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October 20, 2017, 02:56:38 PM

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Author Topic: Roman Gaul RP (F lf M)  (Read 630 times)

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Online RedRoseTopic starter

Roman Gaul RP (F lf M)
« on: May 11, 2016, 12:52:42 PM »
Roman Gaul

Themes*: Age difference. Betrayal of one's values. Cultural differences. Forced Marriage. Historical. Love/lust/hate.           Manipulation. Power imbalance. Seduction. War

That year had really been an annus horribilis to Aia daughter of Correos, late prince of the Parisii. Not only did her father die in battle against a rival clan, leaving a disorganized tribe for her to attempt to lead, but she keeps having to deal with constant attacks from the aforementioned Bellovaci.
The tribute to Rome in occupied Gaul is heavier by the day, as is resentment...  still Aia reaches out and sends a messenger to the local Roman general, needing his help against the wild Bellovaci.
Will the general even agree to meet her or does he prefer for those pesky barbarians to kill each other off? Can she convince him the Bellovaci also threaten him? Do they? Will she become a traitor to her own people in order to save it? Will she look for an occasion to kill the general and teach Rome a lesson? How much time before her own tribe finds the whole thing suspicious, already mistrusting such a young, female ruler? She has no idea...

The game can go in several directions, and could borrow from some or all of the following ideas:
Maybe there is a faction in her own clan plotting to rebel against Rome, and she can't allow this to be discovered, while supporting it.

Maybe thereís that insane clan (the same her people is fighting?) the Romans havenít managed to conquer yet and they would welcome more men, especially Gauls who are more familiar with their war tactics. But she can't be certain her warriors will follow her orders, which again the general can't hear about or she loses all credibility.

Darker twist: The general will want her to actually marry that clanís leader and undermine it from within, ending up wanting her for himself and changing the plans without her understanding why. As she can't imagine why he would suddenly do that, she (or someone close to her) loses hope and may decide to try to make him pay for everything the Romans have done in Gaul. Bad idea...

Even darker twist: She has a suitor, selected by her father on the very battlefield where he passed, and the general will accuse him of belonging to the aforementioned plotting faction. Is it true or a convenient excuse to get rid of him? Will she go along with it to please Rome? Is that order really from Caesar or totally made up, the scroll burned before she could read it? Does she even have a choice, as she understands her father was just a puppet chieftain, making her highly replaceable in turn. Unless she can trade - or sacrifice -  the young man's life to avoid being the last of Correos' kin to rule the Parisii.

I definitely don't need a history professor here, but someone with some interest in this time period to avoid too many gross anachronisms. Basically if you've watched a couple Roman shows you should be fine ;) Not looking for the boring one-shot featuring a slutty Gaul jumping (into bed with) a dumb degenerate general but for a slower, more twisted game of persuasion, seduction and manipulation between two proud, intelligent characters who only know each other through stereotypes and old rancors and want the most for the smallest price. The general is a typical cunning Roman soldier and official. Aia is obviously less experienced, but makes up for it with desperation because she just can't afford to mess up. The rest is history?


I'd rather do pms or emails/Google docs.
Please contact me with your ideas if you are looking to start now, and can post 1 message a week as a minimum.
My Ons and Offs are detailed in my signature, please check and let me know if you have any question! :)

*The Themes above are by no means the only themes in the RP. They are only there to help you decide if you are interested. If you like them, check the thread and my O/O :) If you can't stand the themes, skip ;)
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Online RedRoseTopic starter

Re: Roman Gaul RP (F lf M)
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2017, 03:34:10 PM »
reopened! Looking for someone who likes to write, read and interact, someone who has some knowledge about the time period and will not disappear :)

Online RedRoseTopic starter

Re: Roman Gaul RP (F lf M)
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2017, 07:27:17 AM »
reopened! Looking for someone who likes to write, read and interact, someone who has some knowledge about the time period and will not disappear :)