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November 23, 2020, 11:55:34 PM

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Author Topic: Sweet Sia's Fantastic One x One Search m//  (Read 1497 times)

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Sweet Sia's Fantastic One x One Search m//
« on: May 05, 2016, 10:36:51 PM »

Hello all! ^_^

I'm Sia, it's nice to meet you all. I'm new to this wondrous site but so far I definitely like what I've seen. I'm a long time role player and have plenty of experience up my sleeve, if that matters to anyone. I'm very open minded and will do pretty much anything from straight platonic plot to one shot smuts, though something in the middle is often what I found the most pleasure in doing. I'm going to keep this thread as short as possible but if you don't see something you want to do here please feel free to bring it up to me! I'm usually willing to try most things that aren't on my no list below at least once, and even if not, - the worst I can say is no. I won't bite, unless you're into that.


I don't have many rules to be honest, most of the ones I do follow you should already know.

  • Please have at least high school grammar and be able to give me a paragraph or more a reply. I'm not a snob, I just want enough to reply too and move the plot along.
  • Let me know of any limits you have before we start the role play.
  • If you want to hear a plot, feel free to ask me. I'm usually pretty good at coming up with them. Although it isn't required, I do like it when my partner contributes.
  • I prefer to play the more submissive character (uke). I just find I don't play a very convincing dominant (seme), it's just not me, don't mean to scare people away it's just what I prefer. No, my characters aren't all push overs.
  • I always try and respond quickly, but I do have other role plays and a life, believe it or not. If I don't respond within two days, feel free to PM me. I will never abandon you without telling you. Show me the same courtesy?
  • I prefer to role play over threads because I like to make my posts look 'spiffeh' and they are easier to keep track of. I can be convinced to role play over PMs however. I will never role play over messengers.
  • I'm not really into fandoms at the moment besides a few exceptions noted below.
  • Please don't leave me being the only one throwing twists into the role play and advancing the plot. Role playing is a partnership and when my partner doesn't work with me it feels more like a chore than something fun.
  • I like using face-claims, whether real or anime. If you use some of my favorites, I'd be willing to reciprocate. ^_^ Not a requirement at all, I'm happy to do descriptions too, just a preference.

If you have any questions, ask!


Father x Son's Friend
Older Brother x Younger Brother
Older Brothers Best Friend x Younger Brother
Step Brother x Step Brother
Son x Step-Father
Boss x Employee
Employee x Boss's Son
Teacher x Student
Team Captain x Player
Popular Boy x Rebel
Jock x Crossdresser
Soldier x Civilan
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Boyfriend x Boyfriend
Pet x Owner

Knight x Prince
Knight x Squire
Prince x Prince/"Princess" (Arranged marriage?)
Assassin x Target
Revolutionary x Prince
King/Prince/Knight x Dragon Shifter
Demon x Angel
Demon x Human
Angel x Human
Lycan x Vampire
Lycan x Human
Vampire x Human
Alien x Human
Anthro x Human

Themes I love (Kinks, Fetishes)
Feminine Submissives (Different then crossdressing!)
Pretty boy dominants (I like them all. XD)
Manly dominants (I like them all. XD)
Orgasm (Control, Denial Forced)
Sensory Play (Blindness, Wax, Heat, Ice, Feathers, Light pain, etc)
Dubious Consent (Usually leading to consensual)
Non-Con (Either leading to consensual, or not.)
Age Play (18~25 / 25~40)
Race Play (Asian hunks... < 3 )
Incest (Anything but parents and children)
Rough Play
Romantic Play
Fluffy Play
Pet Play (Yaas.)
Leashes & Collars
Alpha/Omega - Dominant/Submissive Universes
Kemonomimi (Not always, but my characters are sometimes this. ^_~)
Stag Anthro (Something about those antlers, or is it the adorable tail on the manly body?)
Light BDSM (Handcuffs, blindfolds, restraints, etc.)
Role Reversal (Having the character that would usually be considered the dominant be the submissive, and vice versa.)
A lot of other stuff, ask and suggest!

Themes I Hate
Excessive Gore / Pain
Parent/Child Incest
...If I can think of anything else, I'll add it here.


D/s Universe, School Related
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is an alternate universe role play where the society approved way of life is one of D/s (Dominance/submission). Everyone in this society is either dominant, switch or submissive. There are many schools that teach dominance and submission in this world as their primary mission. Students come to the school for four years starting at age 16 usually (in accordance with rules however, we cut off the starting age at 18). They’d take necessary dominance and submissive classes, but also core classes they would need for high school and beginning college courses. You are given an aptitude test before applying for the school and a colored paw print would be etched into the back of the neck of the student - Red for dominant, Orange for switch and Yellow for submissive - their 'marks'. The headmasters/mistresses keep the lines between Dominant, switch and submissive very clear. While there's of course a sexual nature to D/s, I'd like to explore everything else that comes along with a society set up like this, too. I'd be up to coming up with more of the specifics together. Our characters would ideally be new students at one of these academies.

Older Brothers Best Friend  X Younger Brother
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has had a best friend for as long as he can remember. The two of them used to get into all sorts of mischief together. There was that time they stole his friends mothers van... but thats beside the point. YC's friend has a little brother thats X years younger than him. The first time YC met MC, all he saw was the whiney little brat that his friend constantly complained about. So as the years passed he ignored the younger boy. Until now. YC and his friend are now in high school and his friend has gone from skipping school to light up a joint with him in the parking lot to skipping school to make out with girls. YC never admits it to his friend but he has never liked girls, in fact he's secretly had a crush on his friend for years. One day after school he goes by his friends house only to find that he's been ditched for a chick. Again. Hes just about to leave when MC returns home from school. For the first time YC realizes how much MC looks like a younger version of his friend. Though from what he's heard, the kid is as far from his friend in personality as he is similar in looks. Where his friend is a rebel and does drugs, MC is a straight A, clean and sober boy. The thought occurs to YC that if MC is a complete opposite of his brother, then maybe, just maybe, MC is into boys as much as his brother is into girls. In a reckless move he tries to force himself on the younger boy, threatening to do something drastic if the other tells anyone.

Older Brother x Younger Brother
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's always been fairly obvious to YC that his younger brother has a crush on him.

Captain x Teammate
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Captain and Teammate have been on the same team for a while. Teammate is jealous of the Captain, he's so popular with the girls and with the other players. Everyone loves the Captain, except teammate. Captain has everything he could possibly want, even worse Captain is the nicest guy you could ever met. How is Teammate suppose to feel when one night Captain comes up and kisses him after practice. Teammate isn't gay, he didn't think Captain was anyways. What is the strange feeling is Teammate feeling? Is he going to keep the secret to the man he envied, or was he going to blab the other's big secret. Surely then Teammate could take Captain's position on the team and have him kicked off. Well Teammate do he right thing, or is he going to stab his Captain in the back?

Bodygaurd x Prince
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
War. Death. Turmoil. Instability, all of these describing words could describe this fantasy Kingdom during the Civil War. For years the bitter war had ravaged the country side and Urban areas alike, devastating whole neighbourhoods and towns, leaving their city centers in ruins and cathedrals in states of blazing. At this time of unrest, the Royal Family was especially at risk, with bombardments ever gaining steam closer to the Capitol Despite the fact that tensions had always been high, no one expected this, and as such body guards weren't very common in the days before this blood bath, however now they we're essential for the whole royal family, and this included the Prince. The only thing? A mercenary is hired as his new bodyguard and this new ' Body Guard ' comes from distant lands, and has a different way of doing things, that the Prince doesn't at all like. Prejudice & perhaps some Drama start to unfold, however as the situation worsens on the home front, time is running out, and they've got to learn to work together, or chances are they'll both share a gloomy fate.

Prince x Revolutionary
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A prestigious boarding school is situated in the hills of a very prestigious Kingdom, for years the school has served as the home of the ' cream of the crop ' for the nation. However, this century, it is receiving a very special guest, the Prince himself, whom has been sent by his Mother for further ' teaching ' then his own tutors can give him. Almost all the people at this new school, bow to the Prince, refer to him as ' Your Majesty ' and he is almost certainly treated better then most, even by the teacher who show signs of favouritism! Except for one boy. He hates the Monarchy, and if it we're up to him he would abolish it all together. He thinks it's an oppressive symbol from a distant pass. Over time they entwine through a number of confrontations. He argues with the Prince about his theories, and that he's nothing by a tyrant. While he argues that he's just jealous, and that the Monarchy is a respected symbol. They disagree about practically everything-and yet, somehow, they don't really want to /stop/ arguing.

Angel x Demon
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two lovers once on Earth years and years ago during a time when homosexuality was punishable by death had been in love with each other for what seemed like forever, in secrecy. However when the news spread, and many peoples considered it to be ' pagan ', is when they we're forced to flee. Or at least, they tried. However it didn't seem like long before they we're cornered, and in their lasting moments, shared one last kiss. A bullet was shot through the head of one, whom would go onto heaven for his good deeds throughout his life. And the other would kill himself with a knife, - right through the heart. Whom would go onto hell, for his ' not ' so good deeds, but most importantly for taking his own life, however idiotic that may seem.

The never ending war between Angels & Demons has continued fiercely throughout the lands, and it seems that no side is gaining anything nor loosing anything. It's a stalemate. The first lover has gone on to become Gods most trusted advisor, where as the second has gone on to become a very skilled assassin & warrior. However when they once again meet each other, in such a hostile environment, on opposite sides of the spectrum. Will old feelings bloom, or has all love withered away?

I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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Re: Sweet Sia's Fantastic One x One Search m//
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2016, 02:58:16 PM »
Added 'Captain x Teammate' and 'Bodyguard x Prince' but for some reason you have to click my bottom spoiler to see them.

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Re: Sweet Sia's Fantastic One x One Search m//
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2016, 01:52:27 AM »
Added two more plots, Angel x Demon and Prince x Revolutionary ~ Hmu ( ; Up for almost anything.

Oh, and if you play Overwatch and want to role play the lore (or just discuss?) lemme know ~

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Re: Sweet Sia's Fantastic One x One Search m//
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2016, 08:32:51 PM »
Added a few more pairings, I do enjoy new plots. ; )

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Re: Sweet Sia's Fantastic One x One Search m//
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2017, 11:15:06 PM »
< 3