought to belong only to the Gods.  These people are gathered by the Roman philantrophist, the war hero and former Consul Catulus, for the purposes of proactively hunting down further superhuman threats to Rome.  Operating in secrecy from the port of Antica where they first formed, "Victus" defends Rome from the enemies that it cannot admit to the people exist.

You will be members of Victus.  The first adventure covers your team's formation, and subsequent adventures are directed by you:  You will be given a list of Rome's enemies, and will hunt them down, destroy them or capture and enslave them.

Gameplay: As above, there will be two modes of gameplay.

In the Freeform, we first look at the lives of your heroes as they gather in Antica.  After defeating the first menace that brings you together, your Freeform play will take place as you break the will of your captives, dally at your fortress in Antica with a variety of slaves, and interact.  This will be player driven, as will your investigations into the list of Rome's enemies I provide.

In the System, we will meet at a time convenient for all on mIRC and will run a system game involving your attack on one of Rome's enemies.  The enemies will be either "guest starring" other players, or Non-Player characters, depending on who you select from the list.  And sometimes, the enemies may come after you.

In both cases, I will be accepting applications first: A general character concept and background.  From there, I will assist you in making a system character if appropriate.  Guest stars do not need a system sheet, nor do players who want to be regulars but who want to leave system play up to the other players and myself.

Once a character is approved, I will establish threads to begin interaction, and will supply Non-Player Characters as necessary.
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Offline VandalSavageTopic starter

Applications can be either via PM or on this thread.

Questions, however, post publicly unless they contain explicitly secret content.

Offline Sianna

These are both fascinating concepts.

I would enjoy making random appearances in either or both games to terrorize the regulars. Do I just PM you a character concept then?

Offline Kolbrandr

*scratches head* so, you can take part in both the system and freeform aspects of things?

As far as high powered, you mean above PL 10 presumably?

Offline VandalSavageTopic starter

*scratches head* so, you can take part in both the system and freeform aspects of things?

Right.  Everyone would take part in the Freeform.  Only those comfortable with and interested in System games would take part in the System aspect.

The System element would take place, by and large, in a quick, real-time session:  An episode that would, in the case of either game, involve tracking down and conquering the enemy that the group has chosen. 

The hope is that guest stars - players who just want to be involved in a limited way - would play the role of that enemy.  Otherwise, it would be an NPC I would write the part of.

The effect of the System element on the Freeform would be to introduce a new captive to the Freeform story - someone new to play with and interact with.  It would also introduce an element of unpredictability to the storyline:  Players might be hurt, even killed; they might discover things about their past.  It's a quick way to stir things up in the Freeform story, and to give people who like System play some satisfaction.

As far as high powered, you mean above PL 10 presumably?

Actually, I meant high-powered relative to most mortals.  Characters will be PL 10, with 150PP.  But in both Ancient Rome and in the case of 'The Rack,' when most opponents will be outnumbered by the team, that's pretty powerful compared to the usual threat level.

Offline VandalSavageTopic starter

These are both fascinating concepts.

I would enjoy making random appearances in either or both games to terrorize the regulars. Do I just PM you a character concept then?

Delightful to hear you think so.

Random appearances are, I hope, a draw of the game: I love the idea of players wandering in and out of the story, enjoying the System or some Freeform play as they want.

Just PM me a concept!

Offline VandalSavageTopic starter

A recent PM's content suggests I should emphasize one point:

Those who do not wish to participate in any System activity or scheduled activity do not need to.  Any player who just wants to write their role in this game as Freeform, on the boards at their convenience, is more than welcome to.

Offline Sianna

VS, I think you might want to make two threads, one for The Rack game and one for the Ancient Rome, Heroic Fantasy - Antica.

It could avoid unnecessary confusion.

Offline VandalSavageTopic starter

Fine point, Sianna.

Here are the separate threads:

Heroes Antica

The Rack
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